Athletics News

The mission of the Hoya Hoop Club as of July 1, 2004 is to:

1. Provide financial support to the Georgetown University Men's Basketball Program ("the Program") in order to assist the Program in being a top-tier Division I basketball program;

2. Provide a conduit through which the Program can interface with Georgetown alumni and other supporters of the Program in a manner that provides for a free and regular exchange of views and information;

3. Provide events, programs, and services through which members of the Club can interact with one another;

4. Provide a sounding board, give counsel, and advise the athletic director and coaching staff on the perception of the Program among its fan base;

5. Increase the size of the Program's fan base, particularly among Georgetown alumni (both in the Washington, D. C. area and across the country);

6. Create the best possible "home court" advantage while upholding the ideals of good sportsmanship;

7. Foster a continuation of the Georgetown tradition of scholar athletes.

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