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OSC Day 2 - Turkey with All the Fixins: But What About Tennessee??



Nov. 28, 2008

OSC Day 2 – Turkey with All the Fixins:  But What About Tennessee??


The Hoya Hoop Club put on a splendid Thanksgiving Repast last night at the Coronado Springs Resort and Convention Center!!  Impresario and Hoop Club President Al Bozzo, B ’85, together with Hoyas Unlimited’s Paul Muite, saw to it that the approximately 80 Hoop Club fans who gathered for the event had at least as much food as if they had dined at home!  The menu will doubtless sound familiar to many:  Salad, cole slaw, black olives, white and dark meat turkey, string beans with onion rings casserole, mashed redskin potatoes, sweet potatoes, traditional stuffing, cranberry sauce with the berries, apple and pumpkin pie, together with iced tea, coffee, tea, wine.  Moreover, as befits an event of this caliber, Al and Paul brought in some special guests for the evening, as Hoya Ticket Maven Steve Alleva, the Voice of the Hoyas Rich Chvotkin, and the Georgetown Cheerleading Squad, together with their coach, joined in the festivities.  (Incidentally, at least for yesterday’s afternoon session, Georgetown was the only school to bring its cheerleaders to the tournament!  Kudos to the anonymous Hoya Hoop Club donor who fronted the money to ensure that the Hoya Cheerleaders could come!!)  Congratulations to President Al, Paul, and the rest of the Hoyas Unlimited staff for their hard work in ensuring a successful event!!


Walking through the Coronado Springs was quite a spectacle.  From the looks of the very tall young men wearing Orange sweat pants, it was clear that the Tennessee Vols were staying at the Hotel, together with their fans.  My mind immediately switched to the first Coach Thompson and the 1982 NCAA Final Four in New Orleans, when Big John housed his team in Biloxi, Mississippi!!  At all events, the Tennessee players posed for pictures and chatted with their fans, hopefully until the very wee hours of the morning.  The evil genius twin sister of a Hoop Club attendee suggested to her two young daughters that they cotton up to the Vols’ players, get their room numbers, and then . . . proceed to call them every five minutes throughout the night.  But, of course, goodness won out, and we all went our ways without any monkey business.  (Of course, if some Tennessee players don’t seem to have their legs with them during today’s game, well . . . who knows!)  At this sight of the Orange sweat pants, I thought to myself, Tennessee is an SEC state school.  Can’t they (or perhaps a loyal booster) afford to buy a change of clothes for their players when they travel?  Oh well, it isn’t football, so perhaps it wasn’t that important.  Or maybe Tennessee’s Coach used up their players’ clothing allowance for more body paint!


A few brief words about the tournament and today’s game.  While much praise has been heaped on Greg “Manchild” Monroe thus far, veteran Hoya stalwarts Austin Freeman, DaJuan Summers, and Jesse Sapp sparked yesterday’s too close victory over a tenacious Wichita State team.  Whenever they Hoyas got in trouble, one of these veteran’s would bail them out!  I was especially pleased with DaJuan Summers, who finally played in the second half as if he understood how good he really is!  Moreover, he didn’t force anything and played well within himself! 


Concerning today’s game against Tennessee, I am not sure what to expect, except that if Georgetown does not begin to take rebounding the basketball more seriously, they can likely kiss this one goodbye!!  Perhaps Tennessee ran themselves out yesterday in running Siena out of the gym (or perhaps untoward things did happen last evening at the Coronado Springs!!)  But then again, I am sure that Coach John Thompson III and his staff and players will figure it out and give the Vols all they can handle.  Then, with a little bit of luck, we will have done our part to play ourselves into the true purpose of this tournament - - a match-up between our Hoyas and Gary Williams’ UMCP Terrapins in the Championship Game on Sunday!




Respectfully submitted,


Michael Karam, F ’72, L ’76, L ‘82

Proud Member of Generation Lauhna!

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