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Recapping the Fall

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This week on Hoya Insider, Meredith Cox, Kortney Robinson and I sit down to discuss the highlights of the fall season.  Kort talked about the volleyball and field hockey seasons after an interview with members of the football team, while Mer touched on moments from men's soccer, cross country, crew/rowing and golf.  I'm going to take my blog time to talk about the sports I cover daily - swimming, tennis and women's soccer.
Yep, that's the truth. It was midnight and I was indeed eating takeout dinner from The Tombs.  I was at least home, which was more than can be said for some of the sports information staff at that time of night. 

They let us keep writing here

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Hope everyone had a nice day off for Columbus Day and if you didn't have a day off, thennnn you know what it's like to work in sports information.  But today, today is a new day.  It is Tuesday here in wonderful McDonough and that can only mean one thing ... blog updating!!! 

Monday, Monday

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On Mondays we usually shoot Hoya Insider for the following week which means a lot of extra stuff going into your average work day.  


We plan our shows a few weeks in advance to make sure all sports receive coverage and to book spots to promote any big events on campus.  However, even with this planning we still have to wait until Sunday evening or Monday morning to decide who will be on the show since it needs to jive with whatever happened over the weekend.   You wouldn't want to hear an interview from someone after they got hurt over the weekend!  Therefore a majority of our Monday mornings are spent texting both our student-athletes and our hosts, Meredith and Kortney, to get a firm schedule down by the afternoon for our videographer, Raf.

The Shape of Things to Come

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I've worked at Georgetown for more than 30 years and I've been the PR flak for Men's Basketball for 25 of them. I created the Athletic Department's first internet page, back when the world wide web was gopher links without any visuals. (Yes, yes, I'm old as dirt, and channeling Al Gore, but what's the point?)

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