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Welcome to the Georgetown Football Game Day Live Blog!

We are a little over an hour away from game time here at Tenney Stadium on the campus of Marist. It's a beautiful day here for football, though a little bit muggy. Currently it's a 75 degrees and despite the forecast for rain, the sun is starting to peek through the clouds, just a bit.

Prior to leaving our digs at the Clarion the offense and defense took separate ends of the parking lot and went through its pre-game walk-through. I can only imagine what the other hotel guests were thinking if they looked out of their windows at around 10:30 a.m.

Anyway, we are now all set up in the press box. I'm sitting up here next to Chuck Timanus, the voice of the Hoyas. Make sure if you are reading this that you are also tuning into the free audio broadcast on today!

The press box here at Marist is not like any other that I have seen in my travels with Georgetown football. First, it's open-air which is nice and not rare. But the large, luxury suite-like areas set up for VIP's, is very different. Chuck and I are less then screen pass-distance away from Marist fans who are enjoying wine, beer and finger sandwiches. It will be interesting to see how that crowd progresses through the game. 

On to football...Scott Darby will be starting at quarterback today. Isaiah Kempf will sit out after taking a big hit last week against Yale. Darby was under center for the Hoyas win against Marist in the Hoyas, 14-7 win over the Red Foxes last season.

HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE: These two teams, while not natural rivals, have played some very close games, with six of the last seven being decided by a touchdown or less and two going into overtime. Each team has done a good job of defending its home field. Georgetown has not won in Poughkeepsie since 1999.

I'll be back with Georgetown starters and more information about the game and surroundings from Tenney Stadium throughout the afternoon. Make sure to follow us after the jump throughout the afternoon and keep your finger on that refresh button!

Georgetown Offensive Starters:
QB 11 Scott Darby - Started all 11 games last season, including a season-ending win over Marist.
RB 10 Nick Campanella
WR 15 Jamal Davis
TE 9 Tucker Stafford
LT 75 Mike Roland - Freshman making his third start
LG 65 Thomas Gallagher
C 68 Fino Caliguire
RG 73 Ed Hesselgren - the unit's lone senior
RT 60 Kevin Sullivan
SLOT 2 Jeremiah Kayal - Offensive captain
WR 7 Patrick Ryan

Defensive Starters
CB 21 Jayah Kaisamba
DE 57 Daniel Lenihan
NT 97 Jordan Richardson - Big freshman makes third start in the middle
DE 98 Andrew Schaetzke - As Coach Kelly would say, "The best defensive player in the Patriot League"
CB 32 Jeremy Moore - As much an impact at corner as he is on kick-returns
OLB 90 Alec May - Another freshman who has forced his way into the starting lineup
ILB 4 Robert McCabe - Team tackles leader
ILB 6 Jeremy Grasso - Week 1 PL Defensive Player of the Week
OLB 43 Dustin Wharton - Converted safety made 11 tackles against Yale last week
SS 20 David Quintero - QB of the defense
FS 35 Wayne Heimuli - Wears No. 35, enough said.

15 MINUTES UNTIL GAME TIME: Marist's marching band is on the field playing the fight song.

7 MINUTES UNTIL GAME TIME: Marist is coming out to The Rocky Theme song. Can't argue with that as an intro.

11:09: Scott Darby finds Max Waizenegger down the middle of the field on a 3rd down for a 39 yard touchdown. Weiss kicks the extra point to put GU in front 7-0.

8:15: Jeremy Moore on a corner blitz knocks the ball out of Marist QB Tommy Reilly's hands. Andrew Maliska comes up with the fumble recovery to give the Hoyas the ball at the Marist 43.

6:30 On a fourth down Nick Campanella breaks off an 8 yard run to keep the Hoyas drive alive. Now at 5:10 another fourth down conversion for Nick Campanella. The offensive line is doing a tremendous job of getting some push up front. 

0:58: Scott Darby takes a high snap then hits a hole on the right side of the line and goes 13 yards for a Georgetown touchdown. Weiss hits the point after and Georgetown is now in front 14-0.

0:08: Marist's Reilly completes a long pass down the right sideline to Armani Martin to give the Red Foxes its first trip into Georgetown territory.


14:09: Ryan Dinnebeil is finding some success on the ground with two carries to get the ball to the GU 2 yard line...Dinnebeil breaks a tackle inside and bounces outside the and finds his way into the end zone. The extra point is good and GU will now have to deal with the fallout from a roughing the kicker call on the ensuing kick-off.

12:12: Brandon Durham just turned a broken play into a 67 yard touchdown run, the longest Hoyas TD run since J. Sims against Davidson in 2003. Durham broke a gang of tackles going left, reversed right, got a great block and then was off to the races. Brett Weiss made the point after and GU is now leading 21-7...

8:00: On a third and short Andrew Schaetzke got some pressure in the backfield forcing Tommy Reilly to roll right. Reilly threw into a crowd and GU's Robert McCabe came up with the interception to give the Hoyas the ball back at the Marist 40.

5:31: Campanella and Darby have started pounding the ball between the tackles against Marist taking the ball down to the five yard line. Elliot Owusu and Jeff Burke each with some big catches during the drive...Nick Campanella finishes the drive with a five-yard touchdown run, his fourth of the season to put GU in front 28-7 (Weiss with the extra point).

2:00 MARIST: Tommy Reilly has done a great job of eluding the Hoyas rush, and dumping the ball off to running backs. Reilly just avoided another Schaetzke rush and made a short pass to the 50 yard line...Just as I began typing that Schaetzke comes up with his first sack of the game, knocking Marist back to their own 46...Wayne Heimuli came up and made a big hit to jar the ball loose from a receiver, but a personal foul called on Heimuli gives Marist the ball at the GU 39 with 58 seconds left.

0:58 Holding call on Marist pushes the ball back to the GU 49 yard line 1st and 20 for Marist with 58 seconds...Reilly finds Armani Martin at the GU 32 to bring up 2nd and 3...Marist calls timeout...Xander Carpousis, Andrew Maliska and Andrew Schaetzke were all in the backfield as Reilly has to get rid of the ball to avoid a sack... Again, Reilly comes back and makes a nice play, finding Martin for a 1st Down to the GU 26 with 39 seconds remaining in the half...Reilly finds Martin again down to the seven yard line...1st and Goal: Jeremy Moore almost intercepts Reilly's pass to Martin in the end zone...2nd and Goal: Jordan Richardson gets into the backfield quickly to knock down Reilly. There was nothing Reilly could have done, Richardson shed a blocker quickly and all Reilly could hope for is not fumbling...3rd and Goal: Reilly gets some time to throw and finds Anthony Calcagni for the touchdown to make the score 28-14 with 16 seconds left in the half.

0:16 GEORGETOWN POSSESSION: Jeremy Moore finally gets a chance to return a kick (Marist's two-previous were out of the end zone) and gets it out to the 30, but the Hoyas will only have time for one more play as the clock runs out on the first half...GEORGETOWN 28 - MARIST14

3RD QUARTER: Brett Weiss and the Hoyas will kick off.

14:55: MARIST 1st and 10 at GU26: Two rushes for Marist to open the second half get them just enough for a first down...Dan Lenihan and Robert McCabe knock Calvin McCoy down in the backfield, 2nd and 11 from the GU46.

12:30 MARIST 2nd and 11: Jeremy Moore jumps the route and picks off Reilly's pass and returns it all the way to the 13 yard line. Moore's first INT of the season.

12:23: GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 MARIST 13: Darby tosses a screen pass to Max Waizenegger who carries into the end zone for his second touchdown of the game. Is it too soon to say all Max Waizenegger does is score touchdowns? Weiss with the extra points, GEORGETOWN 35 - Marist 14.

12:18: MARIST 1st and 10 GU45: A kick out of bounds and personal foul give Marist great field position. Though Marist can't get the offense going, goes for it on fourth and the Reilly incompletion gives it back to GU in good field position.

10:12 GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at MARIST 40: Campanella picks up about seven yards on the first carry, but Darby throws an interception down the left side of the field as Marist will take over from their own 22.

9:45 MARIST 1st and 10 MARIST 22: Reilly pass for 75 yards to Armani Martin. Martin and Heimuli went up with the jump ball, Martin came down with it and then ran the rest of the way for a touchdown to cut the lead to 14. GEORGETOWN 35 - MARIST 21.

8:45: GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 GU30: Scott Darby on 3rd and 8 picks up just eight yards to keep the chains moving. The Hoyas use motion twice to get Marist to jump off sides, the second time helping them convert a 3rd and short. At 4:14 Scott Darby sees the pressures and dumps off to Dalen Claytor who picks up 20+ yards for another GU first down to the Marist 20.

GREAT CATCH!! At 2:58 Scott Darby finds Jeremiah Kayal on a 19 yard TD pass that sees Kayal hold on after getting hit! Georgetown now leads 42-21 after the extra point. This is the first time since 2003 that GU has had two 40 point games in the same season.

2:40: MARIST 1st and 10 at MARIST 23: Reilly on a big pass play to Bartley Leneghan to get the ball down to the GU29 yard line


14:55: Reilly continues to move the ball this time finding Kevin Fitzpatrick for a 1st down down to the nine yard line...Dinnebeil picks up four on a tough run down to the five yard line...McCabe almost comes up with his second interception on on second down, then Jeremy Moore breaks up a pass in the end zone on third to bring up 4th and 5 for Marist...Reilly finds Kevin Fitzpatrick in the back of the end zone to bring Marist back within two touchdowns. After the extra point GEORGETOWN 42 - MARIST 28.

13:39 GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU20: Nick Campanella, after a Marist offsides call, runs tough for 17 yards. A Marist player shoves Campanella after the run to draw another 15 yards. GU ball at the Marist 44...GU will be forced to punt for the first time today. MacZura lined up at the GU48. MacZura pins Marist at the 5 yard line.

Things are happening quickly. On the first play of Marist's drive, Reilly's pass was tipped by Jeremy Moore and intercepted by Wayne Heimuli, his second INT of the season, and returned it to the Marist 22.

10:39 GEORGETOWN: 1st and 10 MARIST22: Scott Darby throws a beautiful ball up to Kevin Macari who battled with the CB and came down with his third touchdown reception of the season. Macari is quickly becoming a reliable target on the outside. GU 49 - Marist 28.

8:40: MARIST: Georgetown keeps Marist from doing much offensive, as Andrew Schaetzke comes up with his second sack of the day to force a Red Foxes punt.

8:00 GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 MARIST 49: GU moving the ball on the ground with Brandon Durham and Nick Campanella. Durham picked up 20 yards on two carries to keep the chains moving for GU. Brett Weiss nails a 36 yard field goal to put GU in front 52-28. The first time GU has eclipsed 50-points since 1998 when they defeated St. Peter's 54-7.

4:09 MARIST 1st and 10 MARIST 27: Peter Daibes and Alec May coming up big on the drive, each getting into the backfield. Andrew Schaetzke just misses another sack as Reilly forced to throw the ball out of bounds to bring up fourth down. Macari is back to receive for GU.

2:28 GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 GU 13: Aaron Aiken in again at QB as they will be content to hand off to Chance Logan and run the clock down.

The clock runs down as Georgetown will walk away from Poughkeepsie with a victory for the first time since 1999.




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