Former Football Standout Gen. George William Casey, Jr. (F'70) Addresses Team at Spring Game

Gen. George William Casey, Jr. (F'70)

May 13, 2009

Prior to the Georgetown University football spring banquet and game, former Hoya standout Gen. George William Casey, Jr. (F'70) spoke to the team. Casey, who played for the Hoyas from 1967-69, is the Chief of Staff for the United States Army. Hoya Headliner had a chance to sit down with him to discuss his memories of Georgetown football.

Q: What's the most memorable moment as a football player at Georgetown?
A: "I think it's probably beating Fordham our senior year. We were underdogs, and I remember they had these two really big guys, a tight end who was probably 6-4, 230; and they had a fullback who was about the same size. That was really big for the club teams we were playing at that time.

We were all pretty nervous about whether we'd be able to play against them. But it was a wonderful game, and by and large we controlled it. But there was this one play when, it was a quick opener, and a fullback came blasting through the line and the only guy between him and the goal line was me. I hit him as hard as I could, my best shot right at the knees. He didn't even break stride. He ran right over me.

To this day I still remember that play. In fact, one of my college buddies who I had dinner with not a month ago used to do the play-by-play for the games. He said to me, and this is 30 years later, 'Do you remember when that Fordham fullback ran over you?' I said, 'Yeah, I sure do.'"

Q: Are there any games that stick out in your memory?
A:"Well, the Fordham game for sure. The other game that sticks out is a game against Catholic University. They had a very good passing attack. They had a very good quarterback and a very good receiver. And we had been working a lot and practiced on playing man-to-man defense, which we normally played zones. But I was working on my man-to-man skills and I was getting better at it, so they said okay, you go man-to-man on this CU receiver. So I was fired up for that. I was very aggressive. But I was also very aware of my own shortcomings. On one play, they had run a couple of outs and I was expecting an out on the next play, but I told the safety, 'Look, I'm going to go for the interception on this so cover me.' Sure enough, they ran an out and up and I went for the interception that wasn't there. But fortunately the safety was there and covered me. That really sticks out in my memory."



Q: You played under Georgetown Hall of Fame Coach Mo/Mush Dubofsky, what was that like?
A: "Well, he was a Vince Lombardi-like coach. I had actually worked for Vince Lombardi with the Redskins the summer before. There was a lot of commonality between Mush and Vince Lombardi. But he was an old-school guy: strict standards, discipline, and attention to detail. Much like Lombardi. And not a lot of flash and dash, which we didn't have a lot of flash and dash so that was a good thing. But he was one of these individuals who just commanded respect. And so it was quite an experience.

And Scotty Glacken was the assistant coach at the time. Scotty was kind of the bridge between Mush and the rest of us."

Q: You were part of the last club team before moving to NCAA Division II. Can you talk a bit about your experience with the team during that time?
A: "The thing about club football was it was fun and we were doing it because it was fun. We were all pretty competitive and we wanted to win, but most of all we did it because we liked playing football. It was almost like an over-40 softball game - you say you're out there just to have fun but it's so competitive that you get mad when you lose.

"But it was just a good group of guys doing what they loved to do and having fun at it."

Q: Didn't you play rugby as well?
A: "Yes. I used to play, there were days where I'd have a football game in the morning and a rugby game in the afternoon. Anything to keep from studying."

Q: Do you still talk to some of my former teammates?
A: "Yeah, a bunch of guys. I see John Montgomery quite a bit. I've been going to some of the Georgetown football games since I've been back in Washington. I've actually run into a few of the folks that I played with. I see Jim Graeter. I haven't seen Mickey Cahir in a few years, but I know he's still around town. I ran into John Merritt? at the Loyal Sons of St. Patrick's ball, or the meeting on St. Patrick's Day."

Q: Do I still follow the team?
A: "Yeah, since I've been back in town, back from Iraq, I try to get over and see a couple of games a year. It's very nice."

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