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Georgetown 59, Connecticut 46
March 3, 2007 * Post-Game Quotes

Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III

On the rest of the season...
"We have a long way to go and the regular season is over but we are sitting at the top and it feels pretty good, I've got to be honest with that. We get up we get down but we bounce back."

On the 14-1 [15-1] run...
"It was good!"

"It definitely was our defense. I thought we did a good job of being attentive. We did a better job of getting rebounds and limiting them to one shot. And down at our end I don't think we had a good offensive day ...but we found a way to stumble along, score enough points, and get stops."

On UConn...
"They are a terrific defensive team statistically as well as in real life so they make it hard for you to score and not just because they block shots - they do a very good job of limiting your penetration and they do a very good job of helping each other."

"It feels good to win the league, and we start thinking about conference tomorrow. Honestly, number one seed number two seed, number twelve seed, our league is tough and so the difference between the team at the top and the teams in the middle is not a lot. Regardless that we are the number one seed, I feel better saying we won the league. We are going to play against a really good team, whether it is team one, two, three, four or five...we are going to have to play well to beat them."

"I have a lot of feeling about that. It feels good. It is not over and there are other things we want to accomplish to go through in any league and come out MVP sitting on top it feels good."

On Roy Hibbert...
"Roy is personally challenged every game. He gets fired up. He is an emotional person for every game. In many ways he is more comfortable playing against someone his own size. The importance of the game and what the outcome means was more important than Roy playing against a big kid."

On winning the BIG EAST...
"The first one I think I was the most excited when I was at Princeton and we beat Penn but today I am absolutely excited about this one. It is more about seeding. It's about going through the toughest basketball league in the country, year in and year out and I was excited, it was damn good to win."

Junior Center Roy Hibbert

On playing against Thabeet...
"... It was a nice matchup. I've played against Gray, so it's nice to play against another 7'3" guy."

On still being able to improve...
"I can improve a lot more. Being able to guard smaller guys on the perimeter when we switch out - I didn't have to do that too much today. Being able to communicate more, be more of a leader out there on the court."

Roy setting the tone when the team came out flat...
"Our coach talked to us about this is the time when we have to win games because it might be one and done. He grills us. And Big Coach Thompson grills us. When we leave the gym after practice he tells us to step up, to execute like we did today and we came out with the win. "

What part of his game is most proud of...
"I've been working on hitting from the free throw line, my jump shots. If teams are gonna play me back, if they are not going to respect my shot, if the time is right I'm gonna take the shot."

On putting the ball on the floor...
"Teams play me differently. [At Cincinnati] they double-teamed me, so I didn't want to have any of the small guys try to strip the ball from me, so I just take whatever the defenders give me. "

On winning the Big East...
"I'm extremely happy about that. I always look at Georgetown's old games, the history of Georgetown and it's been a while since we've won it, we've been working all season for this."

Junior Guard Jonathan Wallace

On changes since the last time they played UConn...
"Roy got in shape. He was able run up and down the court. We knew all week coming in this team was going to try to beat us in transition and we knew once the shot goes up we had to get back down the court. Roy did a really good job tonight of running the floor, getting in there on offense and defense to kind of slow those guys down.

Winning on a poor shooting day...
"It gives us the realization that we have options. Tonight there was a point in the game where we were trying to force a lot of things and we got a lot of turnovers and not making really good shots. But in the second half we were able to be more patient, able to spot openings in the defense to take advantage of. "

On Pat's offensive contribution...
"It allows the team to be more effective, knowing that guys can come in at any time and step up and have a performance like that. Pat's always the energy guy and we've got other guys on the team just like that and coming in, being kind of a spark, get us over the hump and get us going."

On winning the Big East and beating UConn...
"It's very big. With the program's history and the Big East, you always see those guys at the top and finally it feels pretty good to get back to that position and also, just playing UConn, people overlook it but I see it as a big rivalry game. Teams played really hard and it was good to actually get the win."

Junior Forward Jeff Green

On possibly being the 1-seed...
"We're ranked number one. We feel like we are one of the best teams in the Big East but we've just got to go out and prove it when the Big East tournament starts. "

On getting his win over UConn...
"It feels great. I've been waiting for this since my freshman year. So feels good to finally get it, especially on senior night."

On winning the Big East...
"It's a great accomplishment. Since the first day of practice that was one of our goals and we get to check that one off on our list. It's just hard work from the beginning of the season, everybody putting in the work and the time and the effort to make it this far, so it's a good accomplishment for us.

On Roy Hibbert...
"I feel like Roy was very assertive today. I think he was more excited just going against somebody who was taller than Roy and just Roy having the excitement to go out there, he really put the team on his back today because me and DaJuan were in foul trouble and really couldn't help Roy out on the defensive end and on the offensive end he just really put the team on his back. He's a great player, the sky's the limit for him, he just has to keep working.

On Kenny's block, and the seniors getting to play
"That was one of my goals tonight. Just him getting that block, that was amazing, because I was about to jump to try to contest it, but Kenny just rose up for the challenge and blocked it and that's what got the crowd hyped, and it a little excitement out of me. I wanted them to get the ball. That's why I threw it to Sead. I thought they were going to foul, but they didn't, and I wanted him to get to the free throw line and score. I was trying to get them the ball as much as possible in that last minute.

Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

On today's game...
"Well I thought we came in coming off a couple of pretty good games where we played well, and I thought for the first twenty minutes we did play well. We stayed kind of within what we were trying to do and certainly were right there, made a couple mistakes late in the half that hurt us. But we were doing what we were supposed to do. They shoot 52 percent and I thought our defense was doing reasonably good. We were having a little problem with the big fellow [Roy Hibbert] who had a terrific game by the way, and played very well. And overall, until late...I'm not sure what it was, mental fatigue or whatever word you wanted, our defense for most for most of the evening wasn't too bad. They shoot 40 percent, 59 points is a bit too much, but quite frankly their defense on us and our lack of staying in anything, we charted in the first seven minutes, the first play we ran, we were supposed to run...Hasheem [Thabeet] drops the ball. I don't know... but from that point on we went seven minutes, and we never completed any set."

On Georgetown's junior class...
"What Georgetown does, and we played against Jeff when he was a freshman and we've been fortunate enough to have beaten Georgetown a little bit recently and I remember Jeff and this group together...and now they're juniors, and Rudy [Gay] would have been a junior if he hadn't left, and these guys have made great decisions by staying here certainly. And they come out with a purpose and a conviction stay with what they do, and it's hard to play against them. But I don't think they start the game out, and John can answer this, at the top of their game. Yet we allowed that, we didn't take advantage of that."

On Jerome Dyson's play...
"I think they certainly, like we're going to try to look at [Jeff] Green which I think we did a reasonable job with Green, they're going to look at Jerome [Dyson] as our leading scorer. Jerome is sick, and the other thing was, as soon as I saw him look at the ticket list I knew we were in trouble. Every time a guy goes away and a he is worried about family, and he should be, he should be, I'm not criticizing him by any stretch of the imagination in that, I get nervous. Especially a freshman."

On Georgetown's 15-1 run...
"What they did is they maintained their poise... I even hear occasionally that they look like they have a shot, and they pass it up. We took shots we didn't have, and they made sure they got the shot they wanted."

On the improvement of Georgetown's team...
Their team has improved. John [Thompson III] has done a great job, they play with great poise. Anybody who has to play them, certainly in the BIG EAST Tournament, but beyond that, they'll be tough to play.



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