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Dec. 23, 2008

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Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III

On Jessie Sapp not being in the starting lineup...
We put Omar in charge of the second team and everyday, particularly this week the huge disparity that had been there is getting smaller, which is better. He has managed that team, so it was more about Omar than it was Jessie. Jessie knows what to do more than anybody, he knows what his coach wants more than anyone, so he knows what we want to do.

On Julian Vaughan...
He was extremely active and it was the second game in a row. He's been in there he's throwing his body and Henry (Sims) gets in there and gets seven rebounds so we're at the point now where we need to have a comfort level with that group, just knowing they can get in there.

On reaching a comfort level with the second team at this point in the season...
We don't have a choice we better be. We're there, the second team, with Omar in charge of it has really improved. We've had some heated close practices over the last few days.

On what has changed with the second team...
They haven't played, they are making the adjustment to college life, let alone college basketball. They just need time and experience and reps, reps over and over again.

On the difference between the team's performance against Mount St. Mary's and FIU...
It was probably better, but (FIU) is depleted. We're looking at tapes and half of the people we're seeing on tapes didn't even make the trip. Then you look at the team he expected to come into the year with and some of those guys haven't even played yet. They're struggling right now and they just need to get healthy.

FIU Head Coach Sergio Rouco

On the expectations going into the game...
"Well we expected when we went into this game when we contracted it last year that I would have 13 scholarship kids playing, that's number one. Unfortunately, we don't have all our kids. When you come to play a number nine ranked team in the country, which by the way, they are a very good basketball team and they started out on fire, and they made a lot of shots, and we didn't make our shots its hard to come back.



On how Georgetown compares to other teams on FIU's schedule...
We've played UCLA and we've played Miami and we've played Washington close throughout the games cause we've made shots and they missed shots. Today they came out on fire and we didn't. I tip my hat to the kids that are playing hard and competing for us because they don't have much room for error.

On Chris Wright...
"You got the best player we've played this year. (Chris)Wright, that's the best player we played this year. We played Washington, UCLA, Miami but this kid is good. He's special, he is strong with the basketball, he runs his team he gets to the cup and now he's making jump shots. He makes the jump shots he's so hard to guard because he is so strong. Like I said, he's the best basketball player we've played this year.

On Georgetown...
That's a good basketball team, I think we've played two Final Four teams this year, I think UCLA and Georgetown have a opportunity to be final four teams and again I'm gracious and thankful to Georgetown for the opportunity to come play.


Austin Freeman

On In-Game Shooting vs. Practice Shooting
"I've been working on it, and so it showed up today. I wanted my shot to fall if I couldn't get to the basket."

Chris Wright

On Big East Play
"I think we're anxious to start Big East's like the second half of the season, and now we need to focus on the next part of the season."

"We had a tough non-conference schedule....We have a tough stretch of games coming up and we need to be prepared for it."

DaJuan Summers

On Connecticut's Team
"I think those guys have gotten better. As coach was saying, we need our guys to come along and be ready to play. Having the size in the front court [Greg, Austin, myself] will be good for us when we need to face them."

On Non-Conference Play
"I'm not particularly happy that non-conference play is over. I think of it as another phase of the season."

"It's like I've said in interviews all year, there are three stages to the season: pre-Big East, Big East, and post-Big East. So, this is just the first stage down, and we need to move on and focus on the next stage, which is Big East play."

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