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The comprehensive development of student potential has been a guiding principle throughout Georgetown's
138-year athletic history. Marty Gallagher dedicated himself to this ideal for 30 years in
service to Georgetown Athletics as a head coach, trainer, and instructor.

From 1943 until 1973, Marty was a constant presence on campus, teaching and instructing the manly art of
self-defense to thousands of young men. As coach of the intercollegiate boxing team from 1947 to 1952,
he was responsible for the rise of Georgetown boxing to the ranks of intercollegiate prominence.
Three of his boxers have entered the Georgetown Hall of Fame.

Chosen by Georgetown students as teacher of the year in 1963, Marty received a Centennial medal
from the Georgetown University Alumni Association in 1982 in appreciation of his
lifetime of service to students and the campus community.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions and integral place in the
annals of Georgetown athletics, the name of

Martin W. Gallagher

is permanently inscribed in the Georgetown University Athletic Hall of Fame
among the names of the greatest coaches and administrators in the history of the University.

Given this day, the fourth of October, in the year of 2008.

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