Georgetown Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes

March 5, 2014

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Georgetown 75, Creighton 63
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
WASHINGTON - Verizon Center

Georgetown University Head Coach John Thompson III

On winning on Senior Night...
To tell you the truth, I don't want to think about it. This is a group, (Markel) is a player, that we're going to miss. I said on television after the game, this is the last home game, but we plan on him playing a few more games in a Georgetown uniform, before everything is said and done.

On trying to stop Doug McDermott...
We prayed a lot last night. You can't stop Doug McDermott. I think he' an unbelievable basketball player that puts so much pressure on your defense. He can score in every kind of way and he's always moving. You can't relax. To be honest, between Aaron Bowen and Mikael Hopkins primarily and Jabril a few times, I thought we did an outstanding job on him and he ends up with 22 points. The few times you make a mistake, the few times you fall asleep, it's like bam, bam, bam, he's making a few buckets in a row. It has to be a group effort and you have to try to match his energy and I thought particularly Aaron did a good job of that today.

On Creighton switching to a triangle and two defense...
We wanted to keep the ball moving. Talk about switching defenses, they went man-to-man, they went triangle and two, they went 1-3-1, and a regular 2-3, so it got to the point where we just had to play. Initially when they started switching defenses we were thinking too much and got a little stagnant and we just wanted to get movement. For a large part of that we were playing with the clock, so we didn't want to necessarily hold the ball, but we didn't want to come down and take a shot with 28 seconds on the clock without making them work a little bit, so I think our guys settled in and adjusted to that.

On the lift for GU on the sequence where Aaron Bowen's steal led to a Jabril Trawick dunk ...
I think that so many things going on now, and this is big picture, how we're trying to take the emotion out of the game, which I don't think is a good thing. Is taunting bad? Yes, but our team and other teams are getting techs now just for kids being emotional...I thought that sequence was terrific. Aaron made a terrific hustle play, we come down, Markel made great pass, Jabril puts the ball in the basket, it's an emotional game. You work hard, you work together, you're out there fighting, scrapping, highs and lows and there is nothing wrong with showing a little emotion. We have an emotional group, so that's a good thing.

On the difference Jabril Trawick makes on the court...
With our team this year, everybody counts and every piece to the puzzle is extremely important. So, you take Jabril out of the that mix, and the same can be said for a lot of people in that locker room, but you take Jabril out of that mix and you lose five games in a row. Jabril comes back, we won four in a row and things are going OK. Having him out there adds in a lot of ways, not just as it relates to depth, just because of his toughness and his size, he can guard up, he can guard down, so that gives us depth at a lot of different positions, but everyone here has heard me say it, his intensity, his attitude is infectious and everybody feeds off it. He helps to give everyone else on our team courage.

On Mikael Hopkins performance...
I thought (Mikael Hopkins) was key. Last game against Marquette, our front court got into foul trouble and we got some good minutes out of BJ, but it was important today, because Mikael, and not to say he can guard McDermott, because I don't think McDermott can be guarded, but Mikael with his mobility with his size and his length, we thought could make things more difficult for McDermott...As much as Aaron did a terrific job, Mikael did a terrific job, because you have to give him different looks, because he figures it out. So having Mikael on defense, as it relates to McDermott was one of the main factors in us coming out on top today.

Senior Guard Markel Starks

About the emotion of the day and waiving acknowledgement to the fans
"The more and more I talk about it the more sentimental I'm going to be. This is a dream come true and I mean that on many different levels. I've worked my entire life to get here and for that to be my last home game in a Georgetown uniform is emotional. I grew up being a fan of Georgetown, I grew up coming to the games. I was here for the Duke game (in 2006), I was at that game, going to the various games and the one or two that were played in McDonough, just that Georgetown pride, it's emotional. I'm so glad that we came out with the victory, it was a much needed victory on many different levels. It's emotional for me.

On his journey
"Waking up every morning at 5:30 to get to Mater Dei, I missed three days of school, two days because of shadow visits, one day because I was just sick. That constant day in day out grind. It wasn't just me... My dad, my mom, making that sacrifice for two straight years and then I got out to Prep. I boarded. I was 15 years old and living by myself, fighting those mental battles. I'll be the first one to tell you that school work hasn't always been my best suit and I've had to work and I've translated what I did off the court onto what I did on the court and I worked, I'm a worker. You've heard coach say it a number of times and you've watched me grow up and I'm a worker. I bring my lunch pail every day and like I said, just to be at this point and finally get here. I went through some tough times here just from a mental standpoint and that's just a part of maturity. That's just part of becoming a man. Everything isn't always going to go your way. A lot of guys go through situations where they come in and play right away, and they don't always work. I went through some ups and downs and that's only made me stronger. That's only made me persevere and adversity is good.

On the season this year and how it may not have turned out as expected
"Obviously it weighs on you but you can't feed too much into it. We come to work every day. People are going to say what they're going to say, you can write what you want to write, so it is what it is."

Creighton Head Coach Greg McDermott

On the Georgetown loss...
Well, Georgetown, has been getting off to some quick starts recently, both at Marquette and their home game against Xavier. That was a concern of ours to try to get off to a good start. Obviously being down 9-3, we weren't able to accomplish that. We really had a hard time taking them out of their offensive flow of the first half. You couple that with the fact that we turned it over seven times, which is uncharacteristic for us in a half, and several of those turnovers led to easy baskets for them. It ended up being too big of a hole to get out of. Our changes in defense were good to us in the second half. We executed offense a little better. But, tonight, they were the better team, no question.

On how he feels about coaching his son at Creighton...
It's really been incredible. I'm sure I'm the envy of a lot of fathers who have coached their kids everywhere because to be able to coach your son at the highest level of college basketball and have him have the success that he's had is really a blessing. For me, I didn't expect that he'd be back this year, so this has been a bonus for me. I'm enjoying every second of it. Obviously, I'm very proud of what he's accomplished on the court, and probably, actually not probably, am proud of whom he is than what he does on the basketball court.

On whether he expected his son, Doug McDermott was going to be this good...
Mostly genetics.

On letting him go for 3,000 points on Saturday...
If his mother has anything to say about it, probably. But, it's Doug and I talked when he decided to come back, because we knew that the attention would turn to this race for 3,000. We've kind of tried to avoid it as much as we could, and he agreed that `hey, if happens as a result within of what we're trying to do as a team, great, if not, it isn't anything I'll lose sleep over.' Because he's had that approach, he's made it easy. Obviously, there are few people in college basketball who have done it, so it's an incredible feat. Especially to do it in this league against the athletes that he's seen night in and night out. He's mentioned that he's been the focal point of a lot of defenses and Georgetown's has done a good of a job on him in two games as anybody.

On how concerned he is with two slow starts in back to back games...
You know, it's been atypical of us. Obviously, it's happened two times in a row, so now we have to evaluate it and see why it happened. I was disappointed in Jahenns' [Manigat] two quick fouls. When you have a man down, like we were with, you have to have a different approach. Jahenns got a couple quick ones, Avery [Dingman] had three in the first half, you have to pay a little more attention to detail in those situations and we need those guys on the floor. And that's the reality. We were never really able to get that flow offensively and never able to get them out of the flow offensively in the first half. Both are a credit to Georgetown.

On Georgetown's backcourt...
As good as anyone in the league. Those two guys are a handful. Besides their ability to score the basketballs, Smith-Rivera gets 12 rebounds tonight, and Markel has 11 assists, so they can just hurt you in a lot of way. I agree with Doug, Jabril [Trawick] makes a huge difference compared to the first time we played [Georgetown]. He brings a lot of energy, and when he's knocking down a down a couple perimeter shots like he did tonight to go with his ability to be physical in the lane, it's a pretty good combination.

On if there is a quick fix for Creighton at this stage in the season...
There isn't one. Our seniors have almost 20 years of college basketball experience between the four of them. There's a six-year guy, a fifth-year guy and two four-year guys in that locker room. They get it. They know that I trust them. They trust one another and they know they have to be better, and I think they will be."

On asking the officials to review a play in the second half...
I just saw Gibbs go down and he thought he got hit with an elbow on the rebound. It was such long possession, that's what the confusing part was. They went to look at it, and they looked at the second part of the possession after the offensive rebound, and I said, No, no, no, it was at the beginning of the possession. They charged me with a time out anyway, and we get a little rest, which was good.

Senior Forward Doug McDermott

On changing defensive tactics in the second half.
Yeah, we did, quite a bit in the second half, just to try to slow them down a little, especially Starks and Rivera. That was good to us, but we shouldn't have to rely on those defenses. We should be able to guard man, like we have all season.

On Hopkins, Bowen, etc. pressure and if they rattled him in play...
Yes, they are two great defenders, got to give them both a lot of credit. You know, Hopkins is one of the more physical defenders I've ever faced, so you have to give him a lot of credit. We got off to a slow start, and my shot just wasn't falling. But, you can't rely on making or missing shots and let that carry over to the other end. Give both of them a lot of credit. They are great defenders.

On second straight game with a slow start and identifying the problems moving forward...
That's a tough question to answer. We feel like we've had pretty good warm ups, a lot of energy, and for some reason, it isn't carrying over to the start of the game. We have to change that. Great teams have to play well for 40 minutes to win. You saw glimpses of it in the second half.

On preparing for Georgetown...
They've pretty much showed zone all year, guarding the inbounds. So we had a couple sets drawn up for that, but, you know, still have to give them a lot of credit. They took away a lot of our out of bound blitz.

We have to flip the page. It's been a tough road loss for us. You know, we've lost to two really good teams who have a lot on the line. They are playing for a lot, so we have to flip the page. We have the same thing against Saturday against Providence. They are fighting for the same thing, to make it to the NCAA Tournament. We have to be able to match their intensity.

I'm a leader; I'm a senior now. I've been around a long time. The team usually plays to how well my energy is, and it wasn't there at the start of the game. I can't allow making and missing shots to dictate what I do on the defensive end. I have to do better with that regard, and hopefully my team will follow me.

On preparing for a team like Georgetown...
It takes a little bit of time; we worked on it a lot in practice. I am the focal point of a lot of defenses and I think guys are starting to realize, if they set screen for me, if they find me in transition, they are going to get so much more open, because guys are clogging on me. We have to do a better job with that. 25 shots aren't ideal for me. I want to be able to shoot less than that and get my teammates more involved throughout the course of the game.

On expecting the type of intensity that Georgetown gave tonight being that it was Senior day, NCAA Tournament implications, etc. ...
It met my expectations. I knew they would come in with a lot of energy. With senior night, last time in the arena, etc. They are a much different team with Trawick. He didn't play last time we played [Georgetown]. He brought a different kind of energy with the team. He got that easy dunk in transition and I felt like that gave their team a lot of energy and confidence for the rest of the game. Got to give them a lot of credit, they deserve it.



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