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Nov. 27, 2008


As we alluded to in my previous post, sampling is an integral part of the contemporary rap/hip-hop industry.  How else, after all, are your kids going to learn about the songs you and mom were dancing to when you met at Studio 54 if not for Puff Daddy and the like?

However there is another form of musical “recycling”—whereby a single producer farms the same song out to multiple artists— that can also extends the shelf life of a hip hop track beyond the typical Soulja Boy cycle.

I had the opportunity to ponder such a case today during the course of my 835 mile journey from Arlington to the Old Spice Classic via Interstate 95.

In 1993, if there was one song that could reliably get my fifth grade class out of their seats at a school dance, it was the #11 hit “Whoot! There It Is” by the Jacksonville-based production duo 95-South (they chose the name because…you guessed it and I confirmed it at 6:00pm tonight…I-95 runs through Jacksonville).  How could it not have brought down the house at Lighthouse Elementary?  Its lyrics consisted of approximately four words, it had an easy to replicate “dance” (raise hands, say “Whoot!” and repeat), and everyone knows 11-year olds love hip hop party records.

But the dance didn’t stop there…in fact, by the time I’d moved on to Middle School, 95 South had morphed into the 69 Boyz and the Quad City DJs, and each had released their own version of the famous party-starter under the slightly revamped title Whoomp! There It Is—and the 69 Boyz version is likely the one you’re most familiar with.

I mention this because the Georgetown Hoyas are, in fact, the 69 Boyz.

You could make an argument that of all the “producers” who have walked the sidelines in NCAA basketball, none has been “sampled” or “recycled” more often by his co-producers than Pete Carrill.  From Georgetown to Air Force to the NBA, the Princeton offense is the Yesterday of college basketball strategies. 

We might run the motion with a few variations, and use more agile athletes, but all the same…when a well-executed backdoor cut meets a perfectly guided bounce pass…

WHOOMP! There it is.


I saw the first billboard advertising tourist information about Orlando around two miles into the state of North Carolina.  In the next fifty miles I saw twenty additional invocations to ask somebody at a rest stop about tickets to some tourist trap or another.

As I pointed out yesterday on the Blog, for the purposes of the Old Spice Classic I am NOT A TOURIST and will take any opportunity to remind you of that.  Taken to the extreme, the NOT A TOURIST lifestyle can involve deliberately seeking out the most obvious tourist destination imaginable and paying a somewhat ironic visit.

And if there’s one bigger tourist trap on I-95 than the Orlando tourist information centers, it’s the rest stop on steroids that is the subject of forty-six(!) billboards on southbound I-95 alone: South of the Border.


Is Georgetown headed for a trap of its own tomorrow?  Most media previews of the Old Spice Classic identify the Hoyas’ first game opponent Wichita State Shockers as the weakest entry in the eight-team field.  However, with the temptation of three possible Top 20 teams in waiting later in the bracket, Georgetown would do well not to look ahead to their Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow.  Indeed, the last time the Hoyas entered a holiday “Classic” their first game didn’t go so well.

I wish all of you and your families the best on this Thanksgiving Day.  Having said that, here’s the information should you wish to ditch your family for a few hours to spend some quality time with your “second family”:

69 Boyz…ummm, I mean…

GEORGETOWN vs. Wichita State – Old Spice Classic Day 1, Game 2

Time: Appx. 2:00pm


Radio: ESPN 980AM

I’ll be back with you tomorrow evening with a game recap and photos.

John Hawkes (SFS ’04)

Proud Member of Generation Burton

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