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Feb. 25, 2012

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Head Coach John Thompson III

On if the game is a proper response from the loss to Seton Hall...

It was. We've exhausted this, this week. We were not good against Seton Hall defensively, I thought we were very good today. In all honesty, (Villanova) can't catch a break. They had a guy get injured in warm-ups. They're not healthy right now, but from our perspective and what we did and how we executed I thought we were 180 degrees from where we were the other day.

On Otto Porter's eventful game...

I thought Otto was good. I thought it was a team effort today. If you look at the scoring and the rebounding also, I thought everyone came to play. I thought the guys did a good job of piggy-backing off of the first response, they did a very good job of protecting each other and having each other's back at the defensive end. Otto got some shots right there in the middle and he makes that shot almost all the time.

On defending Villanova's pick-and-roll...

Villanova is good at that, particularly when Malik (Wayns) is in the game. He's so dangerous in trying to score or pass. Year in and year out when you play them you have to be good at pick and roll defense. I think where we were pretty good today, I think you've heard me say this a couple of other games, I think it's easy talking about on-ball defense, talking about the guy guarding the ball and the guy guarding the ball setting the screen, but we were pretty good on the other three guys supporting those two.

On the team's offensive rebounding down the stretch...

There was a lot of effort tonight going after the ball. Henry particularly, there were several plays where not just the rebounds when you're standing under the basket and you get it, but you see him running in from the perimeter and he either gets it or keeps it alive for someone else to get it. We have to continue to do that.

On if this game will remain a big rivalry with the changes to the BIG EAST...

I think so, just because of the history that Georgetown and Villanova has. The significant history that these two schools have as it relates to the each other and as it relates to the league. As long as we're both still here without a doubt this will remain a big game for the players, the fans and both institutions.

On Otto's three-pointer to end a Georgetown run in the first half...

At the end of the first half, we had some guys in foul trouble. We had a younger on the court that looked like a younger group on the court. I feel like Cheeks got open for a couple of threes, at the offensive end we were just standing around. I think as a group, they were out there like a drunken sailor and they were trying to think too much instead of just trying to play. That's a Pete Carrill phrase.

On coaching young players to do the little things that win games against BIG EAST opponents...

Sometimes it's hard to coach old players to understand that. I think this group, for the most part, has been decent to pretty good at understanding that little things add up. Every possession is important, you can have a bad series in the first half that will affect if you win. You cannot contest, cannot put your hands up, cannot deflect and in the course of a game, it's easy to look at the baskets that go in or don't go in, but the winning and losing is done in the details. This group for the most part has been good at the details and when they haven't we look like we did the other day.

Freshman forward Otto Porter

On taking an elbow to the face on the first play...

I don't really remember. I just remember going for the ball and getting hit from out of nowhere.

On if getting hit early gets him fired up...

Yeah, I was fired up. So were my teammates, I think they read my mind and started picking it up - I just try to come out and play with energy all the time, and just play together with my team and give a lot of effort.

On making a crucial three-pointer in the first half...

I just remember one of my teammates saying clock and the clock was running down, so I had to get (a shot) off.

On the physical nature of Villanova...

They're a rough team, we knew in playing against them it was going to be a rough game, so we just had to meet their energy.

Senior guard Jason Clark

On Villanova Coach Jay Wright's statement that he could've scored 30, but was more interested in winning...

Playing against a team like that you're going to have to be aggressive, because of how aggressive they play on defense. Things open up and we kept running our offense and open shots happened.

On the team responding after Otto Porter was hit on the first play...

We're a family, we have each other's backs and we're not going to let that happen to our teammate.

On holding Malik Wayns to one field goal...

You can tell Malik is not 100-percent right now, you can tell he's a huge part of their team. When he's playing well they're playing well. We wanted to play him like he was 100-percent.

On the difference on the defensive end between today and against Seton Hall...

Just playing together, communicating, having each other's backs. We've stressed it all season, but we've definitely stressed it the last few days after our last game.

Senior Center Henry Sims

On the physicality of the game against Villanova...

They are a physical team, that's one of their trademarks. Coach stressed to us to expect them to be physical.

On how happy he is with the team's effort after their last game...

Very, we won by 20, so you can't help but be happy about that.

On playing with a one-guard lineup and the advantage in rebounding...

We're a big team and it definitely gives us an advantage on the boards and we tried to take advantage of it.

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

On JayVaughn Pinkston's Injury before the Game..."

"He was dunking a ball and came down on top of another ball on the floor, on his foot. Basically the same thing James Bell did in the South Florida game."

On Villanova's Inexperience - Lack of Attention and Details...

"They are all results of inexperience, you know. All those little things, all those details are a part of inexperience and that's been a big part of our struggle this season. Individually inexperienced and then just always having different groups together. One guys in one guys out, one guys hurt, one guys out you know. We are not good enough to overcome that this year."

On Villanova's First Half Comeback...

"Our guys give effort, they really do. We have a lot of obstacles to overcome right now and we've had teams that have been good enough to overcome these types of obstacles, like I said, we have different guys coming in and out of the lineup. You know other teams deal with that during this season. This team's just too inexperienced to do that and certain players, having Maalik (Waynes) out for a while and then having JayVaughn (Pinkston) today, you're always doing something different and you're young, you know, so it `s not a good combination. But they don't quit, I'm proud of them, they play hard for us, but playing hard isn't enough you've got to be able to execute against good teams like this."

On Maalik Wayne's Performance...

"We decided yesterday after practice. I didn't really expect much more than this today because he really, until yesterday in practice, was able to go full speed and I still don't think, you know you see those drives where he's not elevating, he's getting the ball stuck under the rim, he's not 100% but we needed him out there and he just needs to play. He's cleared, he's fine, he just needs to get confidence in his knee."

On Otto Porter's Game Changing 3 Point Shot after Villanova Cuts Deficit to 4 Points...

"We tried, at half time, you know to make it a positive and got it back to 7 (points). But that was a big play because it was the end of the shot clock that we had a good defensive possession and we let it go and we just gave him a little too much space there and that was, it was a big shot."

On Dominic Cheek's Recent Performances...

"I think Dominic's is doing a good job. He's starting to find his place on offense, he's starting to play better defensively, he's been a good leader for us out there. He's really the only guy, from what I am looking at here, he and Mouph (Mouphtaou Yaro) are the only guys really been able to play consistently for us throughout the season and he's been a good leader for us."

On Georgetown...

"Yeah, I love their team. I think they got great balance, they got length, obviously they execute their offense well. I really think Jason Clark...I think he's one of the best players in the country, I really do. If his goal was to get 30 a night, he could but I think his goal is to win and I think his goal to lead his team and set an example. And he just has sass and great defensively, he rebounds the ball; I mean he had 6 rebounds tonight you know and just at the end anytime he is doing something he comes down in the break he makes the play for someone, hits a pull up. I love that kid. I really think he's one of the best players in the country."



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