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March 3, 2013

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Head Coach John Thompson III

On game plan and getting to the free throw line...

"That's the way tonight played out. They were very physical. There were a lot of fouls made during that game at both ends. In the second half, both of us were in the 1-and-1 with 15 minutes left. It's one of those games that puts pressure on the officials, because when there's a foul called every possession down the court, then they start looking at the scoreboard. "

On getting Otto Porter the ball...

"The fouling part had nothing to do with it. Yes we tried to get him the ball more, but that's just how the flow of the game was going."

On playing zone defense...

"I think those guys can shoot. In the second half we played very little zone. We played more zone in the first half. I thought we did a better job of identifying where Mack was, just because he's so good. The fact that he had only nine points tonight, that's abnormal for him, and Seagears also. I think that we did a good job of chasing him off those screens, and did a decent job of the bigs helping the guards as those guys were chasing them. And then we're lucky they missed some shots they normally make."

On tonight's challenge compared to the past two tough games...

"I don't think we go about comparing and contrasting. We were home tonight in front of our fans, and feeding off positive energy, as opposed to being on the road and feeding off negative energy. It is what it is. Much like I say every game, we can enjoy this on the bus ride home, then we have to get ready for a very difficult game up at Villanova."

On other players he has coached against that can deliver in a timely fashion on like Otto Porter...

"I'm not sure."

On players he has coached similar to Otto Porter...

"I have coached similar players. Very, very different, but similar to Jeff."

On being satisfied with this season's accomplishments with only two regular season games remaining...

"We don't want to sit and take stock on the season and say `ah, I'm satisfied', or `I'm not satisfied'. Well actually I can say I'm not satisfied. But we don't approach the season, the games like that. Tonight's over and this is how we operate. Now we're going to put all of our energy towards Villanova. If you have enough good halves, that turns into a few good games. If you get enough good wins, that turns into a good season. But we can't talk about the season yet. We have to keep thinking about that half, that possession, and I think we've had that mindset all year and that's how we're going to continue to move forward."

On Porter scoring 15 points from the free throw line tonight and being able to score in different ways each game...

"Stating the obvious, he can score in a lot of different ways. I've said this from day one. If we look at the last six, seven, eight, nine games we can talk about Otto Porter's scoring. From Day One, Otto's done everything. It's not just about the scoring. I think that his teammates are just as important in that equation. Part of the way he's able to get through screens, get the shots, get the looks is because they get him the ball so he can have some success. It's easy for everyone to sit and start talking about Otto, and they should, but I think that everyone, from the guy sitting next to me (Junior F Nate Lubick) to Markel...I think Markel's been playing very, very well, they're doing their part also."

On feeling at ease due to high number of free throw attempts...

"I don't think I would express it like that. I didn't really feel at ease until I took Porter out of the game. They were fouling a lot. We were fouling a lot."

Junior Forward Nate Lubick

On the Rutgers defense ...

"Yea a little bit, I think that was definitely part of Rutgers game plan today, to be really physical with Otto and I think we did a pretty good job of using that to our advantage. We put him in situations where he was going to get fouled, and not just him, other guys as well. We have a lot of players who can think the game, who can do a lot of different things and we've been doing a pretty good job of getting Otto the ball."

On what happened to his ankle ...

"I just rolled my ankle, I just went back to get it taped."

Sophomore Forward Otto Porter Jr.

On his role with the team ...

"I just have to do whatever is necessary to win and I think my teammates feel the same way, same thing with the coaches."

On the improvements the team looks to make going into the BIG EAST Championship ...

"Definitely, we just got to keep it going. Everyday we've got to stay working at it, playing in practice, coming into practice with the same mindset that we want to win, and just being prepared for the next game."

On the effect the officials calling of the game had on his play ...

"Definitely. You know when you can drive to the hole and get a foul and shoot free throws. You know they're free so you want to shoot free throws.

Rutgers Head Coach Mike Rice

"Well I know who I'm voting for for BIG EAST Player of the Year. A steady dose of Otto Porter and a lack of offensive toughness maybe down the last six minutes kind of did us in. Our effort, I thought preparation was there, again, if they're calling it very close in some of the post up situations where we're fighting around and playing physical on some of the cutters it's very difficult to beat a team like that. I give them all the credit in the world, especially Otto Porter who makes it tremendously hard to beat a very solid Georgetown team."

On the Rutgers offense ...

"It's toughness, again, it's very frustrating because there is execution, there is some offensive rebounds. It's the difference between good teams and bad teams, winning and losing, you have to finish those when you get opportunities and we didn't. Again, we didn't finish out opportunities."

On the Georgetown defense ...

"They do such a good job and everyone talks about how well they communicate and how well they switch off and they made it awfully difficult to get Myles an open look. Again, our guards, if something's not working coming off of staggers or a pick and roll they have to go to Plan B which is always in the BIG EAST, create off the bounce and create contact off the bounce and our guards are still not able to do that."

On Rutgers' switching putting Porter at the line ...

"No question, whether it was Jerome, Myles, it didn't matter to be honest with you he did it to everybody. He got everybody to foul him and we'd get so anxious and uptight when he's around. Make him make a shot and we didn't, we just put him on the line so many time he's going to kill you."

On Otto Porter Jr., from last year to this year ...

"(Last year) I saw a really good player, but I don't know if anyone in this room could have predicted what he is right now. How efficient, how strong, mentally he's unbelievable. I always thought he was going to be a really good player, but did you think he was going to be this? Because it's not close who's the BIG EAST Player of the Year right now, to be honest with you, if he continues this it's not even close who's the national player of the year."

Junior Forward Wally Judge

On the Rutgers defense ...

"It's part of the game, you know, you play hard on defense and need to hit shots on offense and just got to find a way to get out of it. At one point we did, we came back within four and they just started making a shot and stopped making a shot. Once they start to get it going, we have to make stops."

On the Georgetown zone ...

"We've seen zones all year. It's just, you know, our consistency was gone. Like I said, it's part of basketball, we go into points where we just can't make a shot and in that time we're rushing and everybody's looking to try to make the next shot for the team to get back on a roll and you see them not falling it's kind of contagious, you have to find ways to snap out of it."

Senior Guard Dane Miller

On why Georgetown was able to pull away ...

"The difference was free throws and poor execution on our part on offense."

On Otto Porter ...

"Well we didn't know he was going to go to the free throw line 18 times and make 15 of them so it was a tough game for us and every time we put our hands on them they basically called a foul."



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