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Jan. 26, 2011

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Georgetown University Head Coach John Thompson III

On if now being 4-4 in the BIG EAST has given them a fresh start...
I think to a certain extent we felt that all along. There is no good thing in losing those games early, but it happens that it's a long year. As everyone has seen the team's in this league are going to beat each other up. Guys are going to have losses, so we just have to climb out and keep fighting.

On handling St. John's pressure...
Most of the responsibility always falls on Chris' head. But I think he did an excellent job of drawing the double team and kicking it to someone else and then trying to be aggressive out of that. For the most part I think we made good decisions on when to attack and when to pull it out and run our sets. With St. John's you have to stay in attack mode. There whole defense wants you to get passive and slow down, so you always have to be in attack mode.

On if he saw the focus on defense in practice over the last week pay off tonight...
I did. We still have to get better, but I think that the individual one on one situation defense was better and even more important I think we covered for each other. We had each other's backs, we were there when a guy got beat, there were bodies running at the guy penetrating, so that was the focus this week. You can draw up whatever schemes that you want to draw up, man, zone, this, that and the other, but at the end of the day you're standing in front of me and I have to guard you, I have to stop you. If I get beat, my teammates have to be ready, willing and able to cover for me, so that's what we focused on.

On starting Nate Lubick in place of Hollis Thompson...
It turned out ok. I've said it before, it doesn't matter, we have a lot of good players in there. Who starts when the score is zero-zero when there is forty minutes left doesn't matter. Nate was out there and Hollis wasn't for the first time, but I thought they both played pretty well.

On Georgetown's run in the second half...
We got a few stops in a row. We want to get out there and run. To do that you have to get rebounds and you have to get stops. I think we did a decent job on the boards. Looking at the numbers I thought that Julian had a lot more than eight rebounds. I think during that stretch we got stops and we got rebounds.

On stopping Dwight Hardy...
He has to be a point of emphasis because of what he means to their team. In terms of stopping him, we put Chris on him and I thought Chris did a terrific job of guarding him.

On the contributions from the entire rotation against St. John's...
It's probably been as good as it's been in a while. I don't know if I want to put a superlative on it and say it's the best, but I think everyone did their job, they did what they were supposed to.

St. John's Head Coach Steve Lavin

Opening Statement...
"I thought clearly Georgetown played with intelligence, aggressiveness and sustained their effort and level of execution for the 40 minutes and thoroughly dominated us in every aspect of play. I thought the first 8 minutes of the second half, our team showed some grit, some resolve and cut it to 6. We had some possessions where it could have been cut even closer in terms of cutting the deficit to a closer score but then Georgetown responded well on another run of their own and closed out the game: kind of salted the victory away in an impressive fashion."

On St. John's defensive selection...
"Well, we've been making a lot of progress in our man to man and so the zone had caused us some problems in earlier loses in particular at Notre Dame and one concern with the zone is there are stretches where patient teams are going to get open looks and we've also played a number of really good shooting teams this year, St. Mary's, Northwestern, Davidson, Georgetown. So we try and mix but against Cincinnati I was pleased with the defense. We played probably 95 % man to man so we thought we were having a breakthrough in that area."

"I think we go back and watch game film it's very likely we will say we should have tried more (zone). We always (play) zone out of bounds so we get a couple looks at it but I think the other concern is that they were shooting it so well that they were in rhythm they were going on all cylinders the run a precision orientated offense in terms of passing and spacing and cutting and timing."

On Paris Horne's foul trouble...
"I thought the first half no surprise but it was really magnetized was Paris Horne's two fouls because he was so critical against Georgetown the first time around defensively in every aspect. He's kind of a one man press in terms of ball pressure. He helps so well because of his speed to collapse in the post and get back to his shooters and he's a learner and he brings great energy, we call him our Bruce Bowen of the Johnnies."

Georgetown Player Quotes

Chris Wright
On following other BIG EAST teams...
I don't care. I could care less about Syracuse losing. I want them to lose. I want everybody to lose. But as long as we take care of what we have to do we'll be alright.

On this being a "payback" game ...
We know we didn't play well at St. John's. We just were off. We wanted to come out here and beat them on the boards and beat them defensively. It was another league game where we had a lot of emphasis on perimeter defense.

On playing 3-on-3 in practice ...
3-on-3 might have been tougher than out there tonight. We were all fired up to play today.

On who he guards in 3-on-3...
It depends. Sometimes I'm guarding Jason. But I'm a strong guy. I end up on Moses sometimes. The 3-on-3 was definitely intense. It was very competitive.

On being 4-4 in BIG EAST play ...
It feels good, especially because of the way we played today defensively. We were all communicating and that's the biggest thing on the defensive end. If we finish out our defensive possessions we'll be okay.

Hollis Thompson
On his mentality coming off of the bench...
When you come off the bench you get an opportunity to see what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, what we need to do more of and what you need to bring to the table. When I come in and try to bring that. I think it worked.

On his reaction to not starting ...
Coach knows what he's doing. When he tells you you're not starting, it's for the best of the team, than whatever is for the best of the team I'm going to support.

Jason Clark
On 5-for-5 shooting night ...
It's a confidence builder. I've been off lately, but I've stayed in the gym putting up extra shots. We've all been working hard putting up extra shots. We just got after it in practice and worked on our shooting.

On perseverance ...
Everybody on this team can make shots. If one person is off somebody else can be on. It's important to stay with it because we're all shooters and we all know we can make shots.

On looking at the BIG EAST standings ...
We don't necessarily look at the standings. We watch some games on TV, but we're focused on what we have to do. If we take care of what we have to do we'll be fine.



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