Georgetown vs. Syracuse - Postgame Quotes

March 9, 2013

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Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III

On his feeling after the win...
"It is really special, on many different levels. It's special because the Big East as we have known it, is ending. We won the first game, and we won the last one."

On the importance of the next game...
"We're going to enjoy this one the rest of the day. This phase is over. The regular season is a phase, the Big East Tournament is a phase, and the NCAA Tournament is a phase. That being said, our job is to get better every day, and we're going to focus on that."

On staying with the man to man defense...
"we were guarding them better man to man than with the zone. They are well coached. He (Boeheim) made adjustments, as he always does, but we were doing a great job guarding man to man so we stuck with it."

On the entire mentality of Georgetown defense...
"You've hear me say this, but we've been pretty good defensively most nights this year. Our guys take pride not only personally on a man to man level, but helping each other every game."

On continuing the rivalry that his father helped to build...
That makes it very special no doubt. But let me say this, so not to cloud anything. This season is not over. We hope to go to New York and play well and also play well in the NCAA Tournament. Told the guys last year after the season, at the beginning of this school year, and when we were 0-2 in BIG EAST, that I expected us to win the regular season. They listened."

On his thoughts about Otto's role in the first half...
"They know we wanted to get it to him in the middle and they did a good job of not letting us do that. In the second half we found different ways to get it to him, and they started to match up man to man with him. That's when he started to pick them apart and find other open looks"

On the performances of Starks and DSR...
"When we played up there, Otto had a terrific game. You can't expect that to happen the same way again. But I thought both got open looks that they are able to make. Because Syracuse was so focused on Otto, both these got open looks that I expect them to make."

On the significance of coming through a reg. season on top...
"You have to be a resilient team. This conference is full of terrific coaches and terrific players, so you have to be a resilient team."

On his nerves pre-game...
"Last night for the first time this year, I slept well. We were prepared. Our guys understood what it meant, and we came to play."

On whether he was worried that his players knew the significance of this game...
"You have guys like wingate, graham, hancock, and sapp in attendance. The list goes on and on. These guys understood the tradition and history of our program. It's an emotional game, because of the meaningful rivalry, and it's our last home game, but our guys know that."

On overcoming obstacles this season...
"This group has listened, they have believed in each other and me. We have been able to figure out how to support each other and find different ways each night to win games."

On the intangibles...
"There are no "other guys" on this team. Everyone has a role to play. Obviously Otto has gotten a lot of attention, but everyone has to do their job every night. We find a way to win, and no one is thinking about themselves in that locker room."

Sophomore Forward Otto Porter Jr.

On feeling a sense of urgency in the first half when the ball wasn't really coming his way...
"I mean not really, we were up at the time. As long as we kept it moving, you know, within the zone, I knew we were going to get good looks, we were knocking them down."

On being mentioned as player of the year...
"I mean, what's not to think about it? You got your opposing coach telling you you're up there with the national player of the year. That just makes me want to work even harder. Hearing my name up there just makes me want to continue to push."

On being held to 10 points and how comfortable he is with having other guys step up...
"I'm extremely confident in them. I know what they're capable of. I know that in the right time they'll be able to knock down the shots. So the whole game I was just trying to get open looks for them, putting pressure on defense you know with me in the middle, making everything else open up."

Junior Guard Markel Starks

On what the day meant to him...
"Well first let me say, God is good. I think we can get all caught up in the hoopla, but all of this wouldn't have happened, without the power of God. But to your point, this is our standing. Obviously like coach said, we came into this season with a goal. Obviously a portion of the goal has been accomplished, but at the same time, we still have a lot more of the season to play. But this means a lot. This means a lot to us. Obviously everyone, all four of us, everybody affiliated with the program could say the same thing I'm saying. But at the same time, um, we're honored and give the glory to God."

On the gameday atmosphere...
"It was a boost. But I wish we could get turnouts like this when we play teams early in the season, rather than now, that would be fantastic but we'll work on that. At the same time, I mean, you were there, you felt it, but I'll always tell you that, whenever we come out to the school you can feel the energy in the building. It was great. It was great. Obviously, I wish we like I said, could have had that earlier in the year so we could get used to it, but it was great."

On coming back after the 0-2 start to the season...
"As a team we just adjusted to the situation. We knew we were 0-2, but we didn't panic. We came back, and the next game you know, it was extra focus, and from there on we focused for the rest of the big east."

Freshman Guard D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera

On big defensive plays helping sparking the offense...
"It definitely helped me get me going, just bringing it to my team, defensively and offensively, I just wanted to knock those shots down. I know last game I had a lot of good looks at the basket and they just weren't falling, so this game I just wanted to make sure I found different ways to effect the game."

Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim

Opening Statement...
"I thought today the Georgetown defense was just better, way better than our offense. We just didn't handle their defense. I thought they did a great job defensively. Our really only point of emphasis the last two days of practice was not to let their guard shoots. We weren't honestly concerned about (Otto) Porter, I just assumed he'd get 30 (points). We just didn't do a good job defensively on their guards, we know they can shoot; we did a very poor job defensively on their guards. You cannot let those guys shoot the ball, they are very good shooters and we did not do a good job with them. I just thought offensively they were more physical than we were and we did not have good patience. We got a shot, we didn't make it, but we probably could have better shot, but when we got a good shot we just didn't make it. I just thought Georgetown was much more physical then we were today on defense and they played much better on offense than we did and they've played the best of anybody in the league this year and they deserve it."

On the History of the Georgetown, Syracuse Rivalry and the Big East...
"I don't think of one game, if you think of one game, that's not it. It's been thirty plus year rivalry and it's been good. It's had its ups and downs; one team seems to get a little bit on one then the next, two, three year later it switches back. It's been a great rivalry it's been pretty competitive, this was probably one of the least competitive games; we've had a few like this but not too many. It's been a great rivalry from the first and it really made both programs and help make the conference. Dave Gavitt put this together and probably a little lucky and because of him and Mike Tranghese that it stayed together for so long. Footballs going to run the ship, no matter what happens and that's what happens and I understand that. It's the way it is and it's the way it has to be. It's been an unbelievable rivalry, you don't remember one game or two you remember the total package of the series. It's just been a tremendous series from the very beginning. When Dave Gavitt put this thing together, nobody thought it could be anything close to what it became in two years. It took two year to get this league up and it was because of him and the coaches, John (Thompson Jr.), Louie Carnesca, Rollie Massimino, those guys from the beginning and then the great players that have played in this league, and that's what you remember I mean that's always there. I don't think about it any more today than I always do. I think it's been an unbelievable experience we never thought it would go like this, and it has. As a coach you never think you're going to be a part of this thing for 30 some years, you think, the first few meeting and battles in the meeting rooms that we had, if Dave hadn't been there, there would have been fist fights in the room... It's been an unbelievable experience, I was hoping to get by 4 or 5 years when it started I was thinking that would have been pretty good. This game is just a blimp in the radar, we've won our fair share of success and it's just been an unbelievable experience for the all the schools, all the players, and fans. Can't really say much more about it."

On Otto Porter...
"He's a great player. In the last game we left him a little open, more than we should, and he saw the other guys weren't making shots so he started taking shots and they looked for him. The two disappointments I had this game is was that the offense was not good and that's my fault and the second thing is that we wanted to play the guards and we didn't. We did not get that message through. It wasn't that they were some place we didn't know where they were, we were there, we just let them get set and shoot the ball. Porter is a great, tremendous player, he really is... He's a good defender and he does everything on the offensive end. He's in the top 4, 5 picks in the drafts, I don't see how he's any worse than that. He's the kind of player that is most valuable in the NBA today. To me, I'd take him the first pick, that's the kind of guy you need to have up there, he does everything and he's going to get better, I think."



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