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Good morning and welcome to the blog!

We're in Staten Island, N.Y., home of the Wu Tang Clan and the Wagner College Seahawks, today's opponent. The trip is Georgetown's first to Wagner College Stadium since 2000.

Today's game will be just the third meeting in program history, with the Hoyas and Seahawks splitting the pair of previous games. Last year's game was a heartbreaker for the Hoyas, as Wagner placekicker made a career-long 54 yard field goal to send the game to overtime, where Wagner won in two overtimes, 22-16.

Offensively this has been a much improved team than it was a year ago. The Hoyas have already scored 151 points through five games and have featured one of the most explosive offenses in the Patriot League. They also have the third best red zone offense in the nation converting on 18-of-19 trips inside their opponents 20 yard line.

On defense, junior linebacker Robert McCabe continues to impress. Coming into today's game, McCabe is leading the Patriot League, averaging over 10 tackles per game. Sophomore outside linebacker Dustin Wharton is also among the league's top five players in that category. It would be difficult to talk about defense without mentioning senior defensive end Andrew Schaetzke. Schaetzke is tied for the league lead with 5.5 sacks and second with 9.5 tackles for loss, despite often facing double and triple teams this season. That is expected continue.

The weather today could not be anymore different than the weather last weekend in Lewisburg, Pa. Right now in Staten Island, it's 64 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and a nice breeze that we can feel with the windows in the pressbox just opening up. Right now, we're watching both teams warm up with a nice view of the Verrazano Bridge. Interestingly the pre-game music is of the unedited variety, which is always a jolt for people who work a lot of events, where cleanliness of lyrics is next to Godliness.

I'll be back soon with starters and then throughout the game as our internet connection allows!  Also, make sure to follow Hoyas_Football on twitter and get to the app store if you're on your smartphone and download the new GUHoyas app!

Welcome back!

The Hoyas are in the all white unis today. Definitely a fresh look!
Just finished up going over pronunciations with the PA guy here at Wagner, as we are now 20 minutes away from game time. Here are the projected starters for the Hoyas.

The defensive starters for Georgetown
DE Andrew Schaetzke
DT Jordan Richardson
DE Dan Lenihan
OLB Dustin Wharton
ILB Robert McCabe
ILB Jeremy Grasso
OLB Sean Campbell
CB Jayah Kaisamba
CB Stephen Atwater
SS Wayne Heimuli
FS David Quintero

The offensive starters for Georgetown:
QB Isaiah Kempf
RB Nick Campanella
LT James Spaly
LG Thomas Gallagher
C Fino Caliguire
RG Ed Hesselgren
RT Kevin Sullivan
TE Tucker Stafford
WR Patrick Ryan
WR Jamal Davis
SLOT Jeremiah Kayal

COIN TOSS: Zimmel, Kayal and Heimuli are out for the coin toss. They win the toss and will defer. Wagner will get the ball first.

1ST QUARTER: Wagner at own 17
Georgetown's defense has come out quickly. Jeremy Grasso knocks Dominique Williams back two yards on a screen pass. They stuff the run on second down. Wagner's completion picks up about 8 yards but is short, as they will be forced to punt.

Georgetown at own 25 (12:30)
Georgetown will also go three and out on the first series. On third and short, Aaron Aiken comes in on the QB keeper and gets stuffed. MacZura is now on to punt.

Wagner at own 39 (11:15)
Williams picks up five yards on first down to bring up 2nd and 5 at the Wag44. Stephen Atwater makes a nice open field tackle to bring up a 3rd and 2...Georgetown forces a fumble looks like Grasso on the force, Dustin Wharton with the recovery, his second of the season.

Georgetown at Wag 42 (10:20)
Georgetown gives it right back as Kempf is hit in the backfield and loses the ball. Not a pretty game by either offense so far.

Wagner ball at Wag 49 (10:12)
After a false start penalty, Georgetown does a good job of keeping Willams from getting to the outside, with several Hoyas to bring up 2nd and 14...Misley's pass is complete for 1 yard as Wharton and McCabe are in on the tackle...Joe Sidaras picks up a big first down on a gain of about 15...Wagner is now starting to move the ball. Williams finds a hole and is drug down by McCabe for eight yards...Another first down rush for Williams, who picks up nine yards and first down...Wharton and Schaetzke stuff Williams in the backfield for a loss of a yards...Misley completes another pass for 13 yards to get down to the Hoyas 8 yardline...David Quintero tips Misley's pass to bring up 3rd and goal for Wagner...Holding penalty called on Wagner which will bring on 4th and goal from the seven yard line. Jarrod Molzon is on to attempt a 19 yard field goal. Kick is good.


GEORGETOWN ball at own 41 (5:04)
Dalen Claytor with a 25 yard return puts the Hoyas in decent field position...Campanella picks up 2 yard on first down with a strong run by Nick. On offsides call on Wagner brings the ball to the 47...Campanella finds a hole and shows off the speed picking up 17 yards on the carry...Campanella picks up 4 and then another two to bring up 3rd and 4...Kempf overthrows Davis and is picked off Jarrett Dieudonne. Dieudonne returns it to the 33 where Wagner will start.

Wagner at own 33 (2:58):  On a second down Andrew Schaetzke makes a huge tackle to bring up a 3rd and very short. Wagner brings in a fullback who gets the carry for the first down...Wagner called for a false start which will take them back to their own 43 yard line...Chad Coleman with his first career sack to drop Wagner back to their own 34 to bring up 2nd and 24...Malcolm Caldwell Meeks makes a big open field tackle to bring up 3rd and 22 and the end of the first quarter.

Wagner 3rd and 22 at own 38: Dan Lenihan stops Williams for three yards to bring up a punt for Wagner.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at own 21: A penalty on the Macari return puts the ball at the 21 yard line...  Zack Wilke makes a great catch for a 22 yard reception for a GU first down...Though GU can't make anything happen on the next three plays, as MacZura will come back on to punt.

WAGNER 1st and 10 at own 17 (12:42): Jeremiah Kayal knocks down Williams after a great MacZura punt...Offside on GU will give Wagner the ball at the 24, where it will be 2nd and 4...Schaetzke provides great pressure to force a quick pass, as McCabe and Quintero in on the stop to bring on 3rd and 2...Wharton and Richardson in on the tackle to knock Williams back for a loss of one to bring on the punt unit.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at Wagner 48: Macari gets a nice return across midfield to give the Hoyas its best field position of the day...Brandon Durham makes a nice move to the outside, breaking a few tackles to pick up of five yards...On a short pass from Kempf, Campanella loses the handle on the ball, but quickly gets it back...Max Waizenegger makes a huge catch, as Kempf finds him over the middle for a pick up of 22...Durham again gets to the outside for a gain of four as GU is now at the 20...Campanella makes a catch over the middle spins around a tackler down to the 14...Durham gets through the middle on a rush of about six yards...Isaiah Kempf keeps it himself and rushes for six yards on GU's first touchdown. Kempf's second rushing TD of the season...Some movement on the Hoyas line on the extra point, will move the ball back five yards...No matter for Weiss, as he hits the extra point with plenty of room to spare.
GEORGETOWN 7, WAGNER 3 (8:05 in the second)

WAGNER at own 40 yard line (8:05) Weiss's kick out of bounds, as Wagner takes the ball at their own 40....Jordan Richardson knocks down the Wagner 1st down pass attempt...Williams breaks off a long gain on the playbut it will be moved back to the 30 yard line on the hold...Wagner's third down screen pass attempt falls incomplete to bring on 4th and 20. Macari back to receive

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at own 38 (6:42) Claytor takes the pitch from Kempf on the option on a nine yard gain...Claytor with another huge gain on a huge hole opened by the line on a 21 yard rush...Kempf's pass is almost picked off but the Wagner defender was out of bounds (WHEW!)...Claytor is picking up huge chunks of yardage, with another seven yard gain...GU calls a time out at 5:28 with 3rd and 2 at the Wagner 29...Durham on a huge third down conversion on a six yard rush...Kempf had no where to throw the ball, then picked up about nine yards to bring up 2nd and 1. Kempf another keeper is stopped at the two  yard line...Campanella stuffed on the short yardage opportunity. Looks like about a 1 yard loss...Chance Logan will get the ball back to the 2 to bring up 3rd and goal...Nick Campanella powers his way across the goal line for the Hoyas touchdown. Campanella's fifth touchdown of the season...Weiss will convert the PAT, again from the 15 to make the score
GEORGETOWN 14, Wagner 3 (3:12 remaining in the second.)

WAGNER 1st and 10 at own 23 (2:46):
Two big stops to bring up 3rd and 10. McCabe makes a huge hit to bring up 4th and 5 as Wagner will be forced to punt from their own 29...Macari back to receive. A facemask on Wagner on the return will give GU great field position at the Wagner 48

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at Wagner 48 (1:38): Claytor picks up about a yard on first down...Zack Wilke makes a big first down catch and then gets out of bounds at the 36 to stop the clock with 1:06...Kempf picks up three on a second down...Kempf hit and loses the ball, where Wagner recovers at the Wagner 36.

WAGNER 1st and 10 at own 36: Misley completes to Justin Matthews across midfield to the GU45...Nick Alfieri and Chad Coleman in on the tackle with the ball at the GU39. Wagner TIMEOUT with 17 seconds....Misley completes another pass down to the GU26 to Santillien. Nine seconds in the half, Wagner has one more timeout. Another completion Saintillien gets the ball to the GU14. Wagner calls TO with 4 seconds and will bring on the field goal unit...It's a 23 yard attempt that sails wide left. Not sure if it was touched by a GU defender.
Georgetown set to receive the ball, as the short kick goes to Tucker Stafford who gets it down to the 45...On the first play GU fumbles and Wagner recovers at the GU42...

WAGNER 1st and 10 at GU42 (14:48)
Andrew Schaetzke bats down another pass at the line to bring up 2nd and 15...Misley finds Sidaras on a 22 yard gain...1st and 10 at the GU23...Williams loses the football but is able to recover off the back of one of his blockers to bring up 3rd and 10...Schaetzke brings on some pressure to bring on the field goal unit. A new kicker for Wagner, but the 35 yard attempt sails wide right.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU23 (13:08)
Kempf finds Campanella in the flat in first down, who picks up about 12...Patrick Ryan loses the football, Michael Francis can't pick it up and Jeremiah Brown falls on the football as the Hoyas have now turned it over 5 times...

WAGNER 1st and 10 at GU 48 (12:15)
Williams picks up some yardage for a first down...Cody Morgan picks up another six down to the GU29...Misley's short pass hits the fieldturf for an incompletion to bring on 4th and 6. They will go for it after two FG misses...Big first down catch for Kenny Munson...Misley's 1st down pass knocked down by Robert McCabe...Williams picks up about 6 down to the GU 17 to bring up 3rd and 4...Another first down by Williams as the drive keeps going down to the GU13...Wagner on another big play picks up a first down to the GU3...Dominique Williams scores on the three yard run. The extra point is good....GEORGETOWN 14, WAGNER 10.

They go 9 plays 39 yards and Brett Weiss caps it off with a 49 yard field goal, the longest of his career. GEORGETOWN 17, WAGNER 10 (4:34 in the 3rd).

WAGNER at (2:36 3rd) Can't get anything going on offense and will be forced to punt.
GEORGETOWN will take over at their own 24 yard line (2:24): GU goes a quick three and out and will punt from their own 25...Nate Zimmel and Dustin Wharton in on the tackle at the Wagner 34...
WAGNER 1st and 10 at their own 34 (1:16)...Otis Wright picks up about 11 on his first carry for the Seahawks...Big sack from Dan Lenihan and Jordan Richardson for the Hoyas to bring up 2nd and 14...Robert McCabe makes a huge play to bat down Misley's pass over the middle...Misley faces a ton of pressure and throws the ball away to bring up 4th and 14...Cregan back to punt to Macari...Macari on a big punt return, brings it back 30 yards across the 50, but it will be brought back with an illegal block. Hoyas will get an untimed down at the end of the 3rd after the penalty.
GU 1st and 10 at the GU41 (no time): GU jumps, false start moves it back to the GU36. Kempf pressured and brought down at the 36 to end the quarter.

GU 2nd and 15 (15:00)
Campanella gets the carry on 2nd and 15, they pick up a yard. 3rd and 14 for GU...Kempf forced out of the pocket and picks up about 10 on the carry, though it is still short of the first down. MacZura will be on to kick...MacZura fakes the punt, but is stopped short of the first down.

Wagner 1st and 10 at GU47 (13:37):
Heimuli and Lenihan in on the tackle for no gain...On 2nd and 10, Schaetzke pressures Misley who throws short for a gain of one...Schaetzke knocks down the pass at the line of scrimmage to bring up 4th and 9...The Wagner punt will be downed at the GU13 with 12:27 remaining.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU13 (12:27)
Waizenegger is knocked down at the 19 to bring up 2nd and 3...Logan picks up about a yard and a half to bring up 3rd and 1...GU can't pick up the last yard on first down and will be forced to punt again after three plays.

WAGNER 1st and 10 at GU45 (10:32)...Andrew Maliska got into the backfield quickly and forced Misley to throw the ball away. Williams on the carry is knocked down by Andrew Maliska and Alec May to bring up 3rd and 9...Jayah Kaisamba came up to make a big hit. Teams have not thrown in Kaisamba's direction very often, as Wagner will again punt to Macari...

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 at GU20 (9:07):
Two high snaps and two short rushes bring up 3rd and 8...Kempf's third down pass sails high intended for Macari as MacZura back on to punt.

WAGNER 1st and 10 at Wagner 39 (7:46)
Misley's first pass was incomplete with Heimuli on the breakup. On second down Schaetzke and Campbell in on the tackle to bring on 3rd and 9...The Wagner pass was dropped to bring up 4th and 9.

GEORGETOWN 1st and 10 GU29 (6:53).
Kempf's first two passes are intended for Macari, but they are unable to make anything happen. 3rd and 10 with 6:41. TIME OUT GEORGETOWN. Game changing play, Kempf is flushed out of the pocket and finds Max Waizenegger down field on a 71 yard touchdown reception the Hoyas longest score of the season! Weiss makes the extra point to take 24-10 lead.

WAGNER 1st and 10 Wagner 39...On 1st and 10 Jordan Richardson and Sean Campbell combine on a sack to knock Wagner back two yards...Williams gets a screen pass on the second play and takes it across midfield to the GU44...Misley is chased out of the backfield by Schaetzke and ducks out of bounds for a gain of 2...Misley again chased by Schaetzke and dumps a pass over a defender to Cody Mogan...David Quintero picks off the next pass and returns it out to the 23 yard line. (4:25)

GU 1st and 10 GU23 (4:25)...Campanella picks up about two on the play....Campanella picks up about 5 yards moving the pile to bring up 3rd and 3...GU falls just short of the first down and Wagner will call for time. MacZura will be on to punt. MacZura gets run into on the play to give GU its first first down of the fourth quarter. GU gets the ball at the 36 yard line...Campanella gets another carry for about six yards...Offsides on Wagner brings up 2nd and less than 1...Campanella picks up about five to get the first down and cross midfield...
Kempf will kneel on the ball to bring on the Hoyas victory. Not pretty but the Hoyas will improve to 4-2, tying last season's win total!


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