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Alex Verdi is a part of GU's veteran back line.

Alex Verdi is a part of GU's veteran back line.

Aug. 28, 2009

WASHINGTON - Building character, good effort, nice try, it will come. Each one of these phrases serves the purpose of comforting someone after a mistake or defeat. They are nice thoughts to offer a young child. But do you think hearing that from your coach after a 90-minute battle has the same effect? I'll tell you right now it doesn't.

Twenty-four guys sat together in a hotel meeting room frustrated, angry and looking for answers but they had no where else to find them but within themselves. It wasn't about looking back and saying we had moments where our passing was clean and crisp or that a couple of seconds of lack of concentration cost us a game. I think the hardest thing for the players to handle at that moment was realizing that they had gone to two very tough places to play, UNC and Duke, competed well enough to win and not gotten the result.

As a junior on this team I have seen similar opportunities come our way only to be missed by the slimmest of margins, frankly the time for blaming youth and inexperience is over. We begin our season in less than a week featuring a squad packed full of talent and experience. We are a team anchored by a nationally-recognized and record-setting back line that I believe can propel this squad into history. But before we can make that leap, we need leadership and work ethic to be the focus of each practice and most importantly confidence. If we can do that we become more than just a team, we become a family.

I would also like to extend this message to our fans, alumni, parents and friends. I can't tell you all that we hear every cheer you send our way when we are in the middle of a tackle or celebrating a goal but we absolutely need and appreciate your support. In a couple of days we kick things off against Adelphi out on Long Island and we hope to see you there.


Junior forward Jose Colchao returns to this season to blog about the happenings of the Hoya men's soccer squad. Continue to watch for his musings as Georgetown launches Hoya Insider, the new blog packed full of inside information on many teams and what's going on in the athletics department.



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