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Feb. 29, 2008

Last night, as I sat in Bobby Valentine's sports bar in Stamford, CT to watch the St. John's game (and suffer through awful karaoke ... work travel is so glamorous!), I realized that I will be in attendance for both of the remaining Hoya regular season games. After another strong season, these last two are filled with possibility.


Pending the outcome of tonight's Louisville-Notre Dame game (add LaGuardia airport to the encyclopedic list of locations that cannot access ESPN360), Georgetown can finish anywhere from first to fifth in the BIG EAST. While many DC-based eyes have already started to wonder whether Rick Pitino will choose a nice Seersucker suit for a Senior Day rematch against the Hoyas, those of us in the Midwest get to experience the cauldron of the Bradley Center this weekend.


Fans on both sides circled the only Georgetown-Marquette matchup this year, and only the second in Milwaukee since the Warriors / Golden Eagles joined the BIG EAST, as soon as the schedule came out. Marquette further ramped up the excitement by making Saturday "National Marquette Day" (an idea worth borrowing, actually). While it's unclear whether the Hoyas will be facing a "gold-out" featuring Tom Crean in a suit whose color resembles mustard, the volume is sure to be set at maximum.


Thanks to the guile and ingenuity of Andrew Fleming and the Georgetown Club of Milwaukee, the upper deck will feature an extra pocket of approximately 100 gray-clad Hoya fans, including a group that will leave Chicago at 8:30 for a bus ride north (Club President Dan Tuerk will lead the cheers throughout the ride).


Over the last few months, prior to the finalization of Chicago logistics, I received at least 50 emails from Hoya fans of all ages looking for information on the trip. Many more tracked me down at game watches, community service evenings, and social events to see how to improve their chances at tickets. As DePaul found out, Midwest Hoya fans get quite excited to see their team in person.


If you're attending the game and haven't already registered for the pre-game reception, stop by the 400 Numbers Club and join in the fun! If you'll be at home or at a game watch, enjoy the Gus Johnson experience on CBS; Gus is slated to join Clark Kellogg on the call.


Jeff Goldstein

Georgetown Club of Chicago Sporting Events Chair


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