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Medical Staff

Dr. Blair Heinke - Team Physician

Dr. John Klimkiewicz - Team Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. William Postma - Team Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Korin Hudson - Team Physician

Athletic Trainers
Shawn Hendi, MS, ATC - Men's Basketball - Head Athletic Trainer

Travis McCormack MSEd, ATC - Football, Swimming & Diving - Associate Athletic Trainer

Erin Pettinger MSEd, ATC, CKTP - Men's Lacrosse, Sailing, Men's and Women's Golf - Associate Athletic Trainer

Lorry Michel MS, ATC - Men's Basketball - Men's Basketball Athletic Trainer

Emily Deck ATC - Football, Swimming & Diving - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Shannon Hubbard MS, ATC - Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Tennis - Assistant Athletic Trainer

William "Jay" Hubbard MS, ATC - Men's Soccer, Baseball - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Jennifer Maybry MS, ATC/L - Field Hockey, Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Cristina Nistler MS, ATC - Women's Soccer, Women's Lacrosse - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Stacy Paper MS, ATC - Volleyball, Softball - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Physical Therapist

Scott Epsley, PT, Graduate Certificate Sports Physiotherapy, Board Certified Sports Physical Therapy Specialist

Georgetown University is a clinical site for The George Washington University, Salisbury University and Shenandoah University athletic training students. Some Georgetown University team's athletic training services may be supported by these students. If you are interested in using Georgetown University for your practicum experience, or have any questions concerning athletic training student opportunities, please contact Shawn Hendi via email,

Georgetown University Sports Medicine Department also has job opportunities for Georgetown University students. If you are interested in becoming a student worker, contact Cristina Nistler directly via email,

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