Georgetown Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes

Jan. 21, 2014

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Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III

On GU not being able to close out seven-point lead with three minutes to play...

We're not making winning plays at the end. Once again, we're giving up threes at key times and we're giving up threes to the guys on their team that can make threes. And so, we've got a couple of days here, we've got to see if we can figure out why we're not listening better; why we're not executing better. It's not what they did. We knew it was coming and they still got it. And through all that, you make your foul shots, you come away with a win.

On the end of the game...

We had a bad foul on the foul line. We just allowed them to score points without time coming off the clock. But we have got to just start executing better at both ends of the court. We will figure it out.

On the shooting performance by Georgetown's frontcourt...

That's who we are. I'm disappointed. We've got to keep working and they've got to keep plugging along. They've got to find a way to get some points off of offensive rebounds. The way teams are playing us, when we throw it inside, because they aren't guarding other guys as hard on the perimeter, whoever gets the ball in the paint has three guys standing in his lap. So they will kick it out. We got to figure out how to play out of that, because it is hard for us to get `post scores' because the opposition always has three guys and will triple team whoever is in there. And the guys we are throwing it out to aren't putting it in the basket except for Markel Starks and D'Vauntes Rivera-Smith.

On Georgetown's first half rotation...

That was the thought process, to see if we can get those guys [Smith-Rivera and Starks] a few more blows. And then, I thought until the end, Caprio was very effective on defense, to tell you the truth. I thought he was very, very effective.

On the use of zone defense to help get some rest...

That was part of the thought process also and the zone was effective. At the end, [Thomas] hits a three, [Mayo] hits a three. Those are their two shooters. We know to look for those two guys but we just lost them.

On his thoughts about the team's morale...

We are seven games into an 18-game season. There is a lot of season to be played. Are we in a funk right now? Absolutely. We have to make the right plays at the right time, that's what we have not been doing. We have not been making the right plays at the right time. This group has shown that we can play with everybody.

On Georgetown's difficult four game stretch...

You're right. We are hitting a difficult stretch when we go to Creighton and `Nova is after that and Michigan State is after that. Then DePaul is a day later after that. We have to figure it out. We have a couple of days here. This program was not built to feel sorry for itself, so we have go back and we have to fight. We have to figure out a way to have better communication on defense. I think that's the main thing. In the first half the guys are in front of us so everyone on the bench is helping us. Second half, they are down on the other end and it is just the five guys on the court and they aren't helping each other enough at key points.

On the decision not to foul up by three at the end of the game...

It's easy saying now that we should have fouled. Instead, I said to know where the two three-point shooters are. I always worry that if you foul, and we don't get the rebound. At key points they were getting offensive rebounds. I have fouled in the past, sometimes I didn't. This time, after [Thomas] hit the one three with two minutes left and some change, the next couple of timeouts we talked about `know where this guy is, know where that guy is'. [Dawson] can't beat you. We lost him.

Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams

On Marquette's Performance in the Closing Minutes of Regulation...

"I thought our poise down the stretch and playing from behind I thought was really good, maybe as good as it's been all year for us. You don't have to have a three or a two in that situation when you're down multiple possessions. You do need to play with efficiency and some sort of pace and I thought our guys were able to execute and make big shots."

On Georgetown's Roster Changes...

"I think losing Josh Smith and losing (Jabril Trawick), I think that's really, really hard to overcome. That would be like us losing Davante Gardner and Todd Mayo midseason with the production those guys have given Georgetown. I've always had great respect for Coach Thompson but you look at the stretch that they've been through, and I think that the numbers are going to bare it out. We'll see how it plays itself out but it's becoming incredibly hard to win on the road in this league. And so you look at the schedule that they've played the last two weeks and the things that have transpired with the roster, those two things combined, that's extremely difficult."

On Marquette's Balanced Performance...

"I would say that's probably the most balance that we've had in a long time. I thought Davante (Gardner) was much more efficient, obviously John and Steve has their career games in regards to their production but also what they brought to the team. I thought how derrick handled his foul trouble, lack of minutes, how Chris Otule, and Davante (Gardner) and Juan (Anderson) was so positive for Steve (Taylor Jr). Steve's been buried for a long time; fell out of the rotation when he was hurt and never gotten back into it. I thought he was huge and I thought John played with really good efficiency, particularly for a freshman."



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