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Good Morning Georgetown football fans,

We just arrived here at Fitton Field on the campus of Holy Cross about 15 minutes ago and are setting up for today's game with Holy Cross. Right now, it's 36 degrees, as Worcester, Mass. is expecting 8-12 inches of snow today, though nothing is falling at the moment. I hope wherever you are reading (or listening to today's broadcast on you are well prepared for the weather. If you're anything like me, maybe you even have some Hurricane Irene supplies left over.

This is a HUGE game for the Hoyas. A Georgetown win could create an unofficial Patriot League Championship game at Lehigh on Nov. 12. Though Holy Cross, currently in first place in the Patriot League looks to be the toughest opponent GU has had this season. They are 4-3 (2-0 Patriot League), with two of those losses coming to Top 25 teams. Ryan Taggart is only behind Lehigh's Chris Lum nationally in total offense per game and the Crusaders defense is neck and neck with Georgetown in total defense (HC is 1st, 322.7 yards/g) and scoring defense (HC is 2nd, 20.3 pts/g), behind Georgetown (19.9 pts./g). GU will need to put pressure on Taggart, a high school teammate of GU's No. 35 Wayne Heimuli at Trinity in Dallas, Texas.

Series Info: Georgetown trails the series with Holy Cross, 8-15, despite a 17-7 victory last year on Homecoming at Multi-Sport Field. GU has not won a game at Fitton Field since 1999, coincidentally the last time Georgetown had a winning record, which they clinched last week with a win over Colgate.

Fun with Numbers: Andrew Schaetzke is fourth in GU history with 24.5 sacks and sixth all-time in the Patriot League...Freshman wide receiver Kevin Macari is second in the nation in punt return average, at 16.6 yards per return. His 60 yard return last week was the fifth longest in Hoya history and the longest in the league this year...GU is +8 in turnover margin, after a three interception (2 from Jeremy Moore, 1 from Robert McCabe) last week. Holy Cross is -5 on the season. 

I'll be back with starters and much more from venerable Fitton Field momentarily...Make sure to keep hitting refresh after the jump for all the updates (as long as our internet is working) and listen in with myself and Chuck Timanus on And of course if you're not following Hoyas_Football on twitter, you should start!

I'll be back with starters and much more from venerable Fitton Field momentarily...Make sure to keep hitting refresh after the jump for all the updates (as long as our internet is working) and listen in with myself and Chuck Timanus on And of course if you're not following Hoyas_Football on twitter, you should start!

Starters for Georgetown:
DE Andrew Schaetzke
NT Jordan Richardson
DE Andrew Maliska - making his first career start
OLB Sean Campbell
ILB Jeremy Grasso
ILB Robert McCabe - defending PL Defensive Player of the Week
OLB Dustin Wharton - had a career-high 13 tackles and a sack last week
CB Jayah Kaisamba
CB Jeremy Moore - Two INT's last week to earn CFPA National FCS Defensive Back of the Week
FS Wayne Heimuli
SS David Quintero

QB Isaiah Kempf
RB Nick Campanella - his 7 rushing TD's is the most by a Hoya since 2003
LT James Spaly - Since his return GU's low rushing game was 153 yards at Wagner
LG Thomas Gallagher
C Fino Caliguire
RG Mike Roland
RT Kevin Sullivan
TE Daniel Sprotte
SLOT Jeremiah Kayal
WR Jamal Davis
WR Patrick Ryan

Georgetown is on the field for warm-ups and the conversation in the radio booth now between Chuck Timanus and Holy Cross' legendary Bob Fouracre about the new windows in the pressbox here. Bob is in his 50th year of broadcasting and has been at Holy Cross since about 1970. He has one of those great radio voices and has been extremely helpful and getting us setup here. GU Offensive Coordinator David Patenaude, who had spent some time as a coach at Holy Cross was wondering if Chuck and Bob combined have over 100 years of radio experience. They may be a little short of that, but not by much.

Georgetown looks ready to go. Coach Kelly talked earlier in the week about how the guys love these types of big games. This is what college football is all about, playing for a chance to win the league on a cold day in late October, with what seems like a playlist of entirely AC/DC.

It's family weekend here, but due to the cold I'm guessing the families are holding off until a little closer to game time to arrive. As I type, the College of the Holy Cross Good Time Marching Band is on the field. They have one twirler, who is dressed for 80 degrees and sunny. She appears to be cold. What a trooper though.

COIN TOSS: Wayne Heimuli, Jeremiah Kayal and Nate Zimmel are out for the coin toss. Holy Cross wins the toss and will take kick-off.

Holy Cross at own 25 (14:50)
On first and 10 Taggart completes to Mistretta for a 10 yard gain...Sean Campbell makes the tackle after a gain of 3 for Taggart...McCabe and Maliska make a takle for a loss on 2nd and 7 to bring up 3rd and 7...Schaetzke was blocked in the back as he was pursuing Taggart to force a punt.

Georgetown at own 37 (12:50)
Kempf completes a pass to Jamal Davis for a pick-up of 11 to move the chains...The Hoyas are moving the ball very well as Campanella picks up two, Daniel Sprotte gets another first down and Kempf completes to Patrick Ryan for a first down...Campanella is stuffed on two consecutive carries to bring up 3rd and a long 14...Kempf scrambles and finds Davis for a huge reception down to the 10 yard line...Kempf scrambles to bring up 3rd and goal from the 2...Campanella can't get in from two yards, as Brett Weiss will come on for an 18 yard field goal attempt...Kick good to put GU in front 3-0 

Holy Cross at own 28 (8:15)
After a two-yard run Taggart completes a pass to Mistretta for 18 yards out to the HC47...Woods fumble and Jayah Kaisamba picks it up and returns it for about 8 yards to the Holy Cross 28...Huge recovery by Kaisamba.

GEORGETOWN at HC 28 (7:11)
After an illegal formation penalty, Kempf picks up what they lost on the penalty. Kempf fumbles the snap, but Campanella does a nice job picking it from the ground and not losing yardage...Kempf sacked back at the HC39 to bring up 4th and 21. MacZura is on to punt.

HOLY CROSS at own 14 (4:55)
MacZura punt was fair caught at the 14 where the Crusaders will take over...On 2nd and 10 Taggart completes to Mike Fess for 5 to bring up 3rd and 5...Taggart gets what he needs on the completion on 3rd down to move the chains...The snow is coming down a little heavier, as Colgate picks up 5 yards on two carries to bring up another 3rd and 5...McCabe and Nick Alfieri halt Taggart to bring up 4th and 1 as HC punts.

GEORGETOWN at own 35 (1:33)
GU will go three and out as MacZura on to punt on 4th and 12.

HOLY CROSS at own 40 (0:44)
Taggart keeps the ball himself and picks up 4 yards. His 2nd and 6 pass attempt falls short of his target to bring up 3rd and 6...Mike Fess makes the catch for about 6 to pick up the first down...Taggart was forced out of the pocket on first down and picks up 6 on the scramble as the snow starts to come down heavier...McCabe comes up to make a big play on Eddie Houghton (brother of former Hoya Charlie) to bring up 3rd and 2...Mistretta gets a carry and picks up about four for another first down...Andrew Schaetzke into the backfield quickly for a tackle for loss to bring up 2nd and 11...Wharton makes the tackle on the three yard reception for the Crusaders to bring up 3rd and 7...David Quintero interception! Quintero makes a jumping catch to end the Holy Cross drive. A flag on the play is an illegal block in the back on the return, moving the ball to their own 16.

GEORGETOWN at on 16 (11:42) 2ND QUARTER
Kempf picks up four yards on the first play, but then is sacked for six on 2nd to bring up 3rd and 12...Kempf on the keeper gets out to the 23 and is about 4 yards short of the first down...MacZura will be punting into the wind...

HOLY CROSS at own 44 (9:38)
Mistretta on the flanker sweep picks up about 14 yards as Heimuli and Schaetzke bring him down at the GU41...Jeremy Moore makes the tackle to stop Houghton for a one yard gain...Schaetzke forces Taggart from the pocket, who throws out of bounds to bring up 3rd and 9...Kaisamba called for a pass interference call, which gives HC a first down at the GU24...Andrew Maliska brings down Taggart as he is again chased from the pocket and brought down after a three yard gain...On 2nd and 7 a holding call on the Crusaders brings up 2nd and 17 at the 31...Taggart completes back to the 23 to bring up 3rd and 9...Taggart throws incomplete to Nate Stanley to bring on the field goal unit. It would be a 41 yarder with heavy wind and snow...Taggart drops the snap and GU will take over at their own 23.

GEORGETOWN at own 23 (5:46)
Kempf throws to Macari on a screen, but Holy Cross sniffed it out and knocks it backwards three yards...Campanella picks up four yards to get back to the original line to bring up 3rd and 9...Kempf passes for Sprotte, but it is incomplete, bringing on MacZura to punt into a strong wind...A fumble by Holy Cross and Jeremiah Kayal recovery gives GU the ball back on the GU49...Roughing the passer on Holy Cross brings new life and field position for the GU offense. 1st and 10 at the HC36...Darby in at QB picks up about 5 yards on the draw...Darby's pass over the middle intended for Waizenegger is batted down by Cav Koch, otherwise that could've been 6 more points for GU...Campanella gets the ball down to the 20 yard line to bring up 3rd and 5...Darby's pass incomplete to Campanella, as Weiss is on for the 37 yard field goal attempt. Weiss makes what might have been the most difficult field goal of his life. 37 yards into heavy wind and snow. GREAT HOLD by Jeff Burke. The job he did there has to be recognized !

On the ensuing kick-off GU pops the ball loose and Weiss falls on the fumble to take the ball back at their own 48.
GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 own 48 (45 seconds)
GU takes a shot down field, but Kempf overthrows Ryan on the last play from scrimmage of the half. 

HALFTIME: The snow is starting to stick on the field, but the Holy Cross marching band is still doing there thing. Much respect.

Georgetown 1st and 10 at own 45
Jeremy Moore a great return as the yard markers and hash marks are becoming nearly impossible to see from the pressbox...Kempf picks up 4 yards on a keeper. Campanella looks to have gotten across midfield for a pick up of 3 or 4...Campanella picks up the remainder for a 1st down...Kempf's pass to Davis falls just out of reach to bring up 2nd and 10...Campanella picks up about six on 2nd...Campanella picks up about 3 to bring up 4th and inches...GU will go for it, as Campanella finds a nice hold in the middle of the line to pick up a first down and more to the 30...Another 3 for Campanella...Two GU incompletions bring up 4th and 7 as they will go for it again, as kicking a field goal at this point seems impossible. ISAIAH KEMPF rushes for a 27 yard touchdown, breaking several tackles and getting a few key downfield blocks to get into the end zone on 4th and 7. GU goes for 2 but does not convert. GEORGETOWN 12, Holy Cross 0

HOLY CROSS 1st and 10 at own 40 (10:48)
Eddie Houghton starts the drive with a 9 yard run...A holding call on Holy Cross on what would have been a first down will move the ball back to the 37 to make it 2nd and 11...Taggart completes the pass to the 50 for a first down...McCabe stuffs the HC completion for a 4 yard gain...McCabe makes another stop for 3 yards to bring up 3rd and 2...Robert McCabe knocks down a pass to bring up 4th and 2...The Crusaders will go for it, as the Crusaders will go for it. Houghton will pick up about three yards for the first down...Wharton will stop Houghton on a 9 yard gain. Houghton picks up another eight yards to move the ball to the 20. The pass incomplete to Mike Fess with 6:08 left in the 3rd...Taggart rushes and is taken down by McCabe for a five yard gain...Quintero breaks up the pass attempt and will go for it on 4th and 5...Delay of game on Holy Cross will move them back to 4th and 10 from the 20, they will go for it. Schaetzke puts the pressure on Taggart to force him out of the pocket, but Wharton, Daibes and May stop him short at the 15.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at own 15 (5:07)
GU goes 3 and out as MacZura will punt from the 2 yard line...

HOLY CROSS 1st and 10 at GU45 (3:07)
Houghton picks up 5 on the first carry, but the 2nd down pass is incomplete to bring up 3rd and 5...Houghton picks up 15 on the carry for the first down...Again, Houghton picks up 5 and is brought down by Schaetzke with under 2 left in the 3rd...Heimuli and Moore bring down Houghton at the 12 yard line for another first down...Georgetown timeout...Houghton picks up three to get to the 9 yard line...Taggart passes to Houghton who has touched the ball on every play of this drive to the six...Taggart tripped up at the 5 yard line to bring up 4th and 4...Time runs out on the 3rd Quarter

Holy Cross will go for it on 4th and 4...The ball batted down in the end zone, it was batted into the air as GU knocks it to the ground to bring up 1st and 10 at their own 6.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at own 6 (14:53)
Kempf picks up 4 yards on his first carry...Kempf picks up another 5. Logan picks up three on the next carry for a GU first down...Logan picks up 5 on his next carry to bring up 2nd and 5...Kempf gets one yard to bring up 3rd and 4...Chance Logan picks up close to 20 yards to take the ball to the 46 yard line, 1st and 10 Hoyas...Kempf keeps the ball on the ground for about seven...Kempf crosses into HC territory for another first down. 1st and 10 at the HC47...MacZura on to punt after the offense stalls. MacZura's punt to the Holy Cross 14.

HOLY CROSS 1st and 10  at own 14 (8:49)
Taggart completes two passes to get the ball out to midfield...Andrew Schaetzke knocks Taggart down on the sack for a loss of 7. Houghton picks up six on the next play...Mike Fess makes the catch on 3rd and is knocked down two yards short of the first...4th and 2...Schaetzke and Richardson in on the sack to give the ball back to GU...

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at own 49 (6:00)
Logan picks up 10 yards on first down to move the chains...Nick Campanella picks up about six yards on first down. They'll measure on Campanella's second carry of the drive and he'll get another first down. 3:47 on the clock and a first down for GU...Low snap as Kempf will just fall on the ball and lose two yards. Logan breaks one for 34 yards and a GU touchdown a huge carry to all but seal the game. GEORGETOWN 18, Holy Cross 0. Weiss on to kick the PAT. Kick is good GU 19, Holy Cross 0

HOLY CROSS 1st and 10 at GU45
Taggart completes a pass for 10 yards...Taggart rushes for 15 on the second play to get to the 21...Holy Cross is moving the ball quickly with just under two minutes on the clock...HC at the 9 yard line with another first down with 1:37...Taggart rushes for a 9 yard TD to get on the board for the first time today. HC will go for two, but fail on the pass. GEORGETOWN 19, HOLY CROSS 6.

Offsides on the first onside kick attempt. They'll move it back five yards and try again. Holy Cross will recover the onside kick at the 35...
HOLY CROSS 1st and 10 at own 35
Taggart completes the pass, but Holy Cross can't get out of bounds and calls a timeout...Jeremy Grasso knocks the ball loose, Jeremy Moore comes up with it and GU will look to run out the clock...
GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at HC 42 (1:06)
Logan picks up three yards on the first rush...Kempf will kneel on the ball for the GU victory. The first time they have won 4 straight since 1999.



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