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I'm a bit late to the party here, maybe it's still a leftover feeling from waking up a bit later than normal, or later than I had expected to.  It also didn't help that the wireless was down at Verizon Center for the better part of pregame this morning.  Thankfully, Gordon Armstrong, who oversees the IT department at The Phonebooth, was able to take care of things and get the internet access back up courtside just as the game started.

NCAA Tournament Quarterfinal Blog Part III

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It's about 11:45 p.m. and I'm in my hotel room watching some tv and finishing up some final updates on the website before getting ready to pack and head home tomorrow morning following the Georgetown women's soccer teams 2-0 loss to Ohio State in the NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals. It's never easy to say goodbye to a season and for the members of the Georgetown's women's soccer team, no one wanted to see this season end.

NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals Live Blog

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Greetings from Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, where I am in the cozy confines of the press box and plan to be for the Georgetown women's soccer game at Ohio State. Kickoff is in just over 30 minutes and I'll be providing some insights throughout the game.  My first insight:  I'm really glad I'm inside and not down on the field.

Some of us in the sports information office may not be in Paradise, but for me and members of the women's soccer team, Columbus, Ohio on Thanksgiving Day may as well be Shangri-La.

I'm no trailer writer, but I'm fully convinced you should want to read the blog based on the title alone.  It's Nelly ... as in Country Grammar and Just a Dream! You should definitely find out why he hearts GU Women's Hoops! 


A Fun Fall...So Far

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      This is the start of the sixth school year for me at Georgetown and there's no question in my mind that it has been the most fun.

Live Women's Soccer Blog from Maryland

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Greetings from the press box at Ludwig Field for today's women's soccer NCAA Tournament game at Maryland.  We're about 15 minutes into a first half that has been relatively evenly played.

Oh, You Fancy, Huh? ... Like Drake Fancy

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So, if you haven't already heard the song, "Fancy" by Drake is played at least once a day in the sports information office.  And rightly so as far as I'm concerned!  We have been fancy thus far in the 2010-11 school year with a lot of new and exciting things happening on the Hilltop.  I'll give you the update in my world of publications as you enjoy the Georgetown Homecoming Weekend!


My LABORING Labor Day Weekend

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In recent years, I'm normally home for Labor Day weekend enjoying BBQ with the family and sitting on my deck.  This Labor Day weekend was much different, however. 

FRIDAY- I worked in the office from 10:30 till 3:30. Then I worked the Men's Soccer game against at 4 which finished with the Hoyas defeating the Northeastern Huskies in double OT! Then afterwards, I was in the office till 9:30 preparing for my weekend of field hockey games as we would take on La Salle and Temple. 

SATURDAY- It was my first weekend with Ryan Sakamoto on the road with the football team, so I was a little nervous going into the game.  I wouldn't have much to worry about because I did have BaBar to my left which put me at ease.  The field hockey had an exciting game as La Salle and Georgetown exchanged goals back and forth with the Hoyas eventually prevailing 6-4 on Annie Wilson's six point effort (2 goals, 2 assists) .

SUNDAY- The Hoyas took on the Temple Owls which featured a matchup of two 3-0 teams in the young season. Ryan Sakamoto was back in the press box fresh off of very little sleep and a win for the Hoyas football team over Davidson with a score of 20-10.  At William I. Jacobs, the Hoyas played their hearts out, but fell to the Owls in a tough 2-0 loss. 

MONDAY- At North Kehoe Field, the Women's Soccer team would take on the Fairfield University Stags.  The Hoyas would go on to defeat the Stags 2-1 in OT on a beautiful corner kick by Samantha Baker which was definitely a crowd pleaser and the stands filled with excitement after.

To conclude my weekend on the Hilltop, I helped out by working the second game of the DC Invitational which had George Mason and American playing the second match. 

Overall, it was a very exciting weekend to be in the District and definitely a fun weekend.  It didn't consist of burgers, my deck or Mom's cooking, but it was a LABORING Labor Day weekend.  It's weird how things change in a year.


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Today marks the first day of classes of the Class of 2014.  Yes, you read that correctly.  2014.  Can you believe it?  Last night was the pep rally at McDonough Arena welcoming all of the new students.  It was a great time (read the recap and see video here) but it got me to thinking about what these kids have seen in their lifetime.

Monday Monday

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I love Monday mornings when I am up early, get in the office and have some quiet time before things get hectic.  Today, however, was not one of those days.

End of the Summer

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The last two days of this week have been pretty quiet around here.  A sure sign that the summer has come to an end was evident in that our weekly Bagel Day moved from Thursday to Friday.

Recapping the Fall

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This week on Hoya Insider, Meredith Cox, Kortney Robinson and I sit down to discuss the highlights of the fall season.  Kort talked about the volleyball and field hockey seasons after an interview with members of the football team, while Mer touched on moments from men's soccer, cross country, crew/rowing and golf.  I'm going to take my blog time to talk about the sports I cover daily - swimming, tennis and women's soccer.
"Welcome to New York," the words of Jay-Z's song "Empire State of Mind" rang through the bus, upon the request of Toni Hudson, as we passed by the Statue of Liberty and the New York sky line on our way to St. Johns.

Vampires and Toothpaste and Maids, Oh My!

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Well everyone, I can't believe it but the fall is winding down already!  It seems like just yesterday that I was working on the men's soccer media guide.  Tough weekend here on the Hilltop for a few of our teams, but a huge congratulations to field hockey for a big win on Sunday. 



Well, we have finally returned from a long weekend away and are ready to start preparing for our game this coming weekend in the quarterfinals of the BIG EAST Championship Tournament against St. Johns.

But first...a recap of this past weekend:

Women's Soccer at Notre Dame- LIVE THREAD

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Absolutely gorgeous night in South Bend/Notre Dame (whichever you prefer) for this contest....a few notes

-Jackie DesJardin will not be playing in tonight's contest, replaced by sophomore Liz Hanna

-Lot of action before the game....interviews with ND people, Fox Soccer Channel, Senior Day ceremonies for ND


-Pregame meal at Subway has not made anyone sick on the drive here from that's a plus

-Most rituals (Baker's nails, Ing's wristbands, etc.) have been taken care of....some are out of our control (Miley Cyrus on the pre-game music) and some are being questioned (no blue Powerade?!?!)

-From the press box we can see the new lax stadium, the softball field, the Eck, Joyce, the football stadium, two outdoor football practice facilities, the track and Touchdown Jesus

-Parents in attendance...the Hannas, DesJardins, Durkees, Jordans, Trujillos, Buonomos, Millers, D'Ambrisis, Monsons, Currans....Ing's grandparents...and apologies to anyone I left out

-So it's finally here....the end of the regular season.  The Hoyas will play at St. John's next Sunday at 1 p.m. in the quarterfinals of the BIG EAST Tournament.  After a day of shopping in sightseeing in Chicago, Georgetown looks ready and rested for the No. 6 team in the nation!40:15 - tough foul, almost in the penalty area....and while ND protests, GU counters.....Trujillo with a move in space and her shot sails wide

Hey Hoya Fans!

Thanks so much to everyone who braved the rain and the cold to come out and support us this weekend.  This was a really great weekend of play for us, as we came out of it with two really important wins.

They let us keep writing here

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Hope everyone had a nice day off for Columbus Day and if you didn't have a day off, thennnn you know what it's like to work in sports information.  But today, today is a new day.  It is Tuesday here in wonderful McDonough and that can only mean one thing ... blog updating!!! 

Hey soccer fanatics!


Thanks for checking back in for another week of Kicking It.  This week may not be quite as interesting since we were home for the weekend, and most of the craziness tends to happen on the road, but I hope you will still enjoy this week's installment.

Installments 1-5

Hello again Hoya fans!


This past weekend was our first full weekend on the road.  We trained Thursday morning at 7 am, then left that afternoon for BWI to fly up to Providence, RI. The plane ride there was relatively uneventful, other than Dave needing to switch seats with Drew since Dave could not handle the smell of Christina's Chinese food on the plane.

What we do...?

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When traveling with the women's soccer team here at Georgetown, a few of the players ask what exactly I do on a road trip.  The blanket answer is "I write the recap after the game," which is met most of the time with "OH, my parents read that and they wonder how it gets posted so quickly!"  This is, of course, what we try to hear every time since our goal is to get the information to the public as quickly and accurately as possible.

Just a few things from this weekend...

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