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Dec. 22, 2012

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Head Coach John Thompson III

On Georgetown taking control in the beginning of the second half...
I thought that stretch was pretty good, particularly the start of the second half. We got some offensive rebounds, that was part of the halftime discussion, that we have to go after offensive rebounds. Nate got a couple and he played very well today. I was pleased with that stretch.

On keeping the team's focus after a seven-game win streak headed into the holiday break...
I don't think that's going to be an issue at all, because it's BIG EAST play. With conference play starting now, there are a few things we need to make adjustments to, a few things we need to work on, so it gives us uninterrupted time to do that. I don't think the start of conference play will be an issue in terms of these guys being ready to play.

On Georgetown forcing timely turnovers...
I'm not sure, I have to go back and look at it. I think once again, early on, like I told these guys, there first three baskets were threes and we have to stop doing that. Overall, I thought our defense was OK today, I can't sit here and say that it was particularly good.

On putting the starters back in when AU cut the lead to 14...
I did not want to lose.

On if he is happy with the progress of the team...
I'm happy with where we are. When you start the year, if you were to say after 11 games you're going to be 10-1, will you take that? I'll take that, now none of us are sitting in the locker room with our heads in the sand saying, "we're playing perfect basketball." We all realize there are so many areas of the game that we can get better at. So am I happy with 10-1? Yes, but I do realize that we have to continue to improve.

On if he was pleased with how Georgetown started the game...
No, not at all. Coming off the court, one of the TV people asked me something about that and I said, "No, I didn't think we were very good in the first half."

On Otto Porter Jr.'s ability to play without the ball...
I think that Otto is the best or one of the best at so many different facets of this game in the country. He is a good cutter. You know how to categorize it, all (AU Head Coach Jeff Jones) is saying is (Otto) knows how to play without the ball and he's someone, who as you've watched us, whatever the numbers are, game in, game out, night in, night out, is not the sum total of his impact on the court.

On what kind of break he will be giving the team...
We're coming back right after Christmas.

Sophomore Forward Otto Porter

On how team is preparing for conference play...
"I mean we're 10-1, so we want to come back after Christmas break and keep it up, and continue to play good basketball."

On what team is doing well...
"I felt like we moved the ball real well, making the extra pass and we were able to get a couple wide open shots."

Sophomore Forward Greg Wittington

On how team is preparing for conference play...
"We need to pick up the energy from the start of the game, and come in and work hard for this BIG EAST [schedule]."

American Head Coach Jeff Jones

Opening Statement...
"I do think that we do bring some positives out of this game. Hopefully nobody's feels good about losing regardless of who the opponent is but I thought we stayed with it and we played a lot of young guys which is something that I think we will probably be doing more and more but we did keep fighting you know it's difficult for Georgetown when you got a big lead like that, in that position, its difficult but I thought our guys continued working right to the end."

On early turnovers by American...
"We had six at half, and of those six I remember three times they were careless, there's really no need for the turnover. Sometimes you try to make a play and we talk about risk verses reward and there is a reward, nobody's going to be perfect and sometimes you make mistakes but at least three of the six in the first half were just kind of careless and there was no reason to even attempt to play and it resulted in quick points by Georgetown. That's something coming in we knew, with that length, and (Otto) Porter really good at the front of that pressure they convert turnovers from turnover to points as well as anybody in the country. And we talked about that, so it was disappointing, as hot as they were in that first half we didn't need to be giving them anything easy. They were really shooting the ball, I thought, well but we felt like had we done a better job taking care of the ball you know at least maybe we could hang around and then obviously they started off the second half, they were on fire and we didn't have an answer."

Playing local DC teams...
" It's big for our program when Gary Williams was at Maryland he was gracious enough to play us nine or ten times and that was a great experience for our kids and John (Thompson) has done likewise. From an expense standpoint, it makes sense, it is good for us but also to play a nationally recognized program, and certainly Georgetown's a program when there's a conversation of including the top basketball programs the over last twenty-five or three years Georgetown's name is right near the top. For our kids to have a chance to play a program like that, that's big. Our kids play against Georgetown players in the (Nike Pro City)... so I think they get excited and I think it's a positive. Again, we hope to well be able to continue playing Georgetown and the other local schools."

On Otto Porter and Greg Whittington...
"He's not bad. It's funny because I got this idea of Georgetown players and kind of over the years since JTIII has been there and they've had really versatile players and, to me, Otto Porter fits that mold perfectly. You can't fit that mold perfectly. You can't pin him as just a shooter, just a driver, you can't say he's a post man, you can't say he's just an offensive rebounder, he's all those things. One of the thing that was so impressive watching film and that we really stressed to our team, and talk about positives, (Otto) Porter might be the best cutter without the ball in the country. You folks might say, "Who cares?" but it's really impressive to watch him when he feeds the post, he's cutting hard almost the split second... the ball leaves his hand, that's hard to guard, they've got other situations in their offense. He presents problem for the opposition in a many number of ways. (Greg) Whittington is similar in that way, he does a lot of different things too. So they kind of fit that Georgetown role. I don't know what position are they? Are they guards? Are they forwards? They kind of do a little bit of everything and they do it well."



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