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Georgetown University Sports Medicine Department uses a variety of medical providers to complement the care of the student-athletes. All athletes must get a referral from a Georgetown University team physician to see a specialist. If a student-athlete sees a specialist without the appropriate referral, the visit will not be covered by Georgetown University athletics insurance.

Specialists frequently used by Georgetown University Sports Medicine are:

Georgetown University Hospital- The Sports Medicine Department has developed a close working relationship with the Georgetown University Hospital. Specialties that can be utilized from the hospital include, but are not limited to, radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicine and internal medicine.

Georgetown University Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation- In conjunction with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, GU Sports Medicine employs a physical therapist who works both at the hospital and in sports medicine. If further assistance is needed from Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, it is located on campus in the hospital on the ground floor of the Bles Building

Georgetown University Student Health- Located in Darnall Hall, Student Health has been utilized in the past for mental health issues as well as dietary or nutritional needs. Also, general medical issues can be taken care of when student-athletes cannot be directly seen by the team physician in the athletic training room.

Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Services (GERMS)- A student-run, all-volunteer ambulance service, serving Georgetown University and is available for athletic events.

American Medical Response (AMR)- A private ambulance service provider that is hired to service athletic events when GERMS is not available.

Foxhall MRI- Located 2 ½ miles from campus. All MRI’s are ordered by Georgetown University team physicians. If you would like more information about Foxhall MRI please visit

Along with these specialty services Georgetown University team physicians can also make referrals for athletic issues involving dentistry, optometry, podiatry and many other specialty areas.

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