Georgetown University
Sep 24, 2012 -- Georgetown Classic
Georgetown Classic
Sep 24, 2012 at Washington, D.C.

Singles competition
Men's Singles
1R  SVENSSON, Viktor (George Washington) def. Tropiano, Alex (Georgetown) 6-2, 6-2
  KATZ, Kevin (Georgetown) def. JARKOWSKI, E. (UMBC) 6-0, 6-2
  DISTASO, Casey (Georgetown) def. MCCAWLEY, H. (UMBC) 6-2, 6-1
  BROSENS, John (Georgetown) def. PATEL, K. (UMBC) 6-4, 6-2
R16  CARIS, Charlie (Georgetown) def. LASINGER, J. (UMBC) 6-0, 6-0
  DREAN, A. (UMBC) def. Distaso, Casey (Georgetown) 4-6, 6-4, 6-1
  KORBER, Shane (Georgetown) def. ARANZAZU, J.M. (UMBC) 6-2, 6-1
  BROSENS, John (Georgetown) def. CARTER, J. (UMBC) 6-7, 7-6, 6-4
  KHANIN, Daniel (Georgetown) def. GRAY, D. (UMBC) 3-6, 6-1, 6-1
QF  CARIS, Charlie (Georgetown) def. BERRET, G. (UMBC) 7-6, 6-1
  KORBER, Shane (Georgetown) def. Brosens, John (Georgetown) 6-2, 6-4
  KHANIN, Daniel (Georgetown) def. THOMSEN, Ulrik (George Washington) 3-6, 6-3, 7-5
SF  CARIS, Charlie (Georgetown) def. DREAN, A. (UMBC) 4-6, 6-1, 6-2
  KORBER, Shane (Georgetown) def. Khanin, Daniel (Georgetown) 7-5, retired
F  CARIS, Charlie (Georgetown) def. Korber, Shane (Georgetown) 6-2, 6-4
Men's Singles Consol
QF  TROPIANO, Alex (Georgetown) def. LASINGER, J. (UMBC) 6-0, 6-0
SF  TROPIANO, Alex (Georgetown) def. MCCAWLEY, H. (UMBC) 6-0, 6-0
F  TROPIANO, Alex (Georgetown) def. CARTER, J. (UMBC), walkover

Doubles competition
Men's Doubles
1R  KORBER, Shane/BROSENS, John (Georgetown) def. PATEL, K./MCCAWLEY, H. (UMBC) 8-3
QF  KORBER, Shane/BROSENS, John (Georgetown) def. THOMSEN, Ulrik/SVENSSON, Viktor (George Washington) 9-7
  TROPIANO, Alex/KHANIN, Daniel (Georgetown) def. ARANZAZU, J.M./DREAN, A. (UMBC) 8-4
  DISTASO, Casey/CARIS, Charlie (Georgetown) def. GEOFFRION-AMORIM, P./BERRET, G. (UMBC) 8-3
SF  TROPIANO, Alex/KHANIN, Daniel (Georgetown) def. KORBER, Shane/BROSENS, John (Georgetown) 9-8 (7-4)
  DISTASO, Casey/CARIS, Charlie (Georgetown) def. CARTER, J./GRAY, D. (UMBC) 8-3
F  DISTASO, Casey/CARIS, Charlie (Georgetown) def. TROPIANO, Alex/KHANIN, Daniel (Georgetown) 8-2

Tournament Notes

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