LIVE BLOG! 2011 NCAA East Preliminary Championships - Thursday Edition

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We're here live from the E.C. Billy Hayes Track at the Robert C. Haugh Track and Field Complex in Bloomington, Indiana. Clouds are rolling in and out and we'll get the occasional sprinkle here and there but overall, it's a great day for track here in Indiana. Stay tuned for all the latest updates on how our Hoyas are doing! We're in the first and last event of the day and a bunch in between! HOYA SAXA!


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10:13 p.m. FINAL UPDATE!
I admit it, I was an absentee blogger for a while there. If you were in the conditions I was in, you would have been too. It's about time for me to get going since I've been here for more than seven hours now. It's been a long and exciting day of GU track & field and we still have two more full days here in Bloomington! Stay tuned the next two days as I bring you all the updates on your Hoyas. WE ARE GEORGETOWN!


8:15 p.m. UPDATE!
Brian Hencke automatically qualifies for tomorrow's men's 800 quarterfinals with a time of 1:51.79. Congratulations to Brian!


7:53 p.m. UPDATE!
Chelsea Cox run a 2:07.87 to win her heat and automatically qualify for tomorrow's 800 quarterfinals.


7:30 p.m. UPDATE!
How do I know I'm at a track meet? We're in a delay, that's how. The weather here has been slightly unkind and the rain messed with the starting / timing system leaving us with at least a 15-minute delay. I'm confident in the ability to make up the gap but we'll see how it pans out.


7 p.m. UPDATE!

The most interesting thing I've heard since I last blogged: a group of four track fans talking about their fantasy track & field draft and rooting on races based on their draft picks. It was impressive and also one of the most outlandish things I've ever heard. Who would have thought to make a fantasy draft out of the NCAA Track & Field East Prelims. I applaud these four fans ... and also welcome the notion that somehow the nerdiest moment of the day did not happen on pressrow, but in the stands rather.


5:12 p.m. UPDATE!

Alright, we'll have a little break from the blog for a bit as the next event for the Hoyas is at 7:30 p.m., with the women's 800 when Chelsea Cox and Becca DeLoache compete. Following that at 8 p.m., the Hoyas will put Brian Hencke, Billy Ledder, Dan Leyh and Theon O'Connor in the men's 800. We'll end the night in true Georgetown fashion with both the men and the women competing in the 10K - Emily Jones, an All-American, in the women's field and T.C. Lumbar in the men's field.


4:55 p.m. UPDATE!

Madeline Chambers automatically qualifies for the women's 1,500 quarterfinals on Sunday Saturday! That's all four Hoyas in the quarterfinals!


4:41 p.m. UPDATE!

Renee Tomlin edges out Tennessee and wins her heat - I'll have times when I get official word. All three Hoyas have made it to Sunday's Saturday's quarterfinal and we await Maddy Chambers competing in the fourth heat.


4:33 p.m. UPDATE!
Rachel Schneider and Lauren Borduin automatically qualify for Sunday's Saturday's quarterfinals in the women's 1,500. Still another two Hoyas to watch out for in three heats - look out for Renee Tomlin in the second heat and Madeline Chambers in the fourth heat! Top five in each heat qualify for Sunday's quarterfinal plus the four next fastest times.


4:25 p.m. UPDATE!

So, there's a strong BIG EAST presence here, and when I say that, I am clearly blogging in jest. I have been spending most of my time with fellow BE SID David Berman though. We're keeping the BE side of press row strong and I know the Louisville SID is somewhere nearby as well. The setup here is pretty conducive for covering a track event but I will give props where they are due, Villanova did a splendid job at hosting BIG EAST Championships a couple weeks ago. Next event on deck is the women's 1,500 - get excited, Hoyas!


4:18 p.m. UPDATE!

While we wait for the remaining heats of the 400-meter hurdles and the women's 1,500-meter run that features four Hoyas in Renee Tomlin, Madeline Chambers, Rachel Schneider and Lauren Borduin, I'll give you the quick update of Bloomington thus far. First off, here are two photos for you - the first of an overhead of the track and the second of four cool looking pillars that I know nothing about. I apologize to readers if these are significant but I honestly don't know what they are but I do think they are cool.


BLOG - Robert C. Haugh Track & Field Complex.jpeg


BLOG - Robert C. Haugh Track & Field Complex - Four Pillars.jpeg 


Moving on, I have now officially survived my first tornado. I don't know how close the tornado actually was lasts night but there were a number of "town warning sirens" that went off last night. That's what I'm calling it, at least. It sounded like a steam whistle - think the really loud noise that was the "recurring gag" in My Cousin Vinny. Anyway, that went off several times yesterday and then there was a torrential downpour with the loudest thunder I've ever heard and there was a point when I was escorted from one side of the restaurant to the basement that was away from windows because the tornado had touched down not too far away. So, I consider myself now a "tornado survivor." These are just not things I typically deal with in the friendly confines of McDonough Arena or really anything within the Capital Beltway for that matter. It's definitely different out here in Indiana!


4:10 p.m. UPDATE!
Toby automatically qualifies for Friday's quarterfinal with a second-place showing!



London Finley ran in the first event of the day, the women's 400-meter hurdles. She narrowly missed out on Friday's quarterfinal with a time of 1:00.55. Next up on the docket is the men's 400-meter hurdles with Toby Ulm competing. The top three from each heat automatically qualify with the next six overall times getting in as well.

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