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Georgetown Women's Soccer Day Six Blog from Brazil

March 12, 2011

WASHINGTON - The Georgetown University women's soccer team is spending its Spring Break in Brazil, touring parts of the country, playing soccer and watching some professional games. Throughout the trip, members of the team will provide updates from Brazil. The fourth installment comes from sophomore defender Christina O'Tousa (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Harbor).

"On Thursday morning, the team headed downstairs to the delicious Brazilian breakfast at 8 a.m. The fresh fruit, granola, "sweet bread" and coconut pudding was a good enough incentive to wake up at such an early hour before our second game. Kaitlin (Brenn), as always, ate enough mango to worry the staff about their month's supply. After an hour-long bus ride to the field, we discovered that the grass was unfortunately so water-logged from the previous night's rain that the field was in no condition to play on. We rescheduled the game for Saturday instead so that we could be sure to have enough opportunity to compete against these Brazilian footballers.

"In lieu of the game, we decided to explore Sugar-Loaf, a mountain that boasts a peak of 1,300 feet and overlooks the bay of Rio. The mountain is said to have been named sugar-loaf because of its resemblance to a grain of concentrated, refined loaf sugar. Two separate cable-cars, each providing a gorgeous 360 degree view of Rio, carried us to the top of the mountain. After snapping dozens of photos in the brief moments that the clouds cleared, we retreated to buy lunch. Brazilian cheese sandwiches and the acai berry smoothies were the favorite picks for the meal. On the return to the hotel, everyone worked out and then hopped into the refreshing pool on the roof of the hotel to cool off. Next we decided to scale the streets of Rio in search of the perfect souvenir or any bottle of aloe vera that we could find. One fun fact we learned without a tour guide: Brazil's increasingly strong economy is actually credited to their exploitation of sun-burned tourists by their ridiculously high prices of aloe vera products. Many of our burns from previous days continued to suffer because we were unable to find a bottle of aloe vera under 30 riyals. On our shopping excursion, we witnessed speedo clad males (to Dave and Mike's delight) and we ourselves were recipients of multiple "gringo" calls.



"That night we ate at an interesting kind of pizzeria. The waiters carried around pizzas of every kind that you could imagine- chicken, salad, sausage and onion, beef jerky, four cheese, fish, leeks- and we each took one slice at a time as they were offered. After finishing slice after slice, we were offered the best kind of pizza yet...dessert pizza! Somehow we found room in our stomachs to inhale multiple slices of chocolate, white chocolate, pomegranate on cheese, and strawberry and chocolate as well. After a brief stop at a local market on the walk back to the hotel, we all went to bed early in preparation to play the number one club team in Brazil the next morning."
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