Multi-Sport Facility Summary

Georgetown Football Field

The proposed design will feature permanent spectator seating for 4,652, a two-story press box with VIP seating, sports lighting and sound system, a digital video screen and scoreboard. Vertical pylons of masonry and steel at the SE and SW corners of the facility will be equipped with speaker and graphic screens which can change with different venues and seasons. They will add a colorful new graphic information element to the MSF and surrounding campus environment.

Vertical brick clad columns and fencing matching the existing fencing on the south end will enclose the entire MSF complex. Brick pavers at the SE and SW entrances and brick fenestration on the press box will all act to anchor the MSF into the established material fabric of the historic Georgetown campus. Concrete slabs under the seating are designed for field and equipment storage zones. Access to restrooms and concession areas is under the seating as well. The north end of the MSF has been designed as a grassy knoll which acts as a foreground element for the new business school and an overflow seating zone for the MSF.

For more information about this project, and if you are interested in making a gift, please contact the Athletic Development Office at 202.687.2394.

Georgetown Football Field Georgetown Football Field
Georgetown Football Field
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