Georgetown 58, UConn 44 - Quotes

Feb. 1, 2012

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Georgetown 58, UConn 44
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Verizon Center
February 1, 2012

Georgetown Men's Head Basketball Coach John Thompson III

On what he said to the team after GU went down 9-3...

I don't remember what I said at that point. I think, at that point and I'm not positive, Lamb had gotten off two easy shots in transition, our transition defense wasn't good and we had a few poor decisions at the offensive end. So I said, fellas, let's not do this. We have to get back in transition, we have to talk and have better communication and we have to execute at the offensive end. That sounds good, but I really don't remember what I said.

On the importance of this performances after a loss to Pittsburgh...

It was good to have this type of performance, because I thought we played well on both ends of the floor. Going through it, (UConn) was off. Particularly in the first half, they got a lot of open shots that didn't go in. I think our defensive communication and our intensity through the whole game was very good. I probably will change my mind when I look at the tape, but I think at both ends of the floor we did a good job.

On the 2-3 zone frustrating UConn...

I don't know if it put them on their heels, I thought we were good. I thought our guys executed our slides very well. I think where as in the first half they got open looks and it didn't go in, in the second half they didn't get many open looks. Our communication and effort was very good today.

On Hollis Thompson's confidence...

I thought this was one of the better games Hollis has played, because he did so many things. I look at the stat sheet and he had 18 (points) and nine (rebounds), but he was key in that zone defense. He was always there on the catch, he was attentive and not only on the steals, but being there so they didn't get shots and supporting and helping down on Drummond when the ball was on the weakside. This was the antithesis of the Pittsburgh where I thought he was floating, he wasn't floating today he was active in every part of the game.

On Henry Sims performance against Andre Drummond...

I don't know if I felt (Andre Drummond) was having his way early on. I thought we had some defensive lapses. I think our zone took a lot away from him tonight and that's not always the case. I think our guys were very attentive to the scouting report and took away what they were looking for. I said this to somebody the other day," just because you know what somebody is going to do doesn't mean you're going to stop it." We were fortunate enough to know what they were going to do and were successful in slowing them down a little bit today.

On Georgetown's perimeter players rebounding effort...

We were bad at that the other day and it was something we talked about. You're not going to beat them unless you compete on the board. Looking at our games last year, I think their perimeter players hurt us on the boards as bad as their interior players. We knew that our perimeter players had to get out and run down the long rebounds and help. Everyone has to rebound, but that's been a theme with us, I've said it before, we have to defend and we have to rebound and if we do that will be the key to our success.

Senior guard Jason Clark

On his play ...

I think it just came within our offense, we were running on something that we've been working on for awhile that a lot of teams haven't seen, and they were having trouble guarding our offense.

On guarding Jeremy Lamb...

I think he was frustrated because he was missing a lot of shots that he normally makes, and he was getting some open looks and they weren't going down. Our length was really bothering them too.

On rebounding after the Pitt loss:

I think we did respond really well, we know that we did wrong in the game to lose at Pitt, we just didn't want the same thing to happen so we had to come out strong today.

On Henry's play

Henry was big, he's been working on his jumpshot a lot and lately he's been missing some ya know and we tell him to keep shooting those shots, and the dunk was big. When we get going, we really boost his confidence.

On Hollis...

Um a little bit of that, he was just open on the offense, the shots were falling for him so we kept giving him the ball.

Senior Center Henry Sims

On his play against Drummond...

I really didn't have any expectations, he's a big kid, he's a good player. I just wanted to outplay him. He was dunkin it. He wasn't really causing us too much trouble, they were easy buckets. Honestly I'm not concerned about that. Every game I go out and try to play my best and outplay whoever's guarding me, and play against whoever I'm playing to the best of my ability. That's what happened tonight, I'm just happy I came and played well.

On his dunk...

It felt good. It was definitely a momentum shifter, and made the crowd come alive a little bit.

On communication on defense:

I think we did a lot better, we came out these last few days of practice and everybody paid attention to the details, especially on the communication part.

Junior forward Hollis Thompson

On his last 17 points...

I think we were just running our offense and we had an inside and outside presence.

On Henry Sims' dunk...

Everybody was just like "woah, on his head." It was a great dunk.

On his game tonight:

I mean like I said, what other's team try to do doesn't make that much of a difference. Our offense is pretty hard to cover.

UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun

Opening Statement...

"First thing congratulations to Georgetown. I thought that we worked 2 hard days on defending their offense and early in the game we did a pretty good job of that. Second, we talked a great deal about pace and moving the ball. First 5, 6, 8, 10, 15 minutes we did a reasonably good job of that and then I thought two things happened. I thought we made some gambles particularity a couple late that caused us from down 4, 5 whatever it was late in the first half one for a direct layup which there was no reason for and so down 10 at halftime. I thought the second half we kind of played even defensively but then just couldn't score. We got to dribble the ball too much and we actually quite frankly probably I am happier with my defense then I was on Saturday against Notre Dame. Generally speaking it was good except we had people who felt down 9 (point) with 12 (minutes) to go games over so they're gonna gamble. Bang, you're not down 9 (points) now, your down 11 (points). We didn't stay together defensively and I think we can be good defensive unit. Andre Drummond finished sharp around the rim."

"I thought the bench came down to a test of... (Georgetown's) will to run with the 2 seniors. They do a great job and I give them all the credit because remember Sims a high school kid in Baltimore so he's really has improved as a player. He's nice to guy to throw in because you do an awful lot with the ball but it came down to different points."

"We come back from 6 and somebody went for a steal, next thing you know we took a bad shot and now were down 10. And you can't keep running up the hill for only so long and so that's where we picked up our 4th straight loss and should have lost all four games. I know the other ones were closer but still they weren't much different from this one except in those games we seem to a little bit better. I did think they played well, they're a very good team, tough team to beat but our defense expect for the gambles was okay our offense... started off great but then ended up pretty poor."

"So right now, we're stuck in mud and our wheels are spinning particularly offensively which is leading to some of the guys... and this is where I talk about will... there's no quitting but you're allowing the situation, the fact the balls not going into the hole, to take a chance that's gonna make everything up. No, that makes it a lot worse. We just stayed in played the defense it was probably going to be 42-42 game but instead we took the chances. (Georgetown)... give them all the credit they stayed with their offense they couldn't score early, they didn't score at all early. We gave them a little in the sense of taking chances and that eventually cost us the basketball game."



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