Men's Basketball
Coach Esherick Talks About the Hoyas


Q:  Coach, how would you assess the team's performance through the first six games of the season?

We’ve seen some positives and some negatives. We have to work on rebounding and making sure that everyone understands that all of the team has to rebound if we are to succeed. We’ve seen that our speed and athleticism will let us disrupt our opponents’ offense and that we’re a better perimeter shooting team than Georgetown has had in a while. We have good ball handlers at every position and we have been very good from the stripe, but we need to improve in other areas before I get too excited about these guys.

Q:  It looks like Dizdarevic and Kilkenny-Diaw have emerged as the top big-man reserves, while Reed and Causey have emerged as the top guard reserves.  Are there particular situations where you look to use one or the other?

It’s too early to limit the freshmen by situation. We’ll continue to look at which combinations are most effective and see how team chemistry develops. Everyone has been practicing hard and I’m pleased with the effort but I’m not ready to relegate anyone to “defensive stopper” or “outside shooter” roles. I also think we have to be patient with all of the freshmen.

Q:  Coach, this past weekend, Maryland and George Washington participated in the BB&T Classic in the MCI Center.  Are there any plans for the Hoyas to participate in this particular tournament or to schedule these sorts of local teams individually?

Plans? Not at the moment. Possibilities? Of course. I am open minded about the BB&T and have a good relationship with the director, Peter Teeley.

Q:  Coach, other BIG EAST teams have expressed an unwillingness to schedule Boston College in the future.  Will Georgetown schedule B.C.?

No. Boston College has indicated that their goals, priorities and methods do not coincide with those of the BIG EAST. Without common goals, priorities and methods, there is no reason to schedule them for competition. I consider Al Skinner a friend and I wish him luck in the ACC.

Q:  How would you assess Georgetown's chances in the Conference based on your results and the other conference team's results so far this year?

I’m reminded of the Coach who was asked to evaluate an athlete’s potential after seeing the player’s left foot. While the foot is a necessary part of the picture, it’s not enough to allow the coach to evaluate potential. We’ve had some good games and some flashes of how good the team can be, but as West Virginia demonstrated this weekend, the game is not about potential but about how potential is realized on the court. It’s not about chances, it’s about playing the games.



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