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Jan. 4, 2012

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Georgetown 73, Marquette 70

WASHINGTON - Verizon Center

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III

On the tough play in the BIG EAST...

That's a BIG EAST game and we talk about that a lot. This game was led by defense. Jason Clark, especially in the second half, set the tone and then we have Greg (Whittington), Otto (Porter), Mikael (Hopkins) and Jabril (Trawick) and that's the group that got us jumpstarted. That's what is going to win us games in this conference, you have to get stops. I thought there were stretches in the second half, not in the first half, we're not even going to talk about the first half, I thought that was embarrassing. But in the second half I was proud of the guys for strapping up and going out and getting stops.


On defending Darius Odom-Johnson...

He's good, I think that all of our guys did a good job of staying attentive to him, switching when they needed between Jabril, Greg and Jason, who spent some time on him. I don't know if he got frustrated, but I felt we did a good job tonight against him.


On talking to the team when they're down 17 points...

Our poor decisions, be it turnovers or poor shots led to their baskets. So we stopped turning the ball over and we started getting shots and giving us a chance to play defense, because before they were out (and running) every time we made a mistake. I think our guys just became more attentive.


On holding them to four points in the second half...

They had 22 in the first half. The group we had out there with the four freshmen and Jason, they got us going and Henry and Hollis carried us over. That was a pretty good defensive effort.


On Jason Clark's performance...

Jason changed the plan. He decided to go with the plan. In the first half he was missing shots and he was down on himself because he was missing shots. From the very first possession of the second half you saw his focus change that I'm going to guard that guy. As he focused in on his defense his shot started to fall. His defense set the tone and his offense followed.


On playing the four freshmen in the second half...

It just felt right. It wasn't rocket science, but once they got out there they fell into a groove and Hopkins's minutes were key.


On Hollis Thompson's end of the game performance...

We say this in jest, but Hollis's confidence is always flowing and our confidence in him is always going. So we run a play to get him a shot and it goes in and then his teammates are trying to get him shots. That's what being an understanding team is all about...We did a good job as a group of going back to him and getting him the ball and more important he came through.


Hollis Thompson

On defending his three-pointer for the tie...

"I was open and my teammates found me. Honestly I don't remember it that well."


Perception of the group on the floor...

"They were rolling. It felt like time after time they didn't get a basket. They did an excellent job."


Why the big gap between attempts...

"I think it was a mix of multiple things. I think we were getting good shots, and it doesn't matter who gets good shots as long as we get them."


Urgency towards the end of the game...

"We were running the offense and I was open so I took the shots."


Sending a message to him when he was benched...

"I can't lie, it did feel odd. But at the same time when you saw what was going on you had to be happy with that. I don't know how long it was, but it was a long time that they didn't score. You've got to be happy with that so it was all good.


Henry Sims

On his back to back baskets, etc...

"I wanted to make the right play, and I did what I felt was right for the play, shoot or drive."


On Jason towards the end of the game:

"Jason is a good player. When he focuses in you can't score on him and you can't stop him from scoring. He did that in the second half and it showed.


Jason Clark

On the second half:

We felt like we were getting embarrassed. The second half we wanted to turn it up defensively and our defense turned into our offense.


On the comeback:

"It's a really big win for us, we were down by a lot and it was a big comeback. We did it as a group and that shows how good of a team we are."


Do you realize you have four freshmen behind you:

"It certainly didn't seem like it. It doesn't feel like it.  We don't think about that when we're on the court. They come in and they contribute so well that it blows by you, you don't even know there's four freshmen out there."


On trailing:

"We joke about it, but most of the time we have a feeling when we're down that we're not going to lose the game. It's nice to have that confidence. I have faith in my players and they have faith in me that we're going to win the game. I think we just went out there and defended. We didn't go out there and defend in the first half. When we play defense we look pretty good."


Coach Buzz Williams

Georgetown's Second Half Defense against Darius Johnson-Odom...

"I thought they did a good job as good as they were the second half defensively, we were even worse defensively.  I thought that was the difference in the game. I thought in the first half I thought we played to the scouting report, thought we did a good job.  It's hard to win at home or on the road but particularly on the road when a team shoots 76% in the second half.  They only missed 5 balls so that's really hard to overcome."


Breakdown of Marquette's Post and Interior Defense...

"You can point to a lot of different things. I thought when we called the timeout when Todd (Mayo) hit the shot in the corner, at that moment in time it just became (Jason) Clark driving us and that's not necessary the just the guy that is guarding Clark at that time its whoever's gotta be on the help side.  Once we kind of contained that then they went back to running the Princeton stuff that they ran and I don't think you can necessarily say it's inside guy. I think how they play is to team offense and how you have to defend them is team defense. So collectively we didn't do a good enough job of executing in the half court defensively."


On the Loss of Marquette's Point Guard....

"I thought Vander was really good. 6 assist and 1 turnover, Junior I think had 2 (assist) and 3 (turnovers) and I thought that it helped us from a defensive perspective.  I thought he was doing a really good job on (Jason Clark).  There were some possessions, maybe 2 or 3, that it would have flowed better if Junior would have been in there offensively but I though Vander played outstanding."



On Georgetown's Henry Sims Performance...

"In our preparation, I thought he was the key to their game. I think within how they play hes their point guard.  Everything runs through him regardless of whether he catches it on the block or whether he catches it at the elbow depending upon which elbow he catches it at, depends upon where the action is, one the strong side or the weak side... I think his growth as a player their staff is to be commended for and obviously hes put in a lot of time and effort in becoming the player he was...  Not so much statistically that's obvious his growth and improvement but moreso his ability to have the offense run through him similar to what it was...when everything was going through Greg Monroe."




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