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Good morning and welcome to the blog!

It's a little before 11:30 a.m. and Chuck Timanus, the radio voice of Georgetown football, and myself are in the pressbox at Greene Stadium on a sunny, though windy day. In both end zones they have those crazy wind puppets (not sure what they're really called) that appear to be moving around energetically.

The team is on the field for warm-ups, as days like these are always interesting ones for kickers and punters. Though at the moment Brett Weiss (the reigning Patriot League Special Teams Player of the Week) and punter Matt MacZura do not appear to be having any problems.

Today Georgetown will resume its young intra-city rivalry with Howard, as the teams are meeting for the first time since 2009 and GU is making its first trip to Howard since 2008. The teams are currently tied, 1-1 all-time with today, as Coach Kelly mentioned earlier in the week being "the rubber match."

Both teams have played well, with the Bison winning its last two, including an impressive 29-point fourth quarter comeback to stun Florida A&M last Saturday. It was Howard's second consecutive win, having defeated Savannah State on that day. Against Savannah State, Howard freshman QB Greg McGhee threw for three touchdowns and ran for another to earn MEAC Rookie of the Week.

Georgetown is coming off of it's own 24-10 victory over Wagner, where the defense held the Seahawks to 77 rushing yards, half its season-average, while Max Waizenegger's 71-yard touchdown reception from Isaiah Kempf put the game away late. Safety David Quintero picked off a late pass to seal the game...

Some Light Reading for this morning before the game:
Hoyas Front Three Gets a Boost from the Play of Dan Lenihan and Jordan Richardson
Today's Game Notes

I'll be back with more news and notes from Greene Stadium after the jump...

We're about a half hour away from kick-off here at Greene Stadium, so I figured I would enlighten you all with Georgetown's starting lineup. First for the offense...
QB Isaiah Kempf
RB Nick Campanella
WR Jamal Davis
TE Tucker Stafford
LT James Spaly
LG Thomas Gallagher
C Fino Caliguire
RG Mike Roland
RT Kevin Sullivan
SLOT Jeremiah Kayal
WR Patrick Ryan

CB Jayah Kaisamba
DE Dan Lenihan
NT Jordan Richardson
DE Andrew Schaetzke
CB Stephen Atwater
OLB Sean Campbell
ILB Robert McCabe
ILB Jeremy Grasso
OLB Dustin Wharton
SS David Quintero
FS Wayne Heimuli.

PRE-GAME: Howard has a pretty legit marching band. If you were in D.C. and not a football fan, they would easily be worth the price of the ticket (disclaimer: I'm not sure how much tickets cost here).

COIN TOSS: Wayne Heimuli, Jeremiah Kayal and Nate Zimmel are out for the coin toss and for the second week in a row get the win. Georgetown defers and will kick-off to Howard to start the game.

Howard 1st and 10  at own 28 (14:55) Wayne Heimuli tips the first pass and its intercepted by Stephen Atwater for a GU interception:

GU 1st and 10 at the Howard 49(14:45)
Kempf on first and 10 completes a pass to Tucker Stafford for six...Kempf fumbles but holds on to lose about a yard...Kempf's third down pass is batted down as Matt MacZura comes on to punt. Punt goes out of bounds at the 15.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at Howard 14 (13:29)
Terrance LeFall picks up about 3 on this carry, second play almost picked off by Jayah Kaisamba...3rd and 6 McCabe and Grasso stuff LaFell as Howard will be forced to punt.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU40 (12:04)
Kempf's pass tipped by Jamal Davis and intercepted by Julien David of Howard. Now one turnover a piece.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at the GU45 (11:55)
Richardson and Lenihan in on the tackle on first down on a pick up of maybe one. McGhee keeps the ball on second down and picks up about three more...McGhee completes to Willie Carter for the first first down of the game to the GU33...McGhee keeps on second down and is pushed out of bounds by Jeremy Grasso on a pick up of six...Schaetzke knocks down LeFall in the backfield and then bats down a pass to bring on Howard's field goal unit...Parker Munoz's 45 yard field goal attempt appeared to be blocked, but it was tough to see. Either way GU ball

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU28 (9:35)
Campanella gets his first carry and picks up three...Campanella shows the extra effort on 3rd and 3 to pick up the Hoyas first first down to the GU42...Delay of game on Georgetown it will move them to 3rd and 8 at the GU39...Kempf flushed out of the pocket and rushes for 14, but about four yards short of the first down. MacZura is on to punt...The Hoyas seem to have caught a break as a Howard defender roughed MacZura as Georgetown will keep the ball and have it at the Howard 48... Sackie Kerkulah picks up a sack on 3rd down. Probably not a more coincidental name in Division I FCS football. MacZura's kick is low down to the Howard 15 where the Bison will take over.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at 15 (5:30)
LeFall picks up a big first down for 21 yards on first down...McCabe and Wharton stuff LeFall  who makes it just back to the line of scrimmage. Illegal procedure call on Howard will make it 3rd and 11 at their own 35. McGhee's 3rd down pass for Brandon Flanagan falls incomplete, as Howard will once again punt to Kevin Macari.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 Howard 47 (3:39)
Campanella takes the pitch on the option to pick up about four...Jamal Davis catches the Kempf pass at the Howard 35 for a first down...GU hasstalled on the next two plays, getting tackled for loss and an incompletion, then they seemingly break it open with a screen pass that Kevin Macari takes to the end zone. Though a holding penalty will now make it 3rd and 16...Offsides on Howard makes it 3rd and 10...Kempf's pass to Patrick Ryan falls incomplete to bring on 4th down. MacZura back on to kick. MacZura punts to the one yard line, but it rolls into the end zone.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at their own 20 (1:42)
LeFall picks up seven on first and another 13 on the second carry to bring on 1st and 10 at the Howard 39...Howard moves the ball across midfield to the 49 on a pass to Brandon Drayton...Holding called on Howard to bring on 1st and 19...Stephen Atwater chases Drayton out of bounds, though another hold is called to move Howard back another 10 yards, to bring on 1st and 24. McGhee picks up three yards on a QB keeper as the time runs out on the first quarter.

Howard 2nd and 20 at own 39 (15:00)
Incomplete pass by McGhee brings on 3rd and 20, Dustin Wharton provided heavy pressure. Howard brings on four receivers, McGhee completes a short pass, but Schaetzke tracks him down for a stop for no gain.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU35 (14:08)
Logan on the carry on first down picks up two yards...Kempf picks up about five yards on the keeper ...Kempf's found Kevin Macari in single coverage and tries to find him down the right sideline, but can not complete it, but Howard is called for holding to give GU a first down...Kempf picks up 11 yards on a rush...Kempf finds Logan on a short pass to get to the 36 to bring up 3rd and 9...Max Waizenegger makes a HUGE catch to get down to the 27 for a Hoyas first down...Dalen Claytor takes the option pitch for what looks like about a yard to bring on 3rd and 9...Georgetown will punt again after Kempf is sacked...MacZura punts into the end zone to give Howard the ball at the 20.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at own 20 (8:36)
On a 3rd and short Dustin Wharton broke through the line to knock down the pass to bring on the Howard punt team.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at their own 30 (7:27)
Nick Campanella picks up a tough eight yards on his strongest run of the game...Nick is a yard short of the first down on his second try, but picks up the yard and a first down on his next try...GU  loses five on an illegal procedure, then Kempf picks up two on a keeper. Zack Wilke makes a big reception across midfield to the Bison 43...On a nifty play Scott Darby takes the reverse around the right side for 37 yards to the five yard line. Nick Campanella dives across the goal line for a Georgetown touchdown. Brett Weiss converts the extra point to give GU a 7-0 lead.

Weiss's kick-off is out of bounds to bring on:
HOWARD 1st and 10 at their own 40 (4:47)
Jordan Richardson stops LaFell to bring up 3rd and 2...Sean Campbell makes a HUGE shoestring stop to hold Howard back from a first down...Kevin Macari called for a fair catch, but a Howard defender tried to strip him of the ball, which in football is a penalty. GU will get an extra 15 yards to the GU31.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at their own 31 (2:58)
Claytor loses about a yard on the first play...Kevin Macari makes a catch on third down, but only picks up a few to bring up 4th and 7 with 1:29 on the clock with a Howard timeout. Georgetown will punt.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at their own 45 (1:18)
McCabe and Schaetzke stuff McGhee's first pass attempt, before the Bison complete a pass across midfield just short of a first down...Howard will get stuffed just short of a first down at fourth and inches. Howard will go for it with 26 seconds and counting...Howard picks up the first down on 4th and short with nine seconds...Howard calls timeout.McGhee avoids the rush and throws the ball away with five seconds on the clock. Georgetown with four playes deep Jeremy Grasso recovers a fumble, runs with it a little bit and is tackled as time has run out on the first half.

One of the most interesting moments I've seen in sports. The band from Gwynn Park High School played a wonderful halftime show, but would not yield to Howard who was trying to retake the field. Time just ran out on halftime and Howard is just getting an opportunity to get to their sideline. Gwynn Park still has members of its band on the field.

On the kick-off Dalen Claytor found a nice crease but had the ball popped loose to give the ball to Howard at the GU 40.
HOWARD 1st and 10 GU41 (14:55)
McGhee's pass sails high on first down. Terrance Lefall picks up about 12 yards down to the GU29. LeFall picks up another first down as Howard looks energized to start the half. Illegal procedure on Howard moves the ball back to the 14...Schaetzke breaks up another pass to bring up another field goal attempt for Howard's Parker Munoz, who connects from about 25.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at own 31 (13:07)
Kempf picks up 2 on the keeper on first down...Campanella picks up about four yards...Kempf makes a GREAT pitch to Claytor who found some room down the sideline for 13 yards. Dalen Claytor is extremely dangerous down the sideline. Just as I say that Campanella picks up about 8 yards up the middle...Kempf is chased from the pocket and out of bounds to bring up 4th and 2 and a punt...GREAT PUNT by Matt MacZura and an even better job by the coverage unit as Nick Alfieri downs the ball at the one yard line.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at own 1 (10:15)
LeFall falls forward for about two yards and then on the next play a holding penalty will put the ball at the 4 after what looked like a nice Howard gain...Richardson makes a huge stop to bring up 3rd and 6. McGhee makes a great pass under pressure to find Brandon Flanagan and then a facemask on GU that will move the ball to the 30 yard line...Jayah Kaisamba comes up to make the tackle for loss to bring up 2nd and 11...Howard picks up another first down on a pass to B. Drayton...HUGE PLAY FOR THE HOYAS, McGhee can't handle the high snap and Dan Lenihan comes up with the fumble to give the ball back to GU.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at Howard 39 (7:45)
Brandon Durham picks up seven yards on the first carry of the drive... Claytor picks up the first down for GU on a 3 yard pick up...Darby into the game on a 2nd and 9...Chance Logan picks up four on 2nd down to bring on 3rd and 5...Darby picks up four, so GU will attempt the 36 yard field goal. The kick is wide right.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at Howard 20 (4:02)
LeFall has had some success running in the second half, picking up nine yards on two carries , but the Hoyas defense won't break as they stuff him for a loss of one to bring on fourth down...

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU 30 (2:14)
Kempf's first pass attempt falls short of Patrick Ryan and then GU is flagged for illegal procedure to make it 2nd and 15...Campanella picks up about 8 to bring up 3rd and 8...Kempf sacked on third down. GU is just 6-of-16 on 3rd Downs...

Brett Weiss absolutely crushed the kickoff out of the back of the end zone to give Howard the ball at its own 20.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at own 20 (9:44)
Flanagan with a 12 yard reception on first down to bring on another first down...Two incomplete passes bring up 3rd and 10, where McGhee finds Willie Carter for about five yards...The punt team is back on for the Bison.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at own 23 (8:21)
Brandon Durham picks up one on the first carry of the series. Kempf gets flushed from the pocket and picks up about 13 yard with a great down field block from Jamal Davis...Campanella picks up six yards to the 41...Campanella carries again, this time for about three as the clock continues to run. Campanella gets hit hard in the backfield for a loss of two, as MacZura will be on to punt.

MacZura's punt was initially fumbled by B. Drayton, as he's wrapped up by Daniel Wright and a host of other Hoyas at the 12 yard line.

HOWARD 1st and 10 at own 12 (5:41)
McGhee's first pass to Drayton is stuffed for a one yard gain by Wharton. McGhee chased from the pocket throws incomplete over the middle to bring up 3rd and long...McGhee passes complete to Flanagan for a first down...Ball tipped at the line and intercepted by Robert McCabe who returns it from about the 30 yard line down to the four yard line.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at HU4 (4:41)
Campanella picks up about one on the first play of the series. On the second play Chance Logan catches a perfect pass from Kempf for his first TD of the season. Weiss makes the extra point to make the score GEORGETOWN 21, HOWARD 3

HOWARD 1st and 10 at HU31 (3:53)
Andrew Maliska forced a fumble from McGhee and it looked like Schaetzke recovered the fumble to give GU the ball at the HU33.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at  HU31 (3:31)
Campanella picks up three on the first carry...Campanella picks up about four on second down to bring up 3rd and 3...Campanella knocked down in the backfield at the HU29...Brett Weiss will be on for a 46 yard kick. Wide left on the kick from Weiss.




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