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Silver Linings and Silver Medalists...

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Serious computer issues, such as hard drive crashes, viruses, etc. make up close to a third of my nightmares, which I'm guessing is pretty common in the sports information world (spiders and the Orioles moving from Baltimore are probably less common nightmares for others). On Tuesday, the nightmare became a reality.  My computer decided it would no longer recognize my hard drive, wiping out two seasons worth of field hockey, softball and volleyball statistics. Mom Sakamoto explains to me that was the beauty of the typewriter. Anyway, three days and a new hard drive later and I'm back and running! Special thanks to Darrell Joyner, who regularly fixes technical problems in our office in an extremely quick fashion.

Sports Information's Internet Teeter-Totter

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For all the pluses the world of instant internet communications offer the college sports Information office, the minuses are growing.  Yes, we can now publish our own content, regardless of the sports editor's opinion of its newsworthiness and the information void that plagued "Olympic" sports has disappeared in the face of sport specific web pages.  It is true that we have grown beyond traditional media (radio, TV, Newspapers) and can now instantly supply the fans with stats, video and detailed written accounts. Blogs like this even allow a sports information officer to become his/her own columnist, and all without an editor.

The Shape of Things to Come

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I've worked at Georgetown for more than 30 years and I've been the PR flak for Men's Basketball for 25 of them. I created the Athletic Department's first internet page, back when the world wide web was gopher links without any visuals. (Yes, yes, I'm old as dirt, and channeling Al Gore, but what's the point?)

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