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So You Want To Be A Hoya

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By Brian McCallister - (a sophomore member of the Georgetown Diving Team)

Editor's Note: This is the first of what we hope will be many blogs from our Swimming and Diving team on the Hilltop. Brian McCallister, today's author, is a transfer from American University and will touch on his experiences and pride relating to the Georgetown experience.

Okay, so maybe you don't even know what a Hoya is, don't worry, I only had vague ideas myself before New Student Orientation (NSO) pounded its legacy into my identity during my first days here at Georgetown. Just know that if you do one day decide to join the Hoya family, you'll soon understand that being a Hoya holds a very special meaning to our community. It represents an elite privilege, unparalleled by most distinctions you'll come to enjoy throughout your life on the that is, unless of course you're a Clinton.

Lots Going On!!!

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The spring season has started here at Georgetown and there is a lot going on, let's get to it...

Never a Dull Moment at Georgetown ...

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First off, I hope all of our readers had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend.  My weekend was full of Hoya athletics.  Saturday featured a thrilling women's basketball game where the then-24/18 Hoyas defeated the Louisville Cardinals for their 14th-straight victory, a program best.  That along with the win over Providence earlier in the week propelled the women to a ranking of 19 in the AP poll this week.  The ESPN/USA Today poll comes out tomorrow. 


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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After boarding a plane for Texas this weekend, I never thought that the D.C. area was going to get as much snow as it did.  Like Ryan, whenever they talk about the blizzard of "insert year here", I just assume it will snow some, turn to rain or the dreaded freezing rain, and ice up/melt within a day or so.  Flash forward to Saturday and turning on the hotel tv.......bummer for all the people who were stuck in the blizzard.  I received text messages and pictures of the streets and scenes (a grocery-store line a mile long, people buying things for the armageddon, etc.).  At this point I just figured there would be some flight delays and changed the channel to some hoops.

Post Thanksgiving

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Hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving and got to spend the holiday with people they care about.  Turkey Day consisted of sleeping in, eating good food and watching a Bronco win to cap it all off.  My parents have moved from just outside Philadelphia to Allentown, Pa so the drive has turned into a 3 1/2 hour trip up I-95 to a 3 1/2 hour trek across I-83 and I-76.  Not that this matters to many, but the scenery is definitely different. 

Recapping the Fall

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This week on Hoya Insider, Meredith Cox, Kortney Robinson and I sit down to discuss the highlights of the fall season.  Kort talked about the volleyball and field hockey seasons after an interview with members of the football team, while Mer touched on moments from men's soccer, cross country, crew/rowing and golf.  I'm going to take my blog time to talk about the sports I cover daily - swimming, tennis and women's soccer.

Out-of-season Saturdays

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I awoke at 6:30 on Saturday morning to head over to Yates for Georgetown swimming & diving picture day.  After being told to walk around back to the patio in order to get in, I hopped a fence, or two, to get in the building.  Our photographer Raf Suanes and I split sides of the pool and I figured things were going to run smoothly like the previous year.  However, that was not the case.  After a few shots of the freshmen and newcomers, Raf informed me that the shots were a little blurry.  This led to us shooting most of the student-athletes swimming freestyle and backstroke.

They let us keep writing here

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Hope everyone had a nice day off for Columbus Day and if you didn't have a day off, thennnn you know what it's like to work in sports information.  But today, today is a new day.  It is Tuesday here in wonderful McDonough and that can only mean one thing ... blog updating!!! 

Just a few things from this weekend...

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