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Straight For A Touchdown



September 15, 2007

Shame on me. I always figured that with just a handful of eastern schools fielding football teams in the late 1800's, surely these two teams would have faced each other. How was it that the school in New Haven with the bulldog mascot (who is even celebrated in the football-centric Hoya Fight Song) never played the Hoyas on the gridiron? It's been so long since last we met . . . especially since we never ever met until now. Well, today we meet in the Hoya Yard: 1:00 pm.

Among the assistants on the sidelines this weekend are former Glacken QB and guest coach Bruce Simmons, former Glacken assistant Paul Litwenitz, and former Glacken running back Rob Sgarlata. From left: Frank Colaprete, Simmons, Litwenitz, Dassin Blackwell, Luke Thompson, Brad Dunlay, and Sgarlata.

Last weekend, it was announced at the halftime tribute honoring our recently deceased former coach that future football home openers will henceforth be known as the Scotty Glacken Memorial Game. How appropriate! Scotty, the longest tenured football coach in Georgetown history, is a significant link between past and present. You can go all the way back to football Hall of Fame head coach Lou Little (1924-29), who recruited Jack Hagerty '26, George Murtagh '26 and Mush Dubofsky '32 as players, all of whom subsequently returned to the Hilltop as coaches of the great teams of the late 1930's and early 1940's. When Jack and George took on administrative roles in the athletic department, Mush moved over to St. John's high school where he coached for many years before returning to coach the Hoyas in 1968. Joining Mush on the sidelines was his star pupil and quarterback in the high school ranks, Scotty Glacken, who ascended to the job of head coach when Mush passed away after two seasons. He coached through the 1992 season. Among Scotty's dedicated assistant coaches was Paul Litwenitz and one of the top players on his final teams was Rob Sgarlata. Today, assistant head coach Rob and offense assistant coach Paul are members of head coach Kevin Kelly's staff.

Setting the record straight: it has been much reported in the print media that Alex Buzbee, class of 2007 is the first Hoya football player to make it to the NFL (albeit practice squad at this time) since Jim Ricca made the roster of the Washington professional franchise in 1951. Had the reports specified Hoya lineman, that would be correct. But football player? Wrong.

Hoya placekicker Ed Delgado '78 was a third year dental student at Georgetown in 1982 when he made it through training camp and signed a two-year free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders. Eddie, out of St. John's HS in DC, had a very successful career on the Hilltop. He currently practices dentistry in northern Virginia.


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