Georgetown Football Practice Begins at Multi-Sport Field: Thoughts From First Two Days

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Excitement has surrounded the first two days of football practice at Multi-Sport Field, as the Hoyas have begun preparation for its season-opener against Davidson on Saturday, September 3.

The team has yet to strap on the pads and they will not have their first double session until Saturday, August 13, but the offense is at a higher level of understanding and execution on the offensive side under second year offensive coordinator David Patenaude at the same point compared to last year. On defense, the team returns nine starters, including everyone in a secondary that ranked among the leaders in NCAA Division I FCS in interceptions.

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Several talented linebackers, including Robert McCabe, Jeremy Grasso, Nate Zimmel and Shanon Adams will compete to replace Nick Parrish and Patrick O'Donnell at inside linebacker. McCabe and Grasso have each started at outside linebacker through their careers.

On the offensive line, the Hoyas are healthy, as they will look to replace Dan Semler, Rob Bates and Erik Antico. While it is early in camp, the one thing that stands out on the offensive line is the size, with nine players tipping the scales at over 300 lbs.

One of the more interesting match-ups to watch on day two of practice was junior cornerback Jeremy Moore and wide receiver Kenny Furlough. Moore, a second team All Patriot League performer in 2010 and a preseason first teamer for 2011 was matched up with Furlough, who has caught everything thrown his way early on. Furlough, who now measures at 6-4, 225 lbs. is looking to have a breakout season and Moore, who finished near the top of the league in passes defended, is looking to establish himself among the elite corners in Division I FCS.

Scott Darby and Isaiah Kempf continue to provide the coaching staff with two experienced quarterbacks who have shown the ability to be successful. Both quarterbacks, along with Aaron Aiken have shown improvement, while Steve Skon has thrown the ball well during late practice all freshmen seven-on-seven sessions.

Following practice on Tuesday, Head Coach Kevin Kelly, along with captains Jeremiah Kayal and Wayne Heimuli took some time to speak with media, commenting on camp. Here are the best of their comments:    

Jeremiah Kayal:

On the beginning of camp...

I'm really proud of the guys. Everyone has come in here ready to go this season, everyone is strapped up and ready to go.

On the offenses evolution from last season...

First year coming in it was a whole new offensive system under Coach Patenaude, which brought in a different element. The first year, last year was a different feel. This year we're a step ahead of the game, last year at this time we were still learning the formations and the basic plays, but now we're able to dive in and understand the defensive coverages and how to run our routes against certain coverages.

Wayne Heimuli

On wearing the No. 35 jersey...

I've gotten to know some of the No. 35's, especially Nick Parrish. He was here since I stepped on campus and he was one of the big guys that I looked up to. He was always on time, always prepared, always had everything ready and took coaching well. He was just one of the guys that I looked up to and hopefully I can imitate.

On replacing two lost starters...

Losing [Nick Parrish and Patrick O'Donnell] is one of those things that we have to get over. We can't look at the past, we have to move forward and look at the guys we have. It's not who we lost it's who we brought back and now we have to take that step forward, because it's a new team and a new year.

Head Coach Kevin Kelly:

On the 2011 offense...

You can see already that their execution is far more advanced than they were at this point last year.

On Heimuli and Kayal as this season's captains...

Wayne being award the No. 35 jersey says it all, right there. Everything he does, he does in first class manner. He works hard, the players all respect him and I don't think it was any surprise that he got the No. 35 jersey and he's also an excellent football player, which is icing on the cake. With Jeremiah, the guys really respect what he does for us. He's been a big special teams performer, he's done a lot of things on offense for us, and you talk about class human beings, his name comes to mind right away.

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