Georgetown Seniors Prepare for Season Finale Against Colgate

GUHOYAS.COM Senior running back Marcus Slayton and the Hoya football team ready for season finale.
Senior running back Marcus Slayton and the Hoya football team ready for season finale.

Game Notes

Nov. 17, 2005

Washington, D.C. -

This Saturday marks the final game of the 2005 football season, as Georgetown hosts Colgate at the Multi-Sport Field on the Hilltop. For 17 members of the Hoya football team, this will be their last time playing football. These student-athletes entered the University in 2002 and were part of the first Hoya football team to register a win in the Patriot League. In the second of four installments leading up to the season finale, members of the senior class shared their thoughts as they close out their collegiate careers.

Senior Defensive Back Sheldon Epps Do you realize this is your last week playing football at Georgetown? "It really hasn't hit me yet. I don't think it will really hit me until the last second of the game. I've been playing football for about 10 years. The fact that this is the last game doesn't seem real. I haven't been trying to think about it too much, but it doesn't seem like it's really the end."

What was it like getting ready for this week? "It has been a normal week, but for some reason, it seems like it's going extra-fast, faster than any week this year. It's like this game has come up quicker than I expected. I guess it's because it's my last game, but probably because practices are shorter now too."

Are you more excited to go out on Saturday with a win? "We have a chance to be 3-3 in the Patriot League and we have a chance to bounce back from a bad loss. More than anything, we've got our pride to play for this weekend. For the seniors, we want to end our career on a win. That's why there should be even more incentive."

Are there any games that stick out in your mind from your days here? "This program, I've watched it grow so much. We came in here in our second year of the Patriot League. We've progressed from an average team to one that can compete week in and week out in the league. I'm proud of that. There's been a lot of hard work behind it. The whole work ethic and everyone's attitude, that's what will stick out for me."

What would you say to your coaches? "I would tell them to keep doing what they're doing, teaching them to be football players, but more than anything, to be young men. I came here a novice, a naïve kid. I was homesick. Coach (Rob) Sgarlata took me under his wing and made me comfortable. They gave me a chance to grow as a player and person. The fact that they stuck with me meant a lot. It's tough to put it into words how much they've meant to me."

Senior Defensive Back Moe Banks

Has it hit you that this is senior week? "I guess I'm treating it like I always do, like we're getting back to work. I'm a bit more excited and a bit more ready. I want to go out with a bang."

Do you think that it will become more real later this week? "I think Friday when we walk off the field, it will be much more real. This season went by quickly. The four years, a lot of people say it goes by quickly. For me, since I'm from around here, I don't think it's gone by as quickly as other people. I have a lot of good memories I'll take with me."

What would you say to any of the coaches? "The coaches, I've learned a lot from them. We've changed a lot since I've been here. I would thank them for teaching us everything they knew about the game, and helping us out in life. My first year here, Coach Benson was on me about academics. My roommate, Steve Ekechuku, he could tell you, Coach would call me every day to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. He was really helpful."

What would it mean to go out with a win on Saturday? "Without this win, it would feel like we haven't accomplished a lot. This win would set us apart and show that we made an improvement. We should have done better, but it would at least make me feel like we made an improvement on this program."

Are there any games that stick out more than others? "When we went up to Lehigh my freshman year. We lost pretty badly, but it was a great experience. It was my first college experience. I don't regret coming here at all. It's a big family here. I know players who go to bigger schools, but most don't have the relationships we do here. I can call my coaches a lot and that mean's a lot."

Senior Running Back Marcus Slayton

Has it hit you that this is senior week? "I don't think it has. I've never really been one to focus on last games and things like that. I just don't believe it's my last game. It'll probably hit me after the Colgate game, or during the game, but right now, I'm just focused on helping us win."

What do you look at to play for this weekend? "Not only can we go out with three wins, but we have respect to play for. There's a lot to play for and just giving the guys underneath us, the younger guys, something to look forward to in the future, that means a lot. Having been a younger guy before, I know how much it means. Being one of the guys who got the job done and who paved the way, that means a lot to me. Winning means a lot, but to be part of a group where you one of the guys that got us going in the right direction, that could mean more."

What would you say to any of the coaches? "I think the main thing for me is facing adversity. I've faced a lot. (Running backs) Coach (Rob) Belli has helped me a lot, along with all the coaches. We came in together. He was my first running back coach and has been with me all four years. Over the years, we've grown together, from rookies to seasoned veterans. I learned a great deal from him, both on and off the field. I've asked him on advice for stuff on the field. He's almost like one of the guys."

What would it mean to go out with a win on Saturday? "I can't even explain it will mean. I think it'd mean a lot for me, but for this whole program to show that we can be one of the best in the league. I want people to know that Georgetown is a team that is going to have to be respected."

Senior Linebacker Jason Carter

Has it hit you yet that this is the final week? "It has. I'm graduating in December, so I'm getting everything wrapped up. I started playing in third grade and then played all through high school. It's kind of hard to believe it's all over. Right now my body is a little banged up. It'll probably hit me when I go home for Christmas break and then not come back."

How much has the program changed since you came here? "The type of athlete on the team, the type of players we've had, has grown so much. Our strength and conditioning program is fantastic. The breakdown of our opponents - getting DVDs of our next opponent - that stuff has been great. And then you add in the new stadium, it's just a new world. It's hard to leave anywhere, but knowing that I did my best and the building blocks are there, and the team will get there, makes it satisfying."

What would you say to any of your coaches? "I would just thank them for all their hard work. I know they put in crazy hours. If we're watching film at 7 a.m., I know they've been watching it longer, and it takes them away from their families. I know it keeps them busy. They've all been great. Whenever I need to ask them a question or talk to them about something, they've always been so helpful."

What does it mean for you to play football here? "With (Director of Athletics) Bernard Muir coming in and the direction he wants to go, I have nothing but high expectations. I think they'll meet them and surpass them. I talk to guys who played here when I was younger, and they're happy for our victories and they take our losses like we do. I think there are a lot of good things in store for Georgetown football."



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