Georgetown Football Concludes Winter Training with Annual Super Star Olympics

Members of the Super Star Olympics' winning team.

March 6, 2014

WASHINGTON - The Georgetown University football team concluded its winter training program with the Eighth Annual Super Star Olympics, with competition sites split between Yates Field House, the front of McDonough Arena and Multi-Sport Field on Thursday morning. The Super Star Olympics, a fun event featuring mostly non-football events, has served as reward for the hard work and dedication shown in the weight room through the winter.

Six teams, drafted by the Hoyas upperclassmen and coached by members of the Sports Performance staff competed each week in the weight room for top honors. But while the Super Star Olympics events were considered more fun than some of the grueling workouts they performed throughout the winter, to think the teams were any less competitive would be a fallacy.

"The Super Star Olympics is a good way and a fun way to end an offseason of really hard work," said junior defensive end Alec May, a member of the day's winning team. "We all got a lot stronger, bigger and faster this offseason, so today was a good way to compete, but also have a good time."

"All offseason, Coach Sgarlata has been talking about competing in whatever we do," junior defensive end Mitchell Black, also a member of the winning team, said following the event. "Obviously competing in the weight room is one thing, but to get to change it up and do stuff that we don't normally do, but is still super competitive, builds camaraderie and also helps develop that competitive edge in a different way. Above everything it just teaches you need to continue getting better."

The Super Star Olympics began, as each of the six teams walked into the Sports Performance Staff's rigged-up "wrestling ring." The teams were graded on their ring entrances and by a panel of three Hoyas' football coaches. Michael Kasten impressed early, as did the team of Gibson Vaught and Bryan Jefferson, but in the end the creativity of Jo'el Kimpela, Henry Darmstadter and Kevin Liddy earned their team six points.



"This opening event was a lot of fun," junior linebacker Nick Alfieri said. "It's nothing physical, it just lets you see a different side of your teammates, which is always fun to see."

The teams stayed in the varsity weight room for the "Math & Muscle" contest, as each team had to solve a complex math problem, before they began racing to see who could do the most pull-ups over a two-minute period. The winning team finished with 54 pull-ups in two minutes.

In the basketball shooting competition, Jake DeCicco set the tone early staying close to the rim, but Hunter Books, North (Minn.) High School's all-time scoring leader, used the Mikan Drill to rack up 36 points in one-minute, for the win.

In the winner-take-all Tennis Ball Relay, the six teams ran relay-style suicides, picking a tennis ball up off a cone and placing it on the baseline for each leg. Jesson ran the anchor leg on a team that also featured Ettian Scott, helping win the relay for the team's second win of the day.

The Hoyas moved to the front of McDonough Arena for the next three events, starting with the van pull. Each team selected someone to pull the 12-seat cargo van full of teammates the length of the parking lot. Mike Roland won the event for his team, getting the van to the end of the lot in 40.23 seconds.

The Egg Toss contest followed, as two teammates would take one step back for each time a successful egg toss was completed. John Egan and Peter Daibes outlasted the rest of the field, completing a toss close to half the length of the parking lot.

Each team selected its lightest member for the Doughnut Eating Contest, as each contestant had to see how quickly they could finish six doughnuts and drink one protein shake. Spencer Ball finished all six doughnuts and the shake in front of five teammates.

The finale proved to be the most difficult, as each team took turns sprinting the width of the field, completing a "dizzy bat" spin, before coming back to push a 45 pound plate down and back the width of the field. Jesson jumped out to a quick lead and Kyle Nolan served as the anchor to help the team of Nick Quintans, May, Black, Phil Novacki, Jesson, Ettian Scott, Nolan, Matthew Buckman and Xander Carpousis win the Super Star Olympics.

"I thought Tommy Jesson was really clutch for us," Black began. "He competed in almost every event for us and just crushed it." Alec May added, "Casey Kuhns on Nick Alfieri's team, who Coach Johnson talked about as the most improved player, was always doing something for them during the Friday Super Stars." Alfieri explained, "We won almost every competition on the Friday's during training and Casey was someone who would always step up every week."

"We had a ton of fun this off season with the team." Sports Performance Coach Carl Johnson said. "We overcame hardships of snow days, cold weather for fourth quarter drills. Coach Chris Tolzman's upper body circuits, heavy pause squats, actual blood, sweat and maybe a couple tears from late players pushing the prowlers. I can't wait to see what we can accomplish in the next 12 weeks."

Following the team competitions, Johnson announced the team's top strength and speed performances through the winter training session. The Hoyas will reconvene for the start of spring ball on March 19. SNATCH:
Robert Hardaway
Alec May
Jo'el Kimpela

Nick Alfieri
Jo'el Kimpela
Robert Hardaway

Peter Daibes
Hunter Kiselick
Nick Quintans

Gerverus Flagg
Dezmond Richardson
Hunter Kiselick

Justin Hill
Tyrell Williams
Tommy Jesson

Chad Coleman
Justin Hill
Hunter Books

Gibson Vaught
Nick Alfieri
Mitchell Black

Bryan Jefferson
Casey Kuhns
Justin Hill

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