Postgame Quotes vs VCU

Nov. 24, 2013

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Georgetown Coach John Thompson III: "Obviously that's a very, very good win against a terrific win. To speak about VCU, you know, they did what they do. We had 26 turnovers. That being said, I think we focused in and did what we had to do and made the plays when they were necessary. We get down - they go on a run hit a couple threes - I think seven or eight, I forget. Then we gathered ourselves and weathered that run. D'Vauntes (Smith-Rivera) and Markel (Starks) are going to sleep well tonight. The effort that they had dealing with that pressure at both ends of the court. Everyone always talks about VCU's defense, but they always have five guys on the court that can attack and score. They always have five guys on the court that when we're on defense can put pressure on you. I thought the key to the game wasn't necessarily handling their pressure, I thought it was making it hard for them to score."

"I think we just settled down. The way they play, they make runs, they're going to make a run. I think to have success against them you have to limit those runs, and for the most part I think that was there run of the second half. We settled down a little bit and were able to score."

"With the way that the games are being officiated now, games are going to be longer. In theory, the thought process is, if we call the touch fouls and clean up the game, they have more flow and higher scoring games. You probably are having higher scoring games, but the games are uglier. We shot 37 foul shots, they shot 47 foul shots. That's slowing the game down."

"Aaron Bowen was very, very good today. I thought Aaron gave us some very good minutes, hustle plays, energy plays. Reggie (Cameron) was in there Reggie was good, Moses (Ayegba) was good. The guys we put in there we either have confidence in or are rapidly gaining confidence in."

Georgetown Guard D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera: "The biggest thing was taking care of the ball. We had 27 turnovers. Come tournament time, or even the next game, that has to come to a limit. A team like that, that's what they feed off of. At certain times, when the team needed me to be there to score, I just felt the need to step up and make plays along with Markel (Starks) who did the same today. Like I said, just being a leader on the team and taking care of business today."

"For this team, Markel (Starks) and I have to be aggressive a lot of the time. We do have other guys on our team who need to be more aggressive, make more plays and continue to drive. Today was a time where we both needed to make plays for our team. Down the stretch, that's what we did. We knocked down free throws and made plays at crucial times."

Georgetown Guard Markel Starks: "As we were going to the line in crucial moments, D'Vauntes (Smith-Rivera) and I would look at each other and say, `6 a.m.' because that's the time of the morning he and I often get up. Those consistent mornings of getting up extra shots showed up today. The free throws, it's the mental part of the game. Especially with the free throws. You can consistently work on them, which he and I both do - as coach mentioned the two of us were 15 for 16 from the line. I'm not saying I'm going to go through the rest of the season and not miss a free throw in a crucial moment, but the consistency and mental drive to put those in is important. How the game is being officiated, you're going to shoot a lot of free throws."

VCU Coach Shaka Smart: "The number one thing we learned down here in Puerto Rico is that we have to get better. I think we already knew that, but now we've been smacked across the face with it. If there's any silver lining, it's that there should be a very clear realization that right now after these three games that there's a lot of improving to do individually and collectively. We're excited to get back to Richmond and work on that."

"I want to be careful what I say as it relates to the way the game is officiated, but I will say it is very difficult to continue to play aggressively when all of the sudden the game is called much closer than it had been earlier in the game. So I would that's probably a factor. You've got to give Georgetown credit. They've got two really good guards in (Markel) Starks and (D'Vauntes) Smith-Rivera. They did a nice job down the stretch handling the ball. But I think the foul trouble, getting in the double bonus so early, that's the fastest I've ever seen a team get into the double bonus, ever. It was a combination of things."

"I don't think a game like that is entertaining. I think between Georgetown and VCU, there's some very good players on the court this afternoon. As much as possible, when you let those players play, that's what creates basketball that's fun to watch. That second half was the opposite of that. You had 62 free throws from both teams in the second half. They did a better job of making free throws, I thought that was a factor down the stretch. It's a choppy game when there's so many fouls called, and I didn't think it was particularly physical game relative to other ones we've played."

"We've got a lot of good shooters. We have not shot the ball well down here in Puerto Rico. You always have to give some credit to your opponents, but at the same time I think we had some really good looks that didn't go down. Our best three scorers are Juvonte Reddic, Treveon Graham and Rob Brandenberg; those guys combined were six for 28. They were good shots they were getting for the most part. Juvonte forced a couple but they were pretty good shots, we just didn't make enough of them."

VCU Guard Briante Weber: "The shooting percentage was in the front of everybody's mind. They were passing up open shots that they would normally take and sometimes that forced turnovers when they're not taking the open shots that they were given. The ball not going in in this tournament really affected how we played."

VCU Guard Rob Brandenberg: "We just have to get better. It was definitely a reality check coming down here. We didn't accomplish our goals. There's a lot of season left. Our guys, we won't hang our heads, we've just got to get back in the lab and get better. Watch some film, and have the urgency to get better."



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