Georgetown vs. Seton Hall - Postgame Quotes

Jan. 30, 2013

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Georgetown University Head Coach John Thompson III

Opening Statement...
"Absolutely, we have to work on our foul shooting and we may do that tonight."

On Georgetown's defense causing 25 turnovers...
"I thought our defense was very good today. I don't know whether you guys remember, but I watched our game against them and broke it down probably 10 different times the last couple of days and that game up there last year, we couldn't stop them and we couldn't score. I thought our guys today really executed, particularly at the defensive end. I thought the effort was there, the communication was there. I thought that we were very good against what I consider a very good offensive team."

On Nate Lubick's play setting the tone for the Georgetown...
"Nate has been very good for the last three, four, five games, I'm not sure the exact number or stretch. I thought we did a pretty good job when we got it down to him and figured out what to do out of that. We had a stretch where we had two or three turnovers in a row where we forced stuff, but then we settled down and we just wanted to get it inside and rotate. Seton Hall went back and forth between their match-up and their straight man. I thought for the most part offensively, our guys did a good job of just moving. We weren't stagnant like we were the other day against Louisville. There was more motion."

On over 50 fouls being called...
"I don't really know, but it felt like part of their plan was to be aggressive and physical, so 50 fouls were called. Probably could have been more."

On the decision to play John Caprio in the first half...
"I probably should have been playing Cap more. With their defense, you have to make decisions. They play that zone and you're really not sure what's coming and in terms of understanding how to play basketball, Cap is one of our better guys. As you saw tonight, he's one of our better rebounders and so that was not a fluke, I don't think. I thought we needed him in there to get better flow."

On frustrating Eugene Teague...
"I thought our guys, our post players, did a pretty good job of making it hard for him to catch the ball. He's tough when he gets it. I said this to you guys at media day the other day, I think he's one of the better offensive post players in our league, so we wanted to make it hard for him to get the ball. They also put four shooters out there, so if you crowd him too much they snap it back out, so I thought our guys did a good job of crowding him when he got it, but then closing out hard, which you have to do against them."

On Nate Lubick's leadership...
"Nate's a junior and he understands what we're trying to do. He understands where he should be and where the other four guys on the court should be and he understands what we're trying to accomplish. That's a responsibility he has, he has some guys in that locker room where he has to make sure they're where they should be."

On if adding John Caprio to the rotation was a pre-meditated decision...
"No that was not pre-determined. That was just the way the game was going, I thought we needed him in there."

Junior Forward Nate Lubick

On defending Seton Hall's big post player...
"I think we did a good job of staying focused on him when he had the ball, and also closing in hard on the other four shooters when they got ball.

On defending hard with 20 point lead...
"Earlier in the season we got some big leads that we blew because we stopped defending. If we remain consistent with our defense, our offense will be totally fine. For this team, our offense comes from our defense, and our defense has to last for forty minutes. "

On last year's loss to Seton Hall being the worst and avenging the past loss...
"I haven't beaten Seton Hall, so this win was really special for me. We came out hot, turned them over, were able to stay in our press, and really get in to them. It was a really good win. Caprio was unbelievable today. We have a lot of guys who are ready to step up and who have stepped up. We are expecting them to continue to do that. "

On playing so well tonight...
"We did everything right, right from the start. I don't think coach expected our pressure to work that well, but we were able to stay in it and kept that momentum going. "

Sophomore Forward Otto Porter Jr.

On defending Seton Hall's big post player...
"We did a good job of clogging it up for him, getting deflections. We sensed a little bit of frustration on his part, which is what we wanted to do.

On Nate's recent play...
He's playing terrific- making reads, rebounding, making great passes. He doing everything right now, including taking charge.

Junior Guard John Caprio

On expecting so much playing time:
"No I definitely wasn't expecting it. Coach is always telling me to be ready to contribute, so that's what I tried to do today. I hope I did pretty well."

On losing to a team from his hometown (New Jersey) and now beating them...
"A bunch of my family members were ragging on me last year, so yeah it was good to beat them. "

Seton Hall Head Coach Kevin Willard

On Eugene Teague's Foul Trouble...
"When Eugene's (Teague) not in the game for us offensively, we struggle, because he's been a big staple of ours but you got to give them credit. I think early in the game they did a real good job on making it hard for him and frustrating him, throwing him different looks, they did a good job on him. "

On Seton Hall's Turnover Struggles...
"We had gotten better at that. We had made some progress on that and understanding the value of taking care of the basketball. Obviously, that kind of went out the window today."

On Seton Hall Adapting to Big East Opponents...
"I just think we just got a little frustrated. One of the things we 're struggling with is understanding the different teams in this league. This is Eugene's first go around, this is a lot of guys first go around in the league and I think they're not adapting well to saying okay you just played a team that gonna let you run up and down, do what you want. And now you're coming in and playing the best defensive team that's not gonna let you do what you want and you're gonna have to take care of it and make your second or third or fourth options and we're not adjusting well to that and I think that's a big issue. They're just not grasping it. Unless you've gone through this league, and kind of understood...we now have four teams that play zone, you have four teams that play really tough man to man, you have four teams that play no defense, we have some teams that play half zone half man. Playing Sunday, only having two days to get ready to get ready for Georgetown, is a tough task for a young team, I was worried about that. "

On Georgetown's Defensive Performance...
"They've done that to everybody. You watch their Tennessee game, you watch their Louisville game.... That's not uncommon for them. I said this in the pre-game; they're probably as good of a defensive team as there is in the country. They're physical, they're solid, they're no gimmicks to them, you know what you're going to get. When Otto's (Porter) at the four (position) he really causes some match-up problems. They're a good basketball team, extremely well coached."



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