Athletic Hall of FameHOF

In 1993, the Hall of Fame was relocated into a permanent facility, constructed in the southwest gallery of the Leavey Student Center on the Georgetown campus and overlooking the University athletic complex. The Hall was formally opened to the public in February 1994.

The current Hall of Fame has dramatically expanded the scope and focus of the Hall, from a single plaque to 22 separate pieces of bas-relief artwork depicting each of Georgetown's intercollegiate sports. The names of the inductees from each sport are affixed (by the year of graduation) below the appropriate bronze. The names of future inductees will be added biennially. By the end of the decade, it is anticipated that virtually every plaque will contain the name of a Hall of Fame athlete.

Two Latin inscriptions adorn the walls of the Hall. On the north wall is the sage advice of the Roman writer, Juvenal who urged "mens sana in corpore sano." Translated, it reads, "a sound mind in a sound body," a phrase that has become one of the hallmarks of Jesuit education. On the opposite wall is written the motto of the modern Olympic Games, "citius, altius, fortius," faster, higher, stronger.

In the 47 years since its inception, the Georgetown Athletic Hall of Fame has grown from modest beginnings. The Hall now sits -- relocated and renewed -- in one of the most dramatic settings on campus, adorned with striking artwork, reminding the visitor of the swiftness, strength and grace of 212 Georgetown men and women who represent the very best the University has to offer in the annals of intercollegiate sport.

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