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Feb. 11, 2013

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Georgetown 63, Marquette 55
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Verizon Center
Monday, February 11, 2013
Post-Game Quotes

Georgetown University Head Coach John Thompson III

On adjusting to Marquette's press...

The first time they kind of jumped us, we weren't really expecting it. I thought they pretty consistently stayed with it. I thought there were a few times where we beat it and got easy lay-ups and that might have put them back on their heels a little bit.

On closing the paint early against Marquette...

I thought our post players, after giving up early points, our big guys got into the rhythm of what they were trying to do. We didn't necessarily make a tactical change, I just think our guys did a better job of guarding them.

On rebounding tonight compared to the first meeting with Marquette...

We did a better job tonight than earlier in the season. It's not rocket science, our guys did a much better job. I think we were focused on it, we knew we had to do that...I think we had seven offensive boards in the first half, which we need to do more often. We had guys going in there and getting us second and third chances and so, we have to rebound. You have to rebound in this league if you want to win.

On Mikael Hopkins contribution...

Mikael got nine rebounds, a career-high. God bless him, now he has to do it again on Saturday. He did a good job in that regard, but he's supposed to do a good job. If you talk about him, the one thing I'd talk about more than anything else is the defensive job on trying to make it hard for (Davante) Gardner and (Chris Otule) to get the ball where they wanted the ball. Those two guys are good at getting the ball where they want the ball. Gardner is big, he can score and he's a good passer, so when he gets it down there, everyone is in jeopardy, not just his man. So I think Mikael, Nate and Moses, when he was in there, did a good job of not letting him get the ball where he wanted it.

On adjusting to the way the game was called...

We were still making crazy fouls up until the end. I don't know that we necessarily adjusted to it. We played through it, this is the BIG EAST, it's a rough physical game, always has been, always will be. So, I don't know if it's a question of making adjustments, you just have to play.

On his on-court relationship with Markel Starks...

I think we're at a point now where I trust him and he trusts me. That's not to imply there was a point where that didn't exist. It's just that with time together, he understands what I want and he's been running the team.

On if Otto Porter is under the radar and why?...

Because you don't talk about him enough. He's one of the best players in the country. I mean he's consistently shown that. He's someone who takes pride in and excels in every aspect of the game. He's not just thinking about "my touches" or "my shots" and all of it is under the umbrella of how to put us in the position to win. Winning is important and because winning is important he understands that getting that deflection is important, he understands that communication on defense is important and that going after rebounds is important. He understands that if you do all of these things you will win and he wants to win.

Junior Guard Markel Starks

On his two three-pointers and steals helping the team...

It's time to win, so you got to make plays. Obviously, Coach has given me an opportunity to play and we do a pretty good job of scouting. Our coaches do an excellent job of giving us different looks at practice and we have to go out and execute. Our mindset right now is to win.

On winning six in a row...

It's time to win. Consistency is what it is. The numbers don't lie. We can't emphasize that enough. Everyone's mindset is to win.

On his dance after Otto's three-point play...

You felt the energy out there. It was a spirit of the moment type of thing. It was a good play, the momentum was starting to shift, the crowd was really into it. I'm not gonna say I play off of emotion but sometimes it is like dancing, you just get into it.

On whether the momentum shifted after the technical foul...

Yes, absolutely.

Sophomore Forward Otto Porter Jr.

On the team's evolvement since first Marquette game...

We have evolved a lot from that first Big East game. We have made a lot of adjustments and learned from our mistakes in practice and tried to focus on the mistakes we made so we wouldn't make them again. We evolve each game and try to take it each game at a time. Each game we try to get better.

Does it upset you that we don't talk a lot about you?

"No, not at all"

Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams

Opening Statement...

"Yeah, I was trying to get my average up on technicals. This is my 162 game in the Big East and I'm averaging one every, one every fifty games so I felt like I needed to get one because I haven't had one in two years. That was my fifth technical since I've been here. I think anytime you get a technical is a bad time but we had twelve turnovers in the first half and zero offensive rebounds and I am not sure that you can win, in division one, at home or on the road with those type of numbers. And the second half seven turnovers, and seven offensive rebounds those are better, still difficult to overcome. They had seventeen points in transition, they had fourteen points on offensive rebounds so they scored 50% of their point on layups and we still held them to 39% from the field, which is incredible. A lot of those layups, in transitions obviously, are coming off our turnovers; which is a credit to their defense. I thought we did a really good job, I thought our first shot field goal percentage defense was really, really good maybe as good as it's been all year. But if you can hold a team to 39% from the field but you give them 50% of their points in layups, some things haywire somewhere."

On Marquette's Defensive Strategy...

"We were running out of guys. I thought at times our pressure bothered them and then at times they ended up scoring fairly quickly and then in the later stages, obviously, we want the game to go faster, they prefer the game to go slower. So you could say that we could have pressed more I just thought their field goal percentage was really high, if we didn't get a turn over."

On Receiving a Technical...

"If you average one technical per year, in a BCS league, I think you're probably doing pretty ok. I think we have the best officials in the country. I was just hollering at somebody that would respond and we can make it a big deal out of it if you want. I got a technical, I'm sorry. I may get a technical again next year, that's my average and it will probably be on the road. I've gotten 5 technicals... three by one guy, one by one guy, and one by another guy. So that's a pretty good ratio."

On Georgetown's Defensive Pressure...

"I always want to give them credit, they are really good defensively. Some of our turnovers were absolutely unforced but I also think that they're very good defensively and if you look at their numbers, their numbers justify that. But you know their numbers, field goal percentage, defensive wise, our tops in our league; their numbers as far as turnovers forced are not, because that's not how they play. We average eleven turnovers per game; we're fourth in our league, in turnovers, actually its 10.8. I mean to be down ten at half with zero offensive rebound and twelve turnovers is... those are crazy numbers."



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