Georgetown Seniors Wrap up Final Practice and Prepare for Senior Day

Nov. 20, 2009

WASHINGTON - On Saturday, 22 members of the Georgetown University football team will play their last game in a Hoya uniform at the Multi-Sport Field when the Blue & Gray host Fordham in the season finale for the 2009 season.

It has been a tough season for the Hoyas, who enter the final game of the season seeking their first win of the year and a chance to end the 2009 season on a high note. These seniors, however, have been working this week with one goal in mind, a chance to end their season with a win. Following the team's final practice on Thursday, many of the seniors expressed their feelings for Georgetown football and what they will remember most from their careers.

"To me, this last game is just a testament to this class's determination and never-quit attitude. Over the past couple years, a lot of us had had some pretty big injuries and most of us had to had surgery because of it; but for the most part we all came back and are finishing up our careers. It just shows that no matter what happens, we won't quit." -Ike Acholonu, #8

"For me, the last game and practices are starting to slowly sink in. Even though I have only played football for a year and a half, I have made it such an integral part of my existence that it will definitely be strange not playing it anymore. I cannot imagine what the other guys who have played since grade school must feel; they must be physically relieved, but mentally distraught." -Jose Pablo-Buerba, #87

"It has been 21-straight games since I have seen the field. But yet, I haven't missed a practice unless I was in the hospital. I have this one game to finish my career on a high note, but I may only have a few plays or maybe even one depending on what my shoulder allows. However, what I can tell you is that no matter what I will make that play represent what these other guys mean to me. It has been a rough four years, but they have been there through it all and it demonstrates their character. They dedicated every waking minute to football (20 hours a week does not scrape the surface of what they put in). Football envelops your life whether you want it to or not, and without my teammates I was blessed with it wouldn't have been possible for me to keep coming back. I know I speak for everyone when I say I love football and the way it makes people show their true self. My teammates have shown over these past four years that they are committed, hardworking, and relentless individuals no matter the result. I will miss this game greatly, but I will miss most of all the opportunity to be involved with my friends. I wish everyone nothing but the best." -Jon Cassidy, #44



"Senior Day for me represents the honoring of the seniors hard work and dedication for four years. This day is about recognizing the winter lifts at 6 a.m., the 4th quarters in the freezing cold and snow, the summer workouts in the sweltering heat, all of those times when we were pushed to our limits but stuck it out so that we could be honored as those seniors who persevered through all of those times of adversity. This game for me means the culmination of not just four years of football at Georgetown, but the end of a chapter in my life that has spanned 13 years. Finishing my playing career with this group of guys is something I will never forget and treasure for the rest of my life!" -Brooks Caston, #65

"The way I feel about playing at Georgetown and this being our last game is that I love playing football and wish I could play it for the rest of my life. In other sports like basketball baseball and soccer you can always pick up a ball or bat and play again, but with football you're never going to suit up again and be able to go full tilt. I've been playing football since I was 6-years-old and ever since then, I've seen myself as a football player. So now that its almost over it's kind of depressing considering for most of us, it is all we've known and how we've described ourselves for so long as `a football player.' It's the greatest sport on earth since you can go out and act with controlled violence for 60 minutes without being arrested. Not many people can play college football, but many would die to play so you can't take it for granted. Overall I've made a lot of lifelong friends playing here and especially being part of such a big class with 22 seniors. I loved playing with these guys and I'm sad that it's over but I'm grateful I had the experience." -Richard Hussey, #76

"What you're asking for is the most difficult thing to do when looking back at the last four years. Any time I try to put my thoughts and feelings into words I stop myself because it is overwhelming. If you told me Day One freshman year everything I would have to do and go through to get to this point, on and off the field, I would not believe you and probably would not have played. You have the benefit of being close to the program and some of the players, but I have yet to find the words to describe this experience to somebody that has not gone through it, or something like it.

"Someone close to me gave me this quote to cheer me up as my career comes to an end, and I think it says it best.

"It's important to know that at the end of the day it's not the medals you remember, it's the process. What you learn about yourself by challenging yourself, the experiences you share with other people, and the honesty training demands. There are things nobody can take away from you whether you finish 12th or you're an Olympic champion" - Silken Laumann -Brian Josephs, #84

"These past four years have tested every single one of the seniors character, and for the 22 of us, we would not have been able to do it without each other. I have met my best friends because of this football team and I have grown closer to every single senior on this team because of the tough grind that comes with playing football at an academically demanding school like Georgetown. This last game means so much to me as it will be the last time I will be able to play on the same field with my brothers." -Robert Lane, #35

"It's hard to believe that college football for me is coming to an end. Senior Day to me means a celebration of the 2010 class, our hard work and dedication we put into the program. Making it to Senior Day is an accomplishment lots of people will never get to experience for whatever reason and for that I am proud to have the opportunity to play in my last college football game ever." -Travis Mack, #15

"This game means everything to me. Being able to put on my uniform one more time is going to be bittersweet. Playing football has been amazing. I would not trade it in for anything. When high school was over I was not even close to ready to hang it up. It is one of the best decisions and most challenging experiences of my life. The last practice has sunk in. My roommates and I have been talking a lot about it. I have been playing football since I was 8-years-old. A huge part of my life is going to end. It will be a huge adjustment. August is now a part of summer." - Dan Matheny, #62

"Senior Day means a lot to me, obviously. As have most of us, I've played football every fall since I was in grade school. In that sense, this Saturday's Senior Day will be a culmination not just of the four years of time and hard work that we all have invested into the sport at Georgetown, but quite nearly, a lifetime's worth. I don't think we truly realize yet how fortunate we have been to have been able to continue our playing careers at a place like Georgetown, how rare this opportunity has been. I have sincerely enjoyed my time playing here, especially playing with these 21 other seniors, and it's hard to believe that Saturday is the last time we will ever put on our pads and suit up together in the Blue & Gray. For the former Hoyas who were once in our shoes, I hope we all make the most of our last opportunity to represent Georgetown on the gridiron Saturday against Fordham." -Chris Rau, #41

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