Georgetown vs. Villanova Quotes

Feb. 6, 2010

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Georgetown 103, Villanova 90
Verizon Center
Saturday, February 6, 2010

Georgetown University Head Coach John Thompson III

On holding Scottie Reynolds to one field goal in the first half...
It's a 40 minute game though. The other day we had the kid with eight or nine at half time. It's a 40 minute game you're not going to be able to slow Scottie down the whole time. The answer is the same I gave at Villanova a couple of weeks ago, he's too good of a player, too experienced of a player and they collectively do too good of a job to get him shots. He didn't force anything in the first half and he came home in the second half clearly decided to be more aggressive and he was successful.

On the team's play after Chris Wright picked up his fourth foul...
I've said that we have good players in the locker room. The key was (Clark, Freeman and Monroe) controlled the game. Those guys behind me did a very good job of controlling the flow of the game.

On the difference between the team's play today to the game at Villanova...
I think we played with energy out of the game up there, we just had too many turnovers. We had too many turnovers today to tell the truth, but we felt (at Villanova) we dug a hole for ourselves because we turned the ball, which led to transition baskets for them.

On the team sharing the ball...
I'm not sure about if it's the best we've moved the ball, but I'm confident that's not as well as we're going to do it. We have good players, we have unselfish players and they've done a terrific job of helping each other and making sure the right person gets the shot out of our offense.

On the crowd...
It was unbelievable. It was, if you've been listening to all the reports, the worst storm since the Knickerbocker storm in the 1920's. For everyone to come out, it's truly appreciated. We feed off our crowd and to see the effort they made to get down here we want to thank them. We had thought can we reschedule this game because we were worried about our fans and everyone's safety, but there was no date where it would have worked. ..I hope they can get home safely, but it's truly appreciated.

On the play of Jason Clark and Austin Freeman handling Villanova's pressure...
They're good ballplayers, it's as simple as that. Villanova is a very good team, that's stating the obvious. Villanova can hurt you in so many ways, they spread you out and they usually have four, sometimes five guys on the court that can not only make a shot, but pass it...

Sophomore guard Jason Clark

On starting 6-for-6 from the floor and scoring a career-high 23 points ...
It was after the first couple of shots, you get the groove in you where you feel like you can't miss, so yeah I think (I knew it was going to be a good game) after the first couple of shots. On the crowd braving the weather... I was very surprised to see them come out. I didn't think their was going to be a lot of people here, but them being here really helps us out and really brings a lot of energy to our play.

Junior guard Austin Freeman

On the team's unselfish attitude...
Our team, we're not trying to force it. We know if we don't have an opportunity, instead of forcing it, we're going to swing it to the next person.

On what a win over No. 2 Villanova says about Georgetown...
It says a lot. It says we can beat anyone in the country.

On if today's win was a statement game...
It's just another win. It's another game that we just wanted to come out, play hard and get another victory.

Sophomore center Greg Monroe

On how good Georgetown is...
We're as good as we want to be. Coach always stresses that in games it's always about us. Other teams are going to do things, different things are going to happen, but it's about what we do.

On if the loss to USF was a lesson...
We didn't learn that on Wednesday, we know that in this league that if you're not at your best you can lose to any team. It wasn't really a lesson learned, we knew that going in, we just have to make sure we're focused.

On back-to-back Saturday wins in unusual circumstances (Presidential visit, blizzard)... You just have to come and play basketball, despite who's here or what's going on outside. Once the game starts you have to play. Coach would love to have the President here, we would rather not have the snow storm, but you have to continue to play.

Coach Jay Wright Quotes

Opening Statement...
"That was not one of our better performances but you got to give Georgetown most of the credit. They jumped on us and they're a very difficult team. I think to play behind against because they're a great passing team it's not like they are really going to turn it over a lot I mean we did but with so many possessions 20 turnovers seems like a lot but when there are that many possessions in a game it is not that many. I just think getting down like that early here and playing that team from behind is really difficult to do. Being that most of it came from the start of the game they go inside to Monroe right away and scores, Freemen drives in and scores they hit us early and we scrapped and fought but it wasn't enough."

On Pressing Georgetown...
"I think when you are playing them you can't do that like you normal do. We tried too I should say... That's what I mean, when once you are behind against them, you try to double team and press against them and they got every answer. They go inside, they kick it out, they hit threes. If you are in a close game you can make your decision throughout the game but when it gets like that it gets very difficult." "I'm not that concern because like I said, once we got down in the first half then it's kind of a different game. You don't want to play that team that way. I don' want to come in and press that team and trap that team the whole game but when you're down and they get in their rhythm like that, if you keep letting them do what they want to do you are going to be in trouble. That's where you got to pick your poison. If you're sitting half court against them and they are in that rhythm that they got into you got to try to get them out of it."

On Relying on Perimeter Play...
"Antonio (Pena) was in foul trouble so that left us with no inside game. He was sitting most of the game and he played 11 minutes. So right there were relied on perimeter play. I just think they played great and its one of those games when you get down like that early against a good team on the road you are in trouble."



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