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I'm no trailer writer, but I'm fully convinced you should want to read the blog based on the title alone.  It's Nelly ... as in Country Grammar and Just a Dream! You should definitely find out why he hearts GU Women's Hoops! 


Unfortunately I could not stay with the sailing team in Wisconsin but I had to get back to the D.C. area.  It seems the wind on Lake Mendota is being uncooperative yet again and only three races have been completed. 


Here we are with coverage from Madison, Wis., on Lake Mendota from the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association National Championships.  We've seen Georgetown compete in the women's race and watched them make great strides to make the final four in the team racing national championships - finishing third overall.  Today is the start of the Coed National Championships.  The link below can help you keep up from home.  We unfortunately have no more live video coverage but we do have updated race results!


Updated Results courtesy of ICSA


It's been a solid morning for the Georgetown University sailing team (GUST for those who don't know).  We've struggled with changing wind and sometimes no wind but as we were able to get the final races in this morning, Georgetown is definitely in the final four!


Live VideoStream courtesy of SailGroove |

ICSA / APS Team Race National Championships Final Four Standings


For the results link above - be sure to click on the "Final Four" tab at the bottom to get the most up-to-date results!


Well, there is finally some wind and we are getting ready to go out here on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wis.  After lackluster wind on Saturday, the Hoyas started sailing early this morning, trying to get as many races in as possible.  Stay tuned for as many updates as we can get out there - but be forewarned that my vantage point to the water (and the Georgetown tent) is not near a source of power so I'm running on straight battery today and the updates will not be as frequent as past blogs.  Enjoy the coverage we are offering through our website and if you're able to spend the Sunday of your Memorial Day weekend in front of a computer, here are some helpful links to also keep up with the Hoyas!


Live VideoStream courtesy of SailGroove | Updated Results courtesy of ICSA


Nothing Will Keep This Girl from the WI

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First off, let me start by wishing all the Hoya faithful a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Be safe and have fun, everyone!


Okay, now to the part where you will laugh (and hopefully cry a little) at how absurd my morning was and it will make your day that much better knowing that you could have had my day. 


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