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Captains accept the ECAC championship trophy following victory over Penn State last weekend

Captains accept the ECAC championship trophy following victory over Penn State last weekend

May 8, 2006

I can't explain how the Hoyas ended up as the 8th seed in the 2006 NCAA men's lacrosse tournament. I do know that it does not feel right. Don't talk to me about RPI and SOS and quality wins. I admit a strong bias, but still my gut tells me that, whatever construct the selection committee used, it needs tweaking if the outcome produced fails the smell test.

On paper, this season is better than last year when we earned the fifth seed with a 9-4 record. In both years, we beat Navy and Syracuse, but last year, we lost to UMass and Penn State, teams we beat this season. Still, we were fifth a year ago. How do you account for this drop from fifth to eighth then? Sure, some teams like Hofstra and Cornell have performed considerably better, but other top teams have performed worse. The Hoyas have to be among those who performed better.

2006 seniors enjoy their third ECAC championship

A different X-factor: following the Penn State game, young Matthew X. Rienzo guarded his cookies like his dad used to cover attackmen

The missing X-factor is that we did not play Duke this year. The absence of that single game on our schedule apparently lowered Georgetown's strength of schedule in the eyes of the NCAA committee. It's that simple. There, now that I've vented, I am ready to move on.

The Hoyas have had a remarkable season to date. Happily, we get a home game in the first round; against an opponent who will leave it all on the field (Navy) but is still beatable - in fact, we did beat them earlier in the season. If we advance, we likely will play against Virginia, the team most frequently mentioned to play on Memorial Day and to win it all. Ergo, our quarterfinal match-up essentially becomes an early championship game. We also get to play on Sunday in the first round. That means an extra day of rest and a helpful day off on Monday with the team members still in the midst of final exams.

Matt McBride '08 and Andrew Baird '08 at the post-game gathering

Post-game tailgating at Penn State brought together players, coaches, parents, and alums

Forewarned is forearmed. Seating capacity at the Yard is 2,500. Add another 1,000 tickets in the north end zone - standing room only. Tickets for the GU-Navy contest will go on sale this week. If you don't have your ticket by the weekend, you may be on the outside looking in.

A common misperception: There was no AQ or automatic bid given this year to the Hoyas for winning the ECAC title. That won't kick in until next year. Fans of teams left out of the tourney often get worked up about the undeserving AQ's. But there's a lot of history behind them. They are the reason the tournament was allowed to expand from eight teams to twelve and then to 16.

Hoya Saxa!

Early Mother's Day: seniors Reyn Garnett and Pete Cannon thank their moms Stephanie and Susan following Penn State triumph for organizing post-game functions throughout the season


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