Georgetown vs. No. 5 Louisville - Postgame Quotes

Jan. 26, 2013

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Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III

On Markel Starks performance...
I thought Markel was pretty good today. You heard me say this before, it's easy to look at the points, and he hit big shots when we needed them, but probably more importantly fighting over those ball screens and staying in front of their guards. It's hard work and I thought he did that all night.

On the Hoyas performance over the last five games...
We're getting better. We're progressing. The guys are doing a good job and we did a good job today. As much as I could sit here and talk about how Markel fought over those screens, if his teammates aren't there to help or shadow, if the guys on the perimeter aren't there to help...I think our guys are doing a better job of helping each other, particularly at the defensive end.

On if he expected Louisville to play as much man-to-man defense...
I think they did a good job of keeping us off balance by going back and forth between man and their zone. Traditionally they have played us with a lot of man. Normally they press back to their zone most times, but through the years they have played us a lot of man, so we did expect that.

On how much a win over Louisville, despite their struggles, can help Georgetown...
Let's get this straight, that's a hell of a team. That's one of the best teams in the country. Now, I think it speaks to how strong this league is where one of the best teams in the country can lose a couple of games in a row. You literally have to play well every night or you're going to lose in this league. This is a very good win against an outstanding team.

On Nate Lubick's performance...
I thought the rebounding was key. You look at Nate Lubick's numbers and if you just analyze the numbers and haven't watched the game or don't really understand the game, you don't see that Nate did not have quantity stats, he had quality stats. When we needed a rebound, he was in there getting a rebound. A couple of key possessions, he was the one helping when guys were trying to turn the corner. I thought Nate was terrific today.

On being 4-1 without Greg Whittington...
We might have been 5-0 with him. He is a loss, it's a big loss, but as a group I think everyone is stepping up.

On Aaron Bowen's rebound and tip-in to give GU the lead...
It was the winning basket. He was close to a couple in the first half. Earlier in the first half he kept the ball alive and I think Nate might have gotten the basket. But literally, the dead ball before his basket, he says "I'm going to get one coach, I'm going to get one" and then he goes out and does it. That's pretty good.

On how the rest of the team stepping up as ballhandlers...
You have to handle their pressure or you're going to lose. I thought in the first half we handled there press, but we kept throwing the ball away in the half court, but that's what they do. They try to wear you down. They're fast, they're strong and they are very good at that. I thought collectively they all brought it up from Otto to D'Vauntes to Jabril, everyone had their certain points.

On slowing down Louisville's backcourt...
I thought we just caught them on a good day. You can't slow them down, but if there's an answer to your question, it's what I was saying, you have to give our unit credit, not just our guards. Everyone did a good job of flowing with the ball.

On playing with four perimeter players at times...
Louisville is an outstanding defensive team and it's hard to get into a flow against them. They're one of those teams where you can't think about plays, you just have to play. So we were small, but I wanted to just get five guys out there that can move, snap the ball and keep playing. Coming down the stretch, I feel like we had a lot of wasted offensive possessions, but that's the credit to them. They're the kind of team where you can't worry about plays, players just have to play and make plays.

Georgetown Players Post-game Interview

Markel Starks:

On defending/taking on Siva...
He's a terrific player, obviously very fast and very quick. You don't want to make it mono-e-mono but at some point, you have to take pride in playing defense. It was a tough night for me defensively because they run a lot of screens, and a couple times I got matched up with Siva and Smith. At some point or another, you have to just say, `I need to defend'.

On describing the rebound from Bowen...
I was almost towards half court, I have never seen anything like it. I tell him he's one of the most athletic guys on the court. He just came out of nowhere, and it was unbelievable.

Otto Porter

On maintaining defensive focus after Louisville had possessions and crucial baskets at the end of the game...
We defended together. In the huddle, we told each other we have to stop them and rebound the ball.

On feeling after getting the rebound with 1.4 seconds left to play...
It just came my way and grabbed it.

Aaron Bowen

On phenomenal rebound and basket...
I did tell coach because we knew rebounding would be a big part of winning the game, so I told coach, I'm going to go get him one, and so that's what happened..

On playing more especially in a game like today...
I mean it's good that coach is giving me the opportunity to play. I just have to play hard and do what I have to do for us to win games.

On rebound and basket, was that your biggest basket at Georgetown..
Umm, yeah it was.

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino Quotes

Opening Statement...
"I'm proud of our guys the way they battled tonight. We had to overcome a lot of, a lot of poor shooting from a lot of players but we did it with defense, we just didn't do it by rebounding. They won the game by us not blocking out twice when we could have had the lead and that really, really hurt us and that was the difference maker in the game."

On Louisville's Final Possession of the Game...
"It was either Peyton (Siva) or Russ (Smith) and I felt at this point Peyton was the freshest player; he hadn't played, he's also the best shooter on the team, he's also a great free throw shooter. Nobody was really on tonight, per say, he got a good shot up, he got a fifteen foot shot and that's all you can ask."

On the Key to Georgetown's Defense...
"I think they are a good defensive team, first of all, but I think they pack it in, they make you shoot. We had a lot of really good looking three's that didn't go in. I thought Wayne's (Blackshear) was in, there on the sideline, but it didn't go in."

On Louisville's Forth Loss in a Row...
"The Villanova game is the only game that really bothered me. The Syracuse game was a little bit like Duke, it really bothered me because we gave it away. We gave away the Villanova game by missing free throws. Tonight we didn't give it away, so, this is the Big East, and I've been through this every year we've been coaching in here. We don't panic, some people panic but we don't panic at Louisville. We know, we're judge in March. We don't like losing, and we're fighting hard but all college basketball judged in March. If you look at the way you're playing; last year we peaked at the right time, we have played good basketball all the way through this year. We're struggling at the offensive end, we have been and I keep telling the guys, "That's okay" as long as the defense is there. Our offensive struggles, we are not a great shooting team, we are not a great shooting team. We just got to get the ball inside, get the break a little more this was a game with very few breaks."

On Louisville's Defensive Strategy...
"We played a lot of man to man tonight, we mixed it up quite a bit about 50% each but both defenses were really man to man. We're just not rebounding the ball... so many times the shot clock's ready to go and they get a rebound, they get a three. It really hurts down the stretch when he made that acrobatic follow up that was Wayne Blackshear block out and I put him in for the Luke Hancock no block out. So those types of plays, really what it comes down to, those are things you can control, you can't control sometimes Wayne missing a shot or Peyton missing a shot but you can control blocking out."

On Louisville's Last Shot of the Game...
"Probably on the road, 90% of the time, I'll probably go for the win at that point. Because it's tough to stop them because they cut so well, they back door so well. They're great at using the clock so we wind up end up fouling them and I would rather have the ball then rely on them missing at the deck for points. I was happy, we got the shot, we got a decent shot, wasn't a great shot, it was a decent shot and I want him to get (Peyton Sivas) confidence going a little bit as well.

Louisville Players

Luke Hancock:

On mindset going on to the next game after today's loss...
Umm.. nothing really, just help out wherever I can. I'm playing a different position than I usually do, but basically I just go out there and try and play hard.

On third loss in a seems to think you played well even though you lost...
You can take a tough loss at home to Syracuse, I mean we played hard and we played well that game. If we play hard and we play smart we can beat anybody. I think we are starting to get back on the right track, especially after today's game, although we lost. We have to turn it around next game, and that will be a turning point for us.

On defense improving as the game went on...
I think that's how the game goes. We were able to get the other team worn down a little bit, and whatever works in the beginning, we keep doing, and whatever doesn't, we make adjustments.

Russ Smith

On not making shots...
I'm just trying to get better whenever I can, so that's what's important. Stay positive about the whole situation, I have to find my teammates, and be confident in taking and finding my shots.

On first half difficulty playmaking...
I was just probing, I already knew what I was doing to be honest, we practice, coach tells me to find my teammates and keep the ball moving. I'm coming in off the bench looking positively at the whole situation, look for my guys, and got some good looks, and unfortunately not a lot dropped for us. Coach doesn't want us taking bad shots, so we have to figure out the offense and see what we can do.

On frustration from losing three consecutive games...
It's just adversity, that's all it is. Im not freaking out about it. I'm moreso trying to look forward in the right direction. You know how good we are, so once we get things rolling we will be ok.

On coming off the bench and still getting lots of minutes...role adjustment?
At the end of the day, I know I'm going to play. I know how good I am, I prove myself in practice and have been proving myself the past years. I just have to go out there and do what coach asks me to do, even if he wants to run things a bit differently now. As a player, you have to respect that and go out there and try and get some wins. We made some progress with the offense and I felt I made some improvements on my game.



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