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In the event that you don't watch as much track & field on television as I do, you may have missed out on the fact that one Andrew Bumbalough, former Hoya seven-time All-American who earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees from Georgetown, in a Nike track & field commercial. Needless to say, it is pretty awesome to be running for Nike, but it's gotta be even cooler to be a part of their latest commercial.  Check it out below.



The first time I saw this video was during the USA Track & Field Championships on ESPN - funnily enough, while I was waiting to watch Bumbi in the 5K a little after the midnight hour - and I initially thought that the commercial was awesome, but around the 56 second mark, I realized that this may be the most amazing commercial ever if it involved a former Hoya.


With a little thing I like to call the Google machine, I found the commercial on YouTube and paused it at 56 seconds to confirm my suspicions that it was in fact seven-time All-American and NCAA Runner Up in the indoor 3K Andrew Bumbalough rocking his old school Brentwood gear (Bumbi attended Brentwood Academy.)


This made me want to go out and do one-handed pushups or something, but clearly I just went to bed and did a Nike Training Club workout (P.S. Greatest Free iPhone App Award goes to Nike Training Club - check it out, it's spectacular!) with my coworker and went to a bbq festival.


Congrats to Bumbi on all he is doing beyond his days on the Hilltop and with Nike.


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