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Senior Day Oct. 30/Play 4 The Cure

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The field hockey team will be celebrating Senior Day this weekend on Sat. Oct. 30 when they take on BIG EAST opponent Providence at 1:30 p.m. Annika Bannon will be honored as the lone senior on the team this year.

A Message from Laura Thistle

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Hey Hoyas,

Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, make sure to come out this weekend to watch the field hockey team take on Towson at 1:00 on Sunday, October 17th.  This will be our spirit game for the season as well as a fundraiser for Play 4 the Cure. This organization is very important to our team because it helps raise money for the Susan G. Koman Foundation that supports breast cancer awareness and research.  The goal of this organization is to help find a cure through raising money at field hockey games and events.  Some of the ways you can choose to give money is through individual donations or giving a predetermined amount of money for every goal scored or for every offensive corner that is earned. 

Crunch Time

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It's that time of year when papers and projects come within the next 6-8 days and we consider pulling our hair out or pulling all-nighters.  Yes, midterms are officially here. You hear about it as you walk around campus, in the dining hall, and even sitting waiting for the Young Executives Workshop to start that I participated in yesterday as part of the SIM (Sport Industry Management) graduate program in the School of Continuing Studies.

BIG EAST Home Opener

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The field hockey team will take on Rutgers this Friday at the William I. Jacobs Rec. Complex on the campus of American University. This will be the Hoyas' conference home opener so come out and support the Hoyas. The game is at noon on Friday. 


Field Hockey begins BiG EAST play this weekend

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The past few weeks, I've been spending my mornings at William I. Jacobs at American University jamming out to Mambo Sauce's "Welcome to DC" as I distribute game day programs or get game starters from both teams. This weekend, the Hoyas will head to Kentucky as they take on BIG EAST opponent Louisville as the conference schedule begins this weekend.  They conclude the weekend with Radford on Saturday. Look for the preview of this weekend's action.

This was also the third straight week that the field hockey team has been represented in the BIG EAST Weekly Honor Roll. Senior defender Annika Bannon and sophomore forward Charlotte Tierney were the latest when the announcement was made by the conference yesterday. Five players (Annika Bannon, Briana Pereira, Catherine Shugrue, Charlotte Tierney, and Annie Wilson) have been honored thus far this season.


Hoya Insider is Back!

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Hoya Insider is back!  After a summer-long hiatus Hoya Insider is back and better than ever!  We've decided to change some things around this year.  We know that fans anticipated the new show every Thursday with the fine hosting of Meredith Cox and Kortney Robinson, but this year it's going to be a bit different.

My LABORING Labor Day Weekend

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In recent years, I'm normally home for Labor Day weekend enjoying BBQ with the family and sitting on my deck.  This Labor Day weekend was much different, however. 

FRIDAY- I worked in the office from 10:30 till 3:30. Then I worked the Men's Soccer game against at 4 which finished with the Hoyas defeating the Northeastern Huskies in double OT! Then afterwards, I was in the office till 9:30 preparing for my weekend of field hockey games as we would take on La Salle and Temple. 

SATURDAY- It was my first weekend with Ryan Sakamoto on the road with the football team, so I was a little nervous going into the game.  I wouldn't have much to worry about because I did have BaBar to my left which put me at ease.  The field hockey had an exciting game as La Salle and Georgetown exchanged goals back and forth with the Hoyas eventually prevailing 6-4 on Annie Wilson's six point effort (2 goals, 2 assists) .

SUNDAY- The Hoyas took on the Temple Owls which featured a matchup of two 3-0 teams in the young season. Ryan Sakamoto was back in the press box fresh off of very little sleep and a win for the Hoyas football team over Davidson with a score of 20-10.  At William I. Jacobs, the Hoyas played their hearts out, but fell to the Owls in a tough 2-0 loss. 

MONDAY- At North Kehoe Field, the Women's Soccer team would take on the Fairfield University Stags.  The Hoyas would go on to defeat the Stags 2-1 in OT on a beautiful corner kick by Samantha Baker which was definitely a crowd pleaser and the stands filled with excitement after.

To conclude my weekend on the Hilltop, I helped out by working the second game of the DC Invitational which had George Mason and American playing the second match. 

Overall, it was a very exciting weekend to be in the District and definitely a fun weekend.  It didn't consist of burgers, my deck or Mom's cooking, but it was a LABORING Labor Day weekend.  It's weird how things change in a year.

Hoyas Fast Start/Back to School

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By TJ Heaney

The field hockey team just hosted the Georgetown Invitational this past weekend which included the Hoyas, Bryant University, Davidson College, and St. Francis University (Pa.) The Hoyas defeated the Bryant University Bulldogs on Saturday and the St. Francis Red Flash on Sunday to seal the 2-0 start for the first time since 2000.

Catherine Shugrue struck three times to record the first hat trick against Bryant since Kristen Volpe did it a year ago against Lock Haven. Annie Wilson, Kimberly Keating, and Charlotte Tierney also contributed scoring in Saturday's victory.

On Sunday, the Hoyas secured their first 2-0 start by defeating the Red Flash 4-0.  Briana Pereira recorded her first career shutout and the first shutout since former Hoya Deirdre Crovo held Brown scoreless in 2007.

Pereira and Shugrue were selected to the BIG EAST Weekly Honor Roll which was announced by the conference on Monday afternoon.

As a new Georgetown student myself, I would like to wish everyone a great first day of school tomorrow and especially to our student-athletes as you begin to balance practices and competitions along with classes.

Field Hockey Weekend-Opening FACE-OFF

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By TJ Heaney

This is an exciting weekend for the Field Hockey team and fans alike as the Hoyas take on the Bryant University Bulldogs on Saturday at 11 a.m. and St. Francis (PA) University on Sunday at 11 a.m. It should be an exciting weekend and I hope to see you all there! Both games will be held at the William I. Jacobs Recreational Complex on the campus at American University! 4 days till opening FACE-OFF!!!

Field Hockey faces off in 10 days

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By TJ Heaney

The field hockey team kicks off its 2010 season when they take on the Bryant University Bulldogs in you guessed it... 10 DAYS!!!! It's been very exciting for me to learn about our newest players in doing bios and working with Coach Marsh and Masson since arriving here at Georgetown. The fall season is upon us which leaves me with one question... Are you READY for some...FIELD HOCKEY?  I know I am!

Hello, Hilltop!!

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By TJ Heaney


Hello, Hilltop!!


My name is TJ Heaney and I'm a new intern here in Sports Information here at Georgetown as I will be working towards a Masters in Sports Industry Management focusing on the Strategic Marketing, Communication, and New Media track within the program.     

I had a dream on Friday night that I woke up and the snow that had begun before I went to bed had turned to rain. Needless to say I was in for a rude awakening when I woke up on Saturday morning. See, I'm a bit of a weather cynic. So when calls for 10-20 inches of snow, I'm the guy that sits around saying things like, "I've heard that before, we'll be lucky to get three to four inches." You can probably blame a childhood full of staying up late on nights with heavy projected snow falls, only to wake up to nothing, except the promise of a miserable, half asleep day of school...

Vampires and Toothpaste and Maids, Oh My!

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Well everyone, I can't believe it but the fall is winding down already!  It seems like just yesterday that I was working on the men's soccer media guide.  Tough weekend here on the Hilltop for a few of our teams, but a huge congratulations to field hockey for a big win on Sunday. 



Halloween and the Hoyas...and The Fresh Prince!

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This morning, John Lim, a student worker in the Sports Information office relayed to us the story of how his family came to America 10 years ago on Saturday. His family arrived in New York and his first vision of America as a young boy was seeing people dressed as superheroes and running around in a variety of other wild costumes. He thought this country was some kind of crazy play land with freedoms beyond belief until his parents explained the idea of Halloween to him. I think that type of experience would have had some very strange lasting effects on myself, to the point I'd possibly still wear a cape and spandex often. John seems to have gotten past that...Gotta love this time of year!



Silver Linings and Silver Medalists...

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Serious computer issues, such as hard drive crashes, viruses, etc. make up close to a third of my nightmares, which I'm guessing is pretty common in the sports information world (spiders and the Orioles moving from Baltimore are probably less common nightmares for others). On Tuesday, the nightmare became a reality.  My computer decided it would no longer recognize my hard drive, wiping out two seasons worth of field hockey, softball and volleyball statistics. Mom Sakamoto explains to me that was the beauty of the typewriter. Anyway, three days and a new hard drive later and I'm back and running! Special thanks to Darrell Joyner, who regularly fixes technical problems in our office in an extremely quick fashion.

DIG PINK!, Office EFX and LL Cool J

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From time to time I will try to add something heartfelt or life-changing in addition to the normal Georgetown Athletics information I try to provide through this blog. Mark this in the life-changing category.


**** This site was discovered by former sports information graduate assistant Jessica Palermo about a year ago (Thanks Jess!) and provided countless hours of fun within the sports information office at Georgetown. With the click of a button you can accentuate mistakes, pointless stories or awkward moments created by co-workers. It's also good practice if you are ever interested in working sound effects in a press box at an athletic event.    


Kid N' Play and Other Life Observations

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Spending the majority of my adult life around sports has given me a skewed perspective on life. Today, in my travels I came across a coffee shop that had a banner in the window touting its distinction of Washington Magazine's Best Coffee 2006. My first thoughts were what happened from 2007-09? Do you think the owner had an uncomfortable talk with the store manager saying something like, "Joey" (because that's his name in my mind) "I've noticed the barristas are just not getting it done like they used to and I don't think you've been the same motivating force you used to be, I think it's time for a change." 

No Cheering at the Scorer's Table

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I have worked a lot of sporting events in my day, though this is not a blog about that. It's about Friday's field hockey match, when Meggie Taylor scored a penalty corner goal against No. 5 UConn to put Georgetown in front, 1-0 and how it was probably as close as I've ever come to breaking the cardinal rule of "NO CHEERING FROM THE SCORER'S TABLE". I'm not sure that everyone else was able to follow that rule (Deborah Morey and Carl Zaparanik), but they are certainly excused in this instance.

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