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Meet You at the Intersection of Library and West

Meet You at the Intersection of Library and West

September 8, 2005

On our evolving campus, roads not only have names now, but there are street signs to indicate which is which. This half-corner of West Road and Library Walk is located between the southeast corner of the tennis courts and the new JesRes at the SW Quad. On the east side of the Quad, Library Walk intersects with Tondorf Drive before it heads up the New South hill toward Lauinger. West Road, now under construction between the power plant and Leavey, is being straightened to make room for the eventual multi-sport facility and business school building.

The Canal Road entrance to the University has a handsome new sign which signals the University's presence to all passing motorists - a gift of the undergraduate class of 2003. Of course, the student-created mural painted on the old trolley trestle abutment still proudly proclaims "Hoya Saxa" to all of official Washington. I noted recently the appearance of several small shrubs planted in front of the mural. Hmm . . . oh well, maybe the left-hand turn traffic light will be working by the time those shrubs are fully grown.

Canal Road Entrance


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