GEORGETOWN FOOTBALL GAMEDAY LIVE BLOG: Patriot League Championship Game at Lehigh

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Good morning and welcome to the blog!

I'm Brooke Rayder and I'll be bringing you the news and notes from Georgetown's Patriot League Championship Game against Lehigh today from Goodman Stadium in Bethlehem, Pa. I'm sure you are at home anxiously awaiting the 12:30 kick-off from your homes (unless you're here). Make sure you are tuning into today's free live audio webcast featuring Chuck Timanus and Ryan Sakamoto. If you have to step away from the blog or the broadcast you can also get updates by following Hoyas_Football on Twitter.

It's a beautiful day for Patriot League football in Bethlehem, Pa. Sunny, breezy, around 50 degrees, the last of the fall foliage is flying around on the field.

A little bit about the series: Lehigh leads 11-5, and 10-0 since Georgetown joined the Patriot League in 2001. The last Georgetown win against Lehigh was in 1925, with a 40-0 victory for the Hoyas.

You know what the Hoyas haven't had in 86 years? A chance to control their bid to the Division I FCS Championship. With a rushing defense that ranks 7th in the nation, the Hoyas look to stop a Lehigh offense that averages 491 yards per game.

Robert McCabe and Andrew Schaetzke are up to the task. Schaetzke has 11.5 sacks this season, leading the Patriot League. McCabe had 13 tackles in the win against Fordham last week, and 119 total on the season. I guarantee you Ryan Sakamoto could not throw down that many tackles in the Sports Information Department.

So here we are, getting ready for the starting line-ups! Make sure to click for more information as the game gets going.
Starters for Georgetown:

DE Andrew Maliska
NT Jordan Richardson
DE Andrew Schaetzke
OLB Sean Campbell
OLB Dustin Wharton
ILB Robert McCabe
ILB Jeremy Grasso
CB Jayah Kaisamba
CB Jeremy Moore
SS David Quintero
FS Wayne Heimuli

QB Isiah Kempf
RB Nick Campanella
LT James Spaly
LG Mike Roland
C Fino Caliguire
RG Thomas Gallagher
RT Kevin Sullivan
TE Tucker Stafford
Slot Jeremiah Kayal
WR Jamal Davis
WR Patrick Ryan

COIN TOSS: Lehigh chooses to receive

Lehigh fumbles, just three plays into the drive! Georgetown recovers!

Kempf takes the Hoyas into the red zone, missed the field goal.

Several internet issues later...

Let's just say the internet is not friendly to the intern... but here we are, Lehigh up 7-0 after a five-minute drive, punting away to the Hoyas to the 15.

End of the 1st quarter, Lehigh 7, Georgetown 0

Start of the 2nd, Georgetown punting away, Maczura punts into the wind, maybe it was tipped? Chuck is checking it out. He can't believe it! Illegal touching called against Georgetown, Lehigh has 1st and 10 at the Hoya 33.

Lehigh's QB Chris Lum throws the pass to Drwal at the 12. First down Lehigh...Jefferson with the completion inside the 10...2nd and 4 for Lehigh...Lum throw it incomplete. Schaetzke was all over it. Incomplete on 3rd and 4.

4th and 4 for Lehigh with 13:35 left in the 2nd... Lehigh attempting the field goal...and it's good...Tim Divers puts Lehigh up 10-0 with 13:32 left in the 2nd.

Jeremy Moore out of bounds around the 46 yard line...big return! Kempf over the middle, to Waizenegger, 1ST DOWN...Picking up 4 on the carry...Now it's 3rd and 4 at the 32...Kempf throws it to Stafford in traffic. 1ST DOWN at the Lehigh 26...3rd and 4 for the Hoyas now, at the 20...Kempf scrambling shy of the 1st down.

4th and 5...lining up for the field goal...Weiss makes it 10-3 with 11:41 left in the 2nd quarter!

Hoyas kicking off, Suggs picks it up around the 10...meets the Hoyas pretty fast! 1st and 10 at their own 16 for Lehigh...Lum throws it long incomplete...2nd and 16...Lum gives it to Barket...Flag at the line, no gain for Lehigh...Unnecessary roughness called against Schaetzke....15 yards, 1st and 10 for Lehigh, big run, another first down for Lehigh.

10:43 to play in the 2nd, Lum throws to Drwal, 1st and 10 on the Hoya 38...Lum over the middle to Spadola, big gain close to the goal line...Georgetown calls timeout.

Colvin rushes in from the 1 yard-line after a tough unnecessary roughness call on Schaetzke. 17-3 Lehigh with 9:24 left in the 2nd...Jeremy Moore takes the kickoff LOOK AT HIM GO...out of bounds at the Lehigh 21. 69-yard return for Moore!

Just rocked out to "Call me Al" after that big return from Moore. Patrick Ryan on the completion on 3rd down...1st and goal!

2nd and goal...Campanella on the run, 7:40 left in the 2nd. 3rd down...Kempf incomplete.

Weiss comes out for the field goal...Lehigh 17, Georgetown 6 with 7:15 left in the 2nd.

Suggs gets the kick at the 20, out to around the 29...Let's get a stop!

Lum completes to Jefferson to the 38, 2nd and 1 for Lehigh...carries out to the 40...first down. Lum fakes and completes to Drwal for a big gain...1st and 10 at the Hoya 42...Lum hands it off to Barket...Schaetzke pulls him down. I will be able to spell his name right consistently soon...Pass complete to Hayden...3rd and 1 for Lehigh at the 32...Lum calls timeout.

Ryan giving me a shoutout! What a guy! Chuck come on help me out! Remember everybody, check them out on, and we have twitter, too! Hoyas_Football!

Matt Fitz loses the ball! FUMBLE. HOYAS recover. Quintero with the strip! Hoyas 1st and 10 for Georgetown! Kempf scrambles, has to throw it away...2nd and 10 from the 21...Kempf scrambling again, sacked by Newton for a loss of three...3:40 left in the 2nd, 3rd and 13 for the Hoyas...Kempf under pressure throws it up...intercepted...the wind is killer today.

3:18 to go, Lehigh takes over at the Hoya 46, Lum over the middle to Spadola...1st down Lehigh

Lehigh gets a field goal from the Hoyas 19...Lehigh 20, Georgetown 6 with 1:25 to go in the 2nd.

Lehigh doesn't want to kick to Moore...He's been incredible on the kick returns! Georgetown has the ball at their 37, 1:20 to go. Chuck just used to word "yucky." He wants to see Moore return another one!

Kempf incomplete on 2nd and 10, it's 3rd and 10 at the 37...Kempf gets hit as he releases the the ball back at the 37...Maczura punts it away to the 32, 62 seconds left...Lum out of the gun to Drwal, he picks up some yards after the pass...1st and 10 at the Georgetown 20...Lum passes to the endzone...Fitz gets rocked by Kaisamba in the back of the endzone...Lum has 310 passing yards so far...penalty on the run...holding on Lehigh...repeat 2nd down

Lum has to throw it away on 2nd down...intentional grounding...Chuck saw that one coming. Can't fool Chuck! 3rd down and 18 from the Hoya 28, 30 seconds left...Lum throws incomplete.

Divers attempting the 46-yard field good! Short..21 seconds left in the 2nd half. Lehigh 20, Georgetown 6.

Georgetown gets a play off, they'll run it in for halftime! Lehigh 20, Georgetown 6.

Halftime: Lehigh marching band. Getting way more love than Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory." They have better hats than Lady Gaga too.


Hoyas receiving, Moore returns to the 42-yard line...Let's see what we can do in the 2nd half.

Kempf in the gun...Ryan runs to the 50...2nd and 1 for Georgetown. Kempf incomplete, but a pass interference call...1st and 10 for Georgetown at the 41...Kempf gets tackled at the line after a short run...2nd and 6...Campanella gets a block for a 1st down...out of bounds at the 28...Kempf complete to Jamal Davis...Chuck calls that "acrobatism." He also uses "sneakerosity." What a guy.

Campanella runs it to the 6, 2nd and goal...Kempf incomplete to Davis... 3rd and goal...Kempf deflected, deflected to Waizenegger makes the catch in the endzone! That's what I would call acrobatism, Chuck! Weiss misses the extra point, Lehigh 20, Georgetown 12, 12:55 left in the 3rd.

It only took us 1:59 to get that touchdown. Let's get another one!

Weiss to kick...Suggs out to the 42-yard line...Lum out for the first time in the half...Spadola wide open in the middle...Dropped the ball...2nd and 10 for Lehigh...Lum looks, throws incomplete again...3rd and 10 at their own 42...illegal procedure on Lehigh, five-yard penalty. 3rd and 15. Lum completes it to Drwal...but it's not enough! 4th down. Three and out for Lehigh.

Georgetown down in their own end...Kempf throws an interception on 3rd and 15 after Georgetown returns the ball to their own 22, with a movement flag on 2nd down. Lehigh 27, Georgetown 12...11:20 left in the 3rd.

3rd and 7 after Kempf tries to run it through on 3rd and 2. False start against Georgetown. Hoyas punt it away.

Chuck's binoculars look like they've been run over by an 18-wheeler. He's been to a lot of football games, people.

Lehigh starts at their own 32...Lum hands it off...Gain of 6, 2nd and 4. Lehigh 1st down...8:53 left in the 3rd quarter. Lum stripped by Davies! But Lum falls on the ball at the 44. 2nd and 9 Lehigh...Quick screen pass for the 1st down at the Hoya 43...Lehigh picks up 6, 2nd and 4...False start on Lehigh...2nd and 9.

Lehigh inside the five yard line after a few passes from Lum...1st and goal...Lum runs it in for the touchdown...4:40 left in the 3rd. Lehigh 33, Georgetown 12.

Short kick goes out of bounds...Hoyas get it at their own 40-yard line. Kempf gets sacked around the 38...2nd and 11, Kempf completes the pass for 3rd and 4 with 3:30 left in the 3rd quarter. Kempf incomplete...Punting unit comes out.

Lehigh on their own 30...Lum gives it to Barket...picking up 6, 2nd and 4 for Lehigh. Lum throws it incomplete, Kaisamba playing some great D. 2:35 left in the 3rd...3rd and 4...Lum has to throw it away.

Lehigh downs the punt at the Georgetown 1. Chuck can't believe it. Georgetown out of their own endzone...Campanella gets a little room...2nd and 6, Campanella for one more...3rd and 3, Kempf throws it just over the head of Waizenegger.

Drwal returns to the Hoya 31...53 seconds left in the 3rd...Lum overthrows Spadola...2nd and 10, Schaetzke pulls down Barket for no gain...3rd and 10, Lum throws to Spadola for the 1st down, 6 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. Lehigh makes it the last play of the quarter.

Ryan is feeling so popular thanks to everyone's responses on Twitter to Hoyas_Football. Keep 'em coming!


Lehigh has 1st and 10 at the Hoya 15, Lum play fake...Schaetzke ain't buyin what he's sellin, AND he slaps the ball away...2nd and 18, Lum completes the pass, holding penalty on Lehigh...2nd and 28, Schaetzke says ohhhh no...and Schaetzke only needs one more sack to become Georgetown's all-time leader in sacks...3rd and 31, short gain.

Lehigh punts it away, only to the 27-yard line. 4-yard punt. Chuck gets a chuckle out of that one. Say that ten times fast.

Scott Darby in the game for Georgetown, 1st and 10 from the 27...Off to Durham...2nd and 8, Darby incomplete down the field. 3rd and 8, Darby incomplete over the middle.

Chuck smells a big punt coming. Do you smell what the Chuck is cooking? I do. Drwal returns to the Hoyas 33-yard line with 11:19 left in the 4th. Barket has a 13-yard run, 1st and 10 for Lehigh. 2nd and 5 on the Georgetown 15, Barket gets the run, holding penalty on the run...10:21 left in the game.

While we're waiting...Lafayette 24, Holy Cross 23 with 2:23 left in the game.

2nd and 15, quick run. 3rd and 9, on the Hoya 19, Lum throws it to Fitz, incomplete. 4th and 9. Lehigh is going for it. Lum has to throw it away.

Hoyas take over on their own 19...Darby looks for Furlough, but he steps out of bounds. 2nd and 10, Darby passes for 2 yards. 3rd and 8, Furlough gets a pass interference call. Lehigh fans really not liking that one.

1st and 10 for the Hoyas with 8:22 left in the 4th. Darby to Furlough for two...2nd and 8 from the 38, Darby over the middle to Waizenegger! Big throw. 1st down.

Darby forced to get the pass off, intercepted at Lehigh's 27. 7:23 left in the 4th. Lum keeps it on the ground for 2nd and 6. Lum hands it off to Sherman, 3rd and 3 at the 34. 6:15 left in the 4th.

Lehigh gets it close to the 1st down, but they're going to measure. It's short! Lehigh punting unit comes onto the field. Short punt to the Georgetown 34-yard line.

Darby incomplete on 1st and 10 to Furlough. 2nd and 10, ball is dropped on the far side, 3rd and 10 at the 34. Darby gets it to Claytor, but he's short. Hoyas go for it. Waizenegger has the 1st down! Georgetown ball at their own 47.

Darby incomplete on 1st and 10. Incomplete to Kayal on 2nd and 10. 3rd and 10 with 4:10 left in the game. Darby under pressure gets rid of the football. 4th and 10. Hoyas go for it. Georgetown calls timeout. 4:05 left.

Darby sacked at the 42. Ball turned over on downs. Sherman runs forward to pick up a first down for Lehigh.

Fun fact about Ryan Sakamoto: He tweets, broadcasts, and looks up other Patriot League scores all at the same time. With a headset on.

Fitz pushes forward, 3rd and 4. Under 2 minutes to play. Lehigh runs for a 1st down.

Things that are scary at this game: the t-shirt cannon, and the church bell sound played before every third down. T-shirts flying everywhere!

Lehigh lets the play clock run down, final score: Lehigh 34, Georgetown 12.

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